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Cassper Nyovest opens up about AKA beef on Real Goboza

AKA and Cassper hug

In a recent interview on SABC1’s Real Goboza, Cassper Nyovest opened up about AKA beef.

Cassper said: “Here’s my thing. Me and AKA have had our fair share of fights and I took a conscious decision two years ago to avoid that topic or name.”

“Because I felt like it’s over now, its boring. Every time I do something his name has to come up, so I was like, ‘I’m over that’ and I moved on.”

“Then he comes along, a few days before the show, and says whatever he says and adds that I need to give him a million rand to come and perform at the show… first of all I never asked you to come and perform.”

Nyovest added that there were multiple ways rappers could support each other, but a collaboration between him and AKA was “unnecessary” because their relationship was “not genuine”.

Watch the full interview below:

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My tweets actually helped promote #FillUpFNBStadium – AKA says

AKA Twitter promoting Fill Up FNB Stadium SARS

AKA found himself in hot water after he suggested to fill FNB Stadium with Cassper Nyovest.

The rapper tweeted “I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this shit to bed. It’s 2017 guys …”

“Let’s do it like, watch the throne style … each guy on either side of the stadium, on a crazy LED cube or whatever and go back to back,” he added.

Read: AKA Wants To Be Part Of Cassper’s #FillUpFNB Concert

Now AKA claims it’s his tweets that helped promote Cassper Nyovest’s Fill Up FNB Stadium concert.

Responding to a tweet from the East Coast drive time host Bongani Mtolo said AKA is trying to ride Cassper’s wave by wanting to partner with him on his latest quest to fill up the 75 000 seater on December 2.

In a video clip, Mtolo said the two rivals must “carry on beefing”, and all encouraged fans to focus on the course at hand.

AKA who is not shy to voice out his opinion took to Twitter to respond the allegations, stating that his “tweets actually helped promote the event”

Source: IOL

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AKA wants to be part of Cassper’s #FillUpFNB concert

AKA and Cassper hug

Rapper AKA has tweeted and ask Cassper to feature him at #FillUpFNB concert .

AKA started by saying “I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this sh*t to bed. It’s 2017 guys…”

However, Mr Nyovest appeared to dismiss the gesture, shooting back at Supa Mega with a stinging “LOL” and a follow up tweet which said “just buy a ticket broer”. AKA had imagined the event would be like Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaboration that brought the critically acclaimed Watch The Throne.

AKA and Cassper

AKA and Cassper beef

AKA was told to just buy a ticket

Cassper tweet




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BREAKING NEWS: Raphael Benza Press Statement

Raphael Benza Press Statement

As of Monday, 30 October 2017, Mr Raphael Benza of Vth Season officially submitted a complaint with the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against Mr Prince Nyembe of Beam Group, a company which manages the business of an artist formerly managed by Vth Season, Kiernan Forbes (popularly known as AKA).

The submitted complaint is with regards to hateful, injurious and xenophobic comments made by Nyembe on email to Benza on several occasions during recent communication between Vth Season and Forbes regarding monies owed by Forbes to Vth Season.

In the course of these communications, and on 24 October 2017, Nyembe sent an email to Benza which read:

“And your clever? your just a criminal that’s all .left your shit country to come take advantage of our talented people!! go home !!you don’t belong here .” (sic).

On 27 October 2017, Nyembe repeated his comments about Benza not belonging in South Africa when he stated the following in an email:

“I can’t believe I’m still getting emails from you. I thought you had left SA and gone back home by now!”

Forbes was copied on both of these e-mails. Regrettably, Forbes never distanced himself from the hateful, injurious and xenophobic comments made by Nyembe – instead allowing his partner to engage in xenophobic attacks against Benza.

Benza’s submitted complaint to the HRC is in isolation of the dispute involving monies owed by Forbes to the Vth Season. Benza is making a stand as a proud African that there should be no room or acceptance for xenophobia anywhere in the world yet alone on the African continent.

Over the past 16 years, Benza has played a pivotal role in the South African entertainment landscape from concert promotions, to entertainment venue ownership, to brand marketing, events, and artist & talent management. Benza has also played an instrumental role in paving the way and opening doors for South African artists to tap into opportunities across the African continent through paid gigs, radio & TV airplay, as well as artist collaborations, all of which Forbes has previously benefitted from.

“As a proud African of Liberian decent I take a stand for all Africans that in 2017 we cannot sit back and let people like Mr Prince Nyembe demonstrate xenophobic attacks in any form without recourse. An insult to me because of my heritage is an insult to all Africans,” expresses Raphael Benza.

