Bucie Nkomo opens up about her pregnancy difficulties

Bucie Nkomo pregnancy difficulties

Musician Bucie Nkomo is one of the most luckiest South African celebrities and she has opened up about her complications during pregnancy.

Speaking to Fresh Breakfast show team on Metro FM, revealed that she had her first son at the age of 18-years-old and there was complications.

“My first born son, which I had at 18, there was complications…my second, Aphiwe, I had him at six and a half months. He was premature.”

Speaking of her second baby, Bucie went on to explain that they both could have died if they kept the baby inside her womb for another day.

“There were complications to the point where doctors thought that if they kept him still, (cause my water broke very early so they tried to buy time to 30 or 31 weeks) if he stayed in mommy for another day we were both going to die, or one of us wouldn’t make it. So he is a miracle.”

You will notice that the singer took a break in order to start and take care of her family.

“…it’s just something that needs to be done sometimes so that you make sure that they are taken care off but it never gets easy at all, I’d rather be at home and always kissing his chubby cheeks,” – Bucie Nkomo added.


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