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Lara Kruger was not really happy – Somizi says

Lara Kruger Somizi

Media personality Somizi Mhlonga also gave some insight into Lara Kruger’s state of mind when he post a heartfelt message about his friendship with her on Instagram. Radio personality and socialite Lara Kruger passed away on Wednesday.

Kruger, who was 30 years old, was born Thapelo Lehuleri, a man, however she identified as a woman and become a well known transgender figure in the LGBTI community.

Somizi took to Instagram where he said “”Kanti this wud be our last drink. And our last chat. She was really not happy where she was. I tried my best to be lend an ear and to be the shoulder to cry on. Depression is real ppl. I will sleep at night knowing she knew she cud lean on me. But no one will ever understand her position and pain. We shall not judge. Tomorrow is not promised. Damn u had a potential my boere meisie. Will def miss u and our video chats. Lala gurl @misslarakruger.”

Leading up to her death, she posted the following message on her social media:

“I cannot explain to you how much I HATE Mafikeng. I don’t even see myself coming back here. I came here to collect a depression and death ticket. I have never been this sick. I came here 2016 and it has not been worth it. Not even for a second. I am not going to be a victim to people who have been territorial and who where masks everytime they see me and dish me with crocodile smiles. It surely feels like I have taken 10 steps back in my life. One thing is for sure. Fa!!!! Ga ke boele. Ke sharp shem.”

She went on to speak about her funeral and that it would be a 3 hour long ceremony.

“Today I am going home to love, care and peace of mind. Don’t stay in a situation that compromises you well being. I stayed for way too long. With my condition right now I may die and if I do… Wear white at my funeral and please be advised it will be a 3 hour ceremony. Sweet & short. We should death it’s a way to connecting with God.”

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Bataung Memorials to redo Robbie Malinga’s tombstone

Robbie Malinga Tombstone Bataung Memorials

Bataung Memorials is set to redo Robbie Malinga’s 7-ton ‘statue tombstone’ after social media was inundated with comments about the lack of resemblance it had to the music icon.

Lebohang Khitsane, CEO of Bataung Memorials said that they have decided to go back to the drawing board, after the negative feedback on social media.

“We have seen the feedback on social media and have decided to remove the tombstone and redesign it based on that. People have pointed out that the features on the statue do not resemble Robbie 100%,” said Khitsane.

Khitsane said he made the decision because as a company they pride themselves on “shocking” the industry with unique tombstones.

“I always say, we never fail, we learn. Whether the feedback is good or bad, you have to take it and learn from it. So we will go back to the drawing board and take it to the next level.”

“As an innovative company, we strive to create new things and make better tombstones. We acknowledge and take in what everyone has said about the statue & redo it. We thank you for your constant support and feedback.” – Lebogang Khitsane

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Boity experienced racist incidents at St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal

Boity racist incident

Actress and TV presenter, Boity Thulo was left fuming over alleged racist incidents she experienced while in St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal.

The TV personality was passing through the city on her way back home when the incidents apparently occurred.

Boity took to Twitter where she expressed how she feels:

“The last time I had this many arguments/altercations with racists was back when I still lived in Potchefstroom. St Lucia is filled with rubbish beings. I go from 0 – 100 in a blink of an eye when it comes to racism! Ba nyela strong!.”

Thulo explained that during one incident they went to a restaurant at around 1pm only to be told the kitchen was closed, yet they noticed that the place was filled with “white people” who were eating.

“Yesterday, we went to a restaurant at about 1pm to order some takeaways. As we sat down, one of the waiters came to tell us that they won’t be able to serve us any food or drinks because ‘the kitchen is closed’ but the rest of the people (all white) at the restaurant were eating.”

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Rawbust Productions demands R3-million for damages from Cassper Nyovest

Rawbust Productions demands R3-million from Cassper Nyovest

Rawbust Productions took legal action against Cassper Nyovest a month ago after Cassper Nyovest came under question when YouTube personality Thulani Masilela (Tusko_d) claimed that the star and his team tried to break his camera at the SA Hip Hop Awards (SAHHAs).

The initial tweet sent by Thulani after the alleged incident occurred read: “Let it be known that Cassper Nyovest and his Team tried to break my camera stole my memory card with footage, Then had his whole team drag me to a corner backstage to try to beat me up. Saying I will learn!!”

See the tweet below:

According to Tusko D & Rawbust Production, Cassper Nyovest allegedly acted out of character after he was asked about that RISA statement.

In an interview on Touch HD, Cassper went on to deny that he did not act in any way violent towards Tusko D and dismissed the allegations made against him.

The altercation has now led to the media house demanding R3million from the awarding-winning rapper.

A supposed legal letter from the company was released from its legal team and parts of the letter read:

“Please note that due to your actions, our client has suffered extensive damages as the footage was to be sold to several broadcasting companies and was to be uploaded onto Youtube and their own website. Our client has been able to obtain the services of an IT specialist to retrieve the footage however only a partial amount of footage was recovered, being 2 interviews. We are further advised that the rest of the interviews together with the remainder of the footage covering the event is corrupted and cannot be recovered…..”

According to Zalebs, the letter further explained that the damaged footage was to be used for the production companies app and therefore due to the rapper’s actions he is to pay out R3 million for the damages.

“Further, your actions as mentioned above has resulted in our client suffering loss of income in the amount of R3 000 000.00 (THREE MILLION RAND).

It is, therefore, our instruction to demand from you, as we hereby do, payment of R3 024 500.00 (THREE MILLION, TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND, FIVE HUNDRED RAND) within 14 (FOURTEEN) days from date hereof, failing which further legal steps will be taken against you, the costs of which will be for your own account”.

