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Rapper AKA confirms the release of ‘Touch My Blood’ album

AKA Touch My Blood album

Rapper and businessman Kiernan Forbes, better known to fans as AKA, has confirmed that he will release his upcoming album titled ‘Touch My Blood’ in May 2018.

In an interview with Anele on ‘Real Talk With Anele,’ SupaMega said even though a release date has not been announced. He has paved way for the album with two new fire single ‘StarSigns’ feat Stogie T and ‘Sweet Fire’ which is a dedication to the late Ray Phiri and Stimela band. And we strongly believe this is not the end of it, you can actually expect some more single before the album release.

Last year with HuffingtonPost, Kiernan said the name of the album speaks to how he wants fans to receive the new music.

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AKA admits that he’s not over his ex girlfriend Bonang

Rapper AKA

Rapper AKA has admitted that he was not yet over his ex girlfriend Bonang Matheba. The rap sensation was speaking in an interview on TruFM, Eastern-Cape based radio station.

The station’s Buck Matyila vaguely asked him if he’s over the situation and things quickly got awkward as AKA asked Matyila to clarify what he means.

“What do you mean? What type of question is that?” asked AKA, before continuing “just ask me what you want to know.”

After Matyila rephrased the question, Kiernan then said “how can I be over it? I mean… we broke up the other day… would you be over it?”

The pair also discussed the meaning behind his names AKA and Supa Mega, his latest business ventures, the two singles he recently released as well as how his daughter Kairo is doing.

You can listen to the podcast below and fast-forward to just before the 10 minute mark if you want to hear the question about his break up with Bonang Matheba:

Source: Zalebs

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Kiernan AKA Forbes’ attempt to crowd surf goes horribly wrong

crowd surf aka rapper

Rapper Kiernan AKA Forbes seemed to have a lot of trust in his fans when he attempted to crowd surf at one of his performances.

In a video posted to Twitter by one of his fans, the 29-year-old is seen dancing on stage while singing his major hit Caiphus Song. He then turns to the crowd and falls back into them.

The crowd goes wild – but don’t pass him around and return him back to the stage as they’re supposed to. Instead the rapper is swallowed into the crowd as his fans lower him to the ground and gather around him. Security guards then dive into the crowd in an attempt to rescue the rapper.

Watch the video below:

Source: Channel24

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AKA and his girlfriend Bonang Matheba break-up (AGAIN)

Bonang and AKA break up

Rapper AKA has announced on Twitter earlier this morning that him and his queen Bonang Matheba have decided to go their separate ways.

“Myself and Bonang have decided to call it quits. I feel like I need to put this out there so we can both move on. I wish her all the best and I will always love her,” – AKA tweeted.

This is not the first time the rapper announced his breakup with Bonang. In February the AKA made a similar announcement but it turned out to be a publicity stunt.

Before his spilt announcement, AKA tweeted “life is really just about making a decision. Making a decision to be happy or to be sad.”

Another thread followed saying “people can do things to you, hurt you, make you feel low or whatever but ultimately …. it’s up to you how you deal with it and how you move forward. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, only you can make the choice of which path you think is best for you.”

The final tweet before his announcement was “people spend their time blaming other people for how they feel when in fact, you have a choice … people make theirs … will you be brave enough to make yours?”

Could this be another publicity stunt about AKA and Bonang

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AKA clear things up about Vth Season’s accusations


Rapper AKA has cleared the air and accuse his former record label Vth Season of planting false stories about him in the media. This comes after his former boss Benza told City Press that AKA owes SARS.

Kiernan took to Twitter where he addressed the issue.

“Since I left that company, they’ve been struggling to keep the lights on. If I was them I’d plant stories in the media about me too. Desperate times. Desperate measures.” – Kiernan tweeted.

AKA further stated that every time he close a deal or make another move … a negative story about him comes out in the papers. Have you noticed? – he asked. “Shame. That’s all the poor guy can do. God will deal with him. If he hasn’t already.” – AKA said.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, the rapper said he wouldn’t be flaunting his wealth if he owed SARS money.

“Let me just say this, everything is 100% (on my side). I don’t owe SARS any money. I wouldn’t be posting my watches or my cars if I did. This is nothing more than Vth Season and Benza planting stories (about me ) in the media.”

The rapper also said he doesn’t owe Vth Season any money, the ex-label is that one that owes him money. “Vth Season was floating their entire company on me. I was the only artist that really ever made them money,” he said at the time.

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AKA is in hot water with SARS

AKA Twitter promoting Fill Up FNB Stadium SARS

South African rapper AKA is in trouble with the taxman. According to reports, the rapper owes the SA Revenue Service (Sars) at least R2 million.