The Vth Season stands behind Benza’s decision to submit a complaint to the HRC against Nyembe and will continue to stand by him through what is now a legal case.

“As a South African I was shocked by this hate speech directed at my business partner, Benza. I myself have done work in over 10 African countries and as a company encouraging all its talent and clients to work continentally, we have never experienced xenophobia. As a South African I will stand up against xenophobia,” shares Ninel Musson, Director at Vth Season.

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Nicole Nyaba’s ‘boyfriend’ apologies for her

Nicole Nyaba’s ‘boyfriend’

Nicole Nyaba, the woman rapper AKA has denied cheating on Bonang Matheba with, certainly has at least one other man in a fluster.

According to The Citizen, a man claiming to be Nicole Nyaba’s boyfriend has taken to Instagram, at first to criticise her, only to later claim he won’t give up on their love.

Nicole Nyaba is the woman AKA denied cheating on Bonang Matheba with. He has called for people to provide evidence of his infidelity, either through photos or videos, to prove he has been spending time with her.

Nyaba has also denied dating AKA. The man claiming to be her boyfriend at first said he should have listened to the people who warned him against dating her, and added he shouldn’t have listened to her when she insisted on keeping their relationship private.

He then shared a video of her seeming angry and throwing things at the person who was taking the video, presumably him.

However, his anger only lasted for a few hours. He returned to Instagram to share how he will not leave his woman just because of the cheating rumours. He further asked for her forgiveness for his previous post in which he called her the kind of names used on Bonang after DJ Zinhle revealed she was dating AKA.

The man said love should be above everything and, if being with her would result in people calling him weak, he was okay with it.


“I’m sorry, I can’t afford to lose a beautiful and a strong woman, I couldn’t handle the pressure I had to drag us to the public, without you there is no me, a Leo’s biggest asset is his heart, the public didn’t know when we started this and I promise they won’t see the end of us, if loving shows I’m weak, I would love to be weak forever.”

“After-all love is above everything falling in love with you isn’t a crime I’m proud of you because you made me find myself I was lost, you are the most beautiful woman in my world, I have never been connected to any woman in my life as much as I have been connected to you, being a side chick of another man is totally not acceptable, we all make mistakes and I have admitted to my own mistake, forgive and give me another chance.

“I really don’t care about what other people say, let anyone who has never loved before step forward and judge me, I look through your eyes and see the future mother of all my kids, I adore you, I wanted a private relationship with you because I can’t afford to lose you, I’m not a psycho I am just in love with you and I would do anything to protect that love,” he said on Instagram, along with a photo of her sitting on his lap.”

His social media followers have commented on his posts, with some telling him to leave her, while others have criticised him for being so public about his supposed girlfriend on social media.

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AKA labelled the cheating rumours as “bullsh*t”

Bonang and AKA

Rapper AKA has come out strongly to slam cheating rumours surrounding his relationship with girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, saying they are stronger than they’ve ever been.

A Sunday tabloid reported that the star was spotted with a popular socialite at the recent screening of Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Conor McGregor at a restaurant in Sandton. The report claimed that the socialite even posed for pictures outside AKA’s car.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, AKA labelled the rumours “bullsh*t” and challenged anyone with proof of the alleged affair to come forward.

“It is not true. The claims are ridiculous. Someone just took a picture with my car and now I am cheating? I read the article and I think it is bullsh*t. In fact, I want anyone with pictures proving she was at the boxing with me to come forward,” he said.

AKA said the rumour would have been more believable if there were signs that Bonang and him were going through a rough patch, but said this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“I don’t usually comment on my personal life but it is ridiculous. Me and Bonang are happy. It would have been believable if we were not or if we had problems. But we are in a good space and have never been stronger. It won’t change our relationship because we don’t listen to what people say,” he added.

According to TshisaLIVE, AKA recently came to Bonang’s defence on social media in the face of criticism over her book, questioning why South Africa ridiculed her story while women were being abused and killed by their partners.

The rapper later told TshisaLIVE that he often spoke out not because he felt he needed to protect Bonang, but because he felt to address the issue in that moment.

“I don’t even do it from a perspective of having to defend her or fight her battles. I don’t see it as going online for that purpose or picking a time (to defend her). There is no formula, there is no thinking. I just exist. What comes out my mouth, comes out of my mouth. I say what comes out my mouth. Whatever I feel like saying in that moment, I will,” AKA said.

