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Kwesta Dominates The #SAMA23 With 6 Award Wins


South African award winning Hip Hop artist and songwriter, Senzo Vilakazi popularly known as Kwesta, is one of the leading award winners for this year’s South African Music Award (SAMA) 23 with 6 SAMA wins credited to his brand and critically acclaimed album, DaKAR II.

Kwesta has received #SAMA23 Awards in the below categories:

  • Best Male Artis Of The Year (DaKAR II)
  • Highest Airplay Of The Year SAMA Award
  • The SAMPRA Highest Airplay Of The Year SAMA
  • Album Of The Year (DaKAR II)
  • Best Rap Album (DaKAR II)
  • Best Collaboration (Ngud’ ft Cassper Nyovest off DaKAR II)
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Thusga returns with a brand new smash single featuring Proverb titled Hundreds (100)


Free State award winning, rising Motswako hip hop sensation, Thusga, has just released a new single titled, Hundreds featuring South African Hip Hop legendary lyricist  Proverb.

Following the huge success of his previous single titled I Guess You Never Know featuring Emtee, Thusga returns with another legendary collaboration this time bringing out the lyrical genius Proverb.

Hundreds (100) produced by talented producer Lunatic is a song about how Thusga, has been hustling and putting in the work behind the scenes, when people thought he was down and out.

Hundreds (100) has Thusga’s, signature style all over it and is guaranteed to be another classic authentic South African Hip Hop song from the Motswako star, and will certainly resonate with his fans across the country and make a positive impact in the African music scene.

“I am now back again dropping awesome songs and all  the hustle and hard work is finally paying off now (now am hundreds), on the first verse am telling people to celebrate my return and talking about how hard it is for people who thought i would be down and out… now that  am hundreds,” expresses Thusga.

At just 27 years of age, Thusga has a track record that has classified him as one of the most important rising stars of his generation now and is spear-heading the Motswako genre with a fresh breath and songwriting style that appeals to all.

Thusga ft Proverb

Thusga started to professionally pursue his music career in 2014. With the help of Dj Lemonka, he recorded his first single titled Me Myself And I featuring Kaygism (KG) from the legendary Motswako group called Morafe. A music video directed by Kyle White was shot for the single and made its debut on Channel O’s Turn Up music show, and was also play listed by the likes of MTV base and Kuze Kose TV on SABC 1.

Purchase Thusga’s new single Hundreds on iTunes here:

Stream Thusga’s new single hundreds here:

Having two Golden Bean Free State Music Awards under his belt for Best Male and Best Music Video and having gained traction in Botswana and Namibia from previous radio airplay, the music landscape is looking very promising for this rising Motswako artist who everyone should look out for.

Make sure to request Hundreds (100) on your favourite radio station and follow Thusga on social media for updates on upcoming projects.

Connect with Thusga:

Facebook: Thusga (
Twitter: @Thusga
Instagram: @Thusga

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Babes Wodumo’s friend burnt with acid during ‘abduction attempt’

Babes Wodumo

Wololo hitmaker Babes Wodumo is in a state of shock after her childhood friend was burnt with acid during an alleged abduction attempt.

The singer told TshisaLIVE that she is completely shaken by the incident‚ but is grateful that her friend escaped with her life.

Babes explained that her friend‚ Sphelele Xulu who is a student at the University of KZN’s Westville campus was apparently approached by an unknown woman who “pretended to be lost‚” and needed someone to accompany her to another student’s room.

Apparently Sphelele told the woman that a security guard would be able to help her‚ which is allegedly when acid was poured onto her.

“As my friend was trying to explain that the security would be able to help her‚ she was met with acid which burned her weave‚ her back and the side of her face. She then ran towards the garage [a petrol station] where they poured her with water‚” Babes told TshisaLIVE.

Sphelele told TshisaLIVE that she had been on alert since every news bulletin has stories of missing women. She said she could not believe that it was a woman who almost endangered her life.

“I am sad that it is a woman who did this to me. I thought she needed my help‚ she looked lost meanwhile she wanted to make me a victim‚” Sphelele said.

The young woman said that everything happened so fast and that when the acid started burning her she “thought she was going to burn to death“.

“I thought I was going to die‚ I was so frightened‚ I couldn’t tell how much acid was on me‚ I thought I was going to burn to death but I was just in survival mode. I pushed her and I just ran‚ when I finally stopped at the garage she had vanished but I could see a car with hazards on next to the res‚” she explained.