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SABC mourns the death of Lara Kruger

Thapelo Lehulere, popularly known as Lara Kruger dies

The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Wednesday said it is mourning the death of flamboyant socialite and broadcaster, Thapelo Lehulere, popularly known as Lara Kruger.

Lara was an immensely popular DJ and while she was biologically male, she identified as a woman.

PR firm Royal Brand Engineers also confirmed her death.

Kruger was born as Thapelo Lehuleri and has said in interviews that from an early age she identified with being a woman.

“I identify as a woman from a social level. I live my life like a woman on a day-to-day basis. But in terms of my ID‚ my driver’s licence and matric certificate and all those documentations of life‚ unfortunately they do still say male because the process [of gender transformation] in our country is not as easy as one may think it is.”

The public broadcaster, in a statement said: “Lara will be remembered for the immense contribution at the SABC as a presenter of Motsweding FM’s weekend show Di direga kae, since joining the station in 2016. Lara’s contribution to the SABC will remain and continue to inspire those who knew her on a personal and professional level.”

The SABC described Lara Kruger as an all-round entertainer and videogrammer on social media platforms, saying she will be deeply missed.

Source: eNCA

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Boity and Thickleeyonce on vacay in Mozambique

Boity and Thickleeyonce

Boity and Thickleeyonce have served major booty goals on a vacation in Mozambique.

The two cousins, jetted off to Mozambique with their moms earlier this week for some quality time  for the holiday.

The two have been filling our social media timelines with snaps of them flaunting their beach bodies in bikinis.

Boity and ThickLeeyonce with their moms on the beach.

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Zodwa Wabantu wants to stop drinking in 2018

Vosho Zodwa Wabantu uzalo

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Zodwa Wabantu told the publication that she wants to stop drinking alcohol as one of her new year’s goals.

The Durban-based also added that she is also determined to make lots of money this year.

She also told the publication that she did not plan to be Zodwa or to meet DJ Tira in 2017, but she thanks God she did.

“God is great. I wouldn’t say I planned to meet DJ Tira or being Zodwa Wabantu – the celebrity. But I have. And I’m travelling the world. Glory be to God.”

Speaking of hopes for South Africa in 2018, Wabantu said “we should learn to accept and love one another. We should stop gossiping about one another and oppressing one another. Women who are abused by their partners end up abusing their employees and I hope it will come to an end.”

All the best Zodwa for 2018.

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South Africans shocked at racist comments towards Tumi Morake’s accident

Racist remarks towards Tumi Morake

Actress and comedian Tumi Morake was involved in a serious car accident near Sun City in the North West. Tumi and her family were travelling towards Sun City when two cars collided on the R556.

Tumi was travelling with her husband and three children last night when they were involved in a head-on collision.

The response to Tumi Morake’s car accident was met with sympathy & vile hostility on social media.

Social media crime pages shared details of the accident, including pictures of the damaged vehicles and the response was vitriolic.

Screen grabs from comments on the Intelligence Bureau SA post on the accident were being shared on Twitter. Users said the accident was “blind justice” and that “karma is a bitch”.

One screen shot was from Johan van Rhyn who said in response to the post on Facebook: “RIP… oh she did not pass on… Hope she uses her second chance on life… to look back at the comments she makes witout thinking of the negative impact on society.”

Other social media users were outraged by the comments and while some responded with more hate, many others said they were ashamed by what they had read and wished Morake a speedy recovery.

Twitter user Vhugala wrote “This is what white People think of #tumimorake accident, kindly visit the Intelligence Bureau Page and you shall see how evil these things are.”

User Pieter Potgieter said on Facebook said he found the comments shocking.

“I do not wish this on anyone! Not even my biggest enemy! Reading this, I am ashamed to say I am white, afrikaans and was to some extent offended by her comments (but during this time, that is irrelevant). We as white and afrikaans people were not raised THIS heartless! Never! We as a bigger nation were not meant to fight over the demise of another! SIES!!!”

Yolandé De Beer wrote on Facebook: “Karma? Really? Her children & husband was in the car with her that had nothing to do with this whole story. May all involved recover swiftly.”

See the below screenshots:

Tumi Morake racist comments

Tumi Morake racist comments

Tumi accident

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Zodwa Wabantu buys a brand new car cash

Zodwa Wabantu a brand new car cash

Durban-based dancer Zodwa Wabantu has just bought herself a brand new Audi.

Wabantu took to Instagram where she posted the photo thanking DJ!

“Thank you @djtira😍😍😍 Paid up, Cash, no Bank instalments 🎶🎶🎶🕺🕺🕺🕺 Voshooo Queen Zodwa Wabantu greatful to one Man DJ Tira until I retire,” – Zodwa captioned on Instagram.

At the annual Feather Awards, Zodwa told some South African celebrity news magazines that she charges up 40K for every show that she is booked for.


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Dancing takes Zodwa Wabantu and Takkies to the world stage

Zodwa Wabantu and Takkies

Zodwa Wabantu and Takkies are making a killing because of dancing.

Takkies is a professional choreographer and Zodwa Wabantu is a notorious socialite but the one thing they have in common (other than dance) is their international reach because of their talents.

A few weeks back, published author, brand communications specialist and a socialite in his own right, Khaya Dlanga shared how a New Yorker he met on a recent trip asked him if he knew Zodwa Wabantu. Yet, that is how far a wide she is known thanks to a combination of social media and they hype around her.

Khaya Dlanga

The same can be said for Takkies Dinwiddie (nee Maswanganye) who got a shout out from highly popular American publication, The Shade Room for managing to continue working as hard as she is even though she is quite far along in her pregnancy.

Source: Zalebs

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