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AKA cheating on Bonang with Nicole Nyaba?


The rapper AKA was spotted taking his apparent side chick Nicole Nyaba to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight at Hard Rock Cafe in Sandton.

According to the Citizen, the rapper is allegedly cheating on Bonang, two years into their relationship, which began on a rocky foundation, reports Sunday Sun.

The woman AKA is allegedly cheating with is Nicole Nyaba, a model who doubles up as a video vixen and is popular on Instagram for sharing racy pics. In the photo below she is posing in front of a BMW i8 that is similar to the one the musician drives.

A post shared by Nicole Nyaba (@nicolenyaba) on

“While B was busy rehearsing for the recent DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, Nicole was busy with AKA. Nicole was even with AKA at the screening of the Floyd Mayweather fight at the Hard Rock Cafe in Sandton,” a source revealed.

Nicole Nyaba

Another source alleged Bonang wouldn’t leave him because she didn’t want to give haters the satisfaction of seeing her relationship end after she cheated with AKA behind DJ Zinhle’s back.

Nicole has denied dating the rapper, while the rapper asked not to be bothered. Bonang’s manager, Sylvester Chauke, said there wouldn’t be any comments on the star’s love life.

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Twitter drags AKA for ‘laughing at’ Bonang Matheba’s book

AKA and Bonang

Twitter used AKA’s own words against him on Tuesday after he defended girlfriend Bonang Matheba’s book on social media.

The rapper took to Twitter to lambaste critics of Bonang’s ‘error-filled’ book Bonang A to B, he wrote: “A woman is killed by her partner, we cry about domestic abuse in this country. When Bonang tells her story in her book, we laugh at her. ”

However, AKA’s, whose real name is Kieran Forbes, chivalry was shortlived when tweeps started dissecting his tweet, and it soon spiralled into a fall on ‘roast’.

AKA was called out for saying ” we laugh at her”, and according to Twitter, his word choice meant he laughed at her too.

Here’s some their responses to his tweet:

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AKA blesses himself with a brand new car

AKA brand new car

AKA (real name Kiernan Jarryd Forbes) is one of the biggest rappers in South Africa presently and is possibly the country’s most famous rap export. He started off rapping in 2002 and was part of the South African rap group Entity which scored the major hit ‘Touch ‘N’ Go’ in 2006.

Despite his controversial life, he is still is one the biggest and consistent act in South Africa, the rapper is currently reaping the benefits of his labour, he recently showed off his brand new luxurious BMW i8 and we are inspired.

Source: kandoli

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AKA signs a deal with Reebok Classics

AKA deal with Reebok Classics

Its official, South African multi-award winning hip-hop artist AKA is the new face of REEBOK Classics Africa, joining a global campaign with hip-hop star Future, super model Gigi Hadid and rap duo Rae Sremmurd. The 7-figure ambassadorship deal is the first of its kind in Africa between the sport brand and an artist, aiming to empower and elevate talent.

Reebok Classics embodies the brand’s fitness heritage within the lifestyle market. The heritage of Reebok Classics prides itself on authenticity and the products created are based on this legacy. The brand partners with real people that have worked hard to get where they are and intends to represent this ideal in the pursuit of their potential. This partnership offers a fresh new era for Reebok Classics, with a renewed and unpretentious style, uniquely embodied by the SupaMega himself. The lifestyle shoe brand is making an investment shift from highly paid athlete ambassador-deals to local entertainment talent.

“At Reebok Classics, our goal is to celebrate the timeless.  The icons that live beyond the present.  Those who stay true to themselves. It is with this in mind that we are extremely proud to welcome the undeniably influential and talented AKA to the Classics family. AKA has proven himself as a true Classic by defining himself as one of Africa’s biggest and longstanding names in the music industry. We believe that he has already stood the test of time and will continue with his meteoric rise for many years to come. We believe that AKA is, and will remain, Forever Classics,” says PJ Morilly, Brand Director of Reebok South Africa.

Reebok also joined forces with AKA’s (real name Kiernan Forbes’) company BEAM GROUP. The holding group will take creative reign of innovative original elements of the campaigns and partnership, and resourcing ways through music and SupaMega’s creative gift to enhance the Reebok brand and elevate it to greater heights.

The Reebok Classics collection is available in selected stores nationwide and across Africa.  It’s classic, its forever and its super mega! For more sneakers in Mzansi, follow Young Vision Sneakers on Instagram.

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