Babes called on law officials to step in to stop the violent attacks on women in the country.

“It’s so sad that we can’t trust anyone anymore‚ I mean my friend suffered at the hands of a woman. Where must we go to be safe? Where is the law?‚” Babes added.

The singer also shared a video on social media of the alleged abduction attempt.

Sphelele also urged other young woman to be alert at all times.

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The Kings Of The Weekend, SPHEctacula and DJ Naves are your new Gagasi FM afternoon drive time hosts

SPHEctacula and DJ Naves

Following a heartfelt resignation from Metro FM, where The Kings Of The Weekend, SPHEctacula and DJ Naves, called home for seven years; it was announced at a press conference in Durban yesterday evening that the dynamic duo will be taking over the Gagasi FM afternoon drive show from Thursday, 1 June 2017.

Yesterday’s announcement has finally laid to rest the intense curiosity around whether the duo was lost to radio forever or whether they had found a new home. The appointment of The Kings Of The Weekend to Gagasi FM’s weekday 3-6pm timeslot speaks volumes of the magnitude of their brand that they have successfully built over the past seven years.

SPHEctacula and DJ Naves’ appointment to the Gagasi FM

“We knew we were ready for change and something bigger to challenge ourselves. We weren’t sure precisely what this change would be, but we believed in having a bigger impact on radio. We put it out to the universe and our paths have aligned with Gagasi FM at the right time. We would like to whole-hearted thank the Gagasi FM team for believing in our vision and entrusting us with their prime time show. We look forward to executing our shared vision for the show with them and growing with the station,” share The Kings Of The Weekend, SPHEctacula and DJ Naves.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion, The Kings Of The Weekend have pushed forward plans to release their new EP, The Kings Way Vol 1 and have it available from 1 June 2017 as well.

SPHEctacula and DJ Naves’ appointment to the Gagasi FM afternoon drive show is another indicator that marks the new era they are embarking on. New club owners to premium clubbing venue, Icon Soweto, in Pimville Square; The Kings Of The Weekend have revolutionized their brand to include various monetized touch points within the entertainment industry eco system, not only to ensure that their brand remains highly bankable, but decidedly sustainable for years to come.

Make sure to save the date to catch The Kings Of The Weekend’s first show on The Kings Drive on Gagasi FM: Thursday, 1 June 2017 at 3pm. You can then listen to your favourite DJs every weekday thereafter from 3-6pm on Gagasi 99.5 FM or stream here:

You can also catch The Kings Of The Weekend on Season 4 of their hit DJ and Producer search reality TV show 1s and 2s airing every Tuesday at 9pm on SABC 1.

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Kwesta’s Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe music video hits 2 million views


After only 90 days, South African award winning hip-hop rapper and songwriter, Kwesta, has reached an impressive 2 million views on VEVO with his latest and most personal music video offering, Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe, featuring Thabsie.

Watch Kwesta’s music video for Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe here:

Kwesta’s 2 million views milestone comes ahead of the 23rd annual South African Music Awards (SAMA23) where he will attend as the most nominated artist with 6 nominations. These include the highly coveted Album Of The Year for DaKAR II, Male Artist of The Year and the highly revered, Record Of The Year category for smash hit single, Ngud’ featuring Cassper Nyovest.

The party anthem Ngud,’ is also doing exceedingly well as it is now closing in on 4 million views on VEVO, watch it here now:

 Make sure to vote for Kwesta’s Ngud’ featuring Cassper Nyovest by dialing *120*331231#

Kwesta’s Ngud’ featuring Cassper Nyovest






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Mizz Dee releases highly anticipated debut EP titled Shades of Love

Mizz Dee’s Shades Of Love

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer and music entrepreneur, Mizz Dee, has just released her highly anticipated debut EP project titled Shades Of Love.

“The EP was created with the aim to connect people from all walks of life, music brings us together,” shares Mizz Dee.

Shades Of Love is now available on all digital stores globally. Stream or download Mizz Dee’s Shades Of Love here:

Mizz Dee describes Shades Of Love as her best work yet as it shows off her strength as a vocalist. The five track offering features a mix of different genres that will be appealing to a wide-ranging demographic. Shades Of Love also has some surprise offerings that show the versatility of Mizz Dee as an artist, and tracks such as Buyisa, which is an easy to sing along to track with deep house elements, will be a track her fans will truly enjoy.