According to legal papers he submitted. His former manager, Raphael Benza, has dragged Forbes to court, claiming the rapper owed his record company, Vth Season, at least R650 000, which should have been settled by the end of November 2017.

AKA has failed to meet the agreement that he signed with Vth Season back in July and is now claiming that is because he owes SARS.

“He [Benza] created this. As his manager, it was his responsibility to advise him about all financial and tax issues as part of his management duties, in accordance with a management agreement,” said Forbes’ lawyer, Oupa Baloyi.

Baloyi said he had to come in late last year to amend a clause in Forbes’ contract to ensure that his money was deposited in his account.

At the time, Benza did not pay Forbes 80% of his earnings, as per their management agreement. Instead, he paid the rapper a specific amount each month, like an employee instead of an independent contractor.

Asked whether Forbes had made an arrangement to pay Sars, Baloyi said: “We are in advanced negotiations with them.”

Benza told City Press “I advised Kiernan regularly to pay Sars and he told me he was paying. I never asked for proof. I trusted him. He is a grown man.”

Benza further added that he had urged AKA to make responsible financial decisions for years, but the Forbes continued to spend on assets without thinking of the long-term repercussions.

Source: City Press



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Betway SA announces partnership with Rapper AKA

AKA Betway Beam Digital Company

Online sports betting company Betway SA has announced that it has partnered with South African rapper AKA for his new company, BEAM DIGITAL. The Betway Group is a global online gambling company providing entertainment across a number of brands including Sportsbook, Casino, Betway Vegas, Bingo and Poker.

The aim for this partnership is to make sports betting more relatable, fun, simple and safe for sports fans.
Beam Group recently teamed up with Micore and Celebrity Services Africa to launch a first-of-its-kind digital agency. Beam Digital is set to revolutionise the way in which icons and their followers engage through the application of innovative mobile technologies and digital platforms.

The agency is also set to empower celebrities (musicians, actors, models and sport stars) to engage with their fans by broadcasting across exciting digital platforms and add extensive value to their followers through these platforms.

This collaboration will also allow fans to engage with their favourite celebrities, bet safely, support their favourite sporting teams and gain access to amazing giveaways that include hampers, and international trips to watch prominent sport games just to name a few.

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Cassper Nyovest opens up about AKA beef on Real Goboza

AKA and Cassper hug

In a recent interview on SABC1’s Real Goboza, Cassper Nyovest opened up about AKA beef.

Cassper said: “Here’s my thing. Me and AKA have had our fair share of fights and I took a conscious decision two years ago to avoid that topic or name.”

“Because I felt like it’s over now, its boring. Every time I do something his name has to come up, so I was like, ‘I’m over that’ and I moved on.”

“Then he comes along, a few days before the show, and says whatever he says and adds that I need to give him a million rand to come and perform at the show… first of all I never asked you to come and perform.”

Nyovest added that there were multiple ways rappers could support each other, but a collaboration between him and AKA was “unnecessary” because their relationship was “not genuine”.

Watch the full interview below:

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My tweets actually helped promote #FillUpFNBStadium – AKA says

AKA Twitter promoting Fill Up FNB Stadium SARS

AKA found himself in hot water after he suggested to fill FNB Stadium with Cassper Nyovest.

The rapper tweeted “I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this shit to bed. It’s 2017 guys …”

“Let’s do it like, watch the throne style … each guy on either side of the stadium, on a crazy LED cube or whatever and go back to back,” he added.

Read: AKA Wants To Be Part Of Cassper’s #FillUpFNB Concert

Now AKA claims it’s his tweets that helped promote Cassper Nyovest’s Fill Up FNB Stadium concert.

Responding to a tweet from the East Coast drive time host Bongani Mtolo said AKA is trying to ride Cassper’s wave by wanting to partner with him on his latest quest to fill up the 75 000 seater on December 2.

In a video clip, Mtolo said the two rivals must “carry on beefing”, and all encouraged fans to focus on the course at hand.

AKA who is not shy to voice out his opinion took to Twitter to respond the allegations, stating that his “tweets actually helped promote the event”

Source: IOL

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AKA wants to be part of Cassper’s #FillUpFNB concert

AKA and Cassper hug

Rapper AKA has tweeted and ask Cassper to feature him at #FillUpFNB concert .

AKA started by saying “I wanna do fill up FNB with Tsibip. It’s time we put this sh*t to bed. It’s 2017 guys…”

However, Mr Nyovest appeared to dismiss the gesture, shooting back at Supa Mega with a stinging “LOL” and a follow up tweet which said “just buy a ticket broer”. AKA had imagined the event would be like Kanye West and Jay-Z’s collaboration that brought the critically acclaimed Watch The Throne.

AKA and Cassper

AKA and Cassper beef

AKA was told to just buy a ticket

Cassper tweet




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