Shades Of Love EP Track List

  1. Surely
  2. Hold me Close
  3. Buyisa
  4. Lengoma
  5. Summertime Love

The EP is centralised around the theme love, and it dissects the various forms of love one can experience or go through. By sharing her perspective of love, Mizz Dee hopes it will give people an opportunity to understand her better as a musician.

The Limpopo-born  and  Jozi-raised  songstress  has  been  an  advocate  of  love  and  joy  in her  music  offering.  Mizz  Dee  is  popularly  known  for  her  suave  vocal  gist  that  gels  with up-tempo  beats.

Having entered and made a mark in the industry as a featured artist, Mizz Dee has appeared  on  Soul Candi’s  Miggs  FoReal  ‘FoReal  House  session  Vol.2 &  3’ with  ‘Better  Days’  and  ‘My Rock’ respectively, and she  has also  collaborated  with  the  999  afro-house  band  Afrikan  Roots  on  the  song  ‘Say Yes’  which  topped charts  on  radio.

Mizz Dee begins a new era with this full body EP now out and hopes to solidify her place as one of the best soulful singers in the country with Shades of Love.

Follow Mizz Dee on social media for news on the next radio single to be released off her EP, Shades of Love.

Connect with MIZZ DEE:

Facebook: MIZZ DEE (
Twitter: @RealMizzDee
Instagram: @RealMizzDee

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AKA is not wrong for calling out Beyonce’s borderline appropriation


Article first appeared on Zalebs saying, It’s funny how AKA is on the receiving end of verbal abuse from Tweeps who are behaving the same way his fans behave.

Like AKA, I have been on the receiving end of abuse from Bey Hive stans across the world for pointing out a simple fact…

This past weekend, images from Beyonce’s African theme push party/baby shower emerged on Twitter and later on Instagram with many lauding the singer for “embracing her roots” but the whole thing felt disingenuous due to the fact that Queen B always has world tours that never have any African dates. In fact, she has barely performed in Africa.

I pointed this out and was subsequently attacked by salty Americans and a few confused Africans and now rapper, AKA, is facing the same fate for stating the same thing.

In fact, many have opted for reminding AKA that he is not black by South African standards and shouldn’t say anything. Despite the fact that, that is problematic in and of itself, calling AKA coloured doesn’t magically turn what he said into a lie.

This same approach actually reminds me of one woman who said the real reason I was unhappy about Beyonce’s appropriation is because she is a light skinned woman with money.

So because I live in Africa I must be dark and upset at any light skinned woman and her success? Girl bye…

Oksalayo, Beyonce has only performed in South Africa once, let alone the rest of Africa. She once performed in Ethiopia eons ago (2007 to be exact) and reportedly performed in Nigeria once but how is that even significant in a continent with over 52 countries of fans of her music? Fans that she claims to love and appreciate.

A lot of the justification for Beyonce’s actions stems from most people’s belief that she (and many other brown people of the world) are of African descent so they are naturally entitled to the culture but what culture? “African” is not a culture people!

It has been made very evident that a lot of Americans and Europeans of African descent actually feel entitled to this mystery mass culture that they have created in their minds but very few of them make attempts to learn and live the culture beyond its attire and decorative appeal.

“African” refers to people from Africa. “African” is not a collective culture in and of itself. We have Igbo, Yoruba, Swahili, Kikuyu, Ndebele, Zulu, Kente and hundreds others, so if you’re so African, what culture did your ancestors belong to/celebrate? What part of Africa are they/you from? What tribe do you rep and what culture are you trying to keep alive?

Do you even practice the customs of these tribes you so ignorantly claim or do you think it’s fine to cherry pick the parts that are cool and toss the ones you deem barbaric?

AKA is an African born man of African descent that knows who he is. He has never worn ibeshu and claimed to be something he is not because he thinks it looks cool. Beyonce on the other hand has cherry picked parts of African culture which she has then commodified and she can’t even do so much as honor the very place she says she comes from beyond wearing it like a costume.

Beyond honouring the place she comes from, many assume that financial constraints keep Bey from coming here.

Trust us, we can afford her. If Americans have to sell all sorts of things for Beyonce concert tickets, surely we can crack open our savings for a concert that will surely be worth every cent.

There have been many attempts to bring her to South Africa and money has never been the issue, so one can only assume that Bey just isn’t feeling Africa as much as she claims to. If other American and European artists can come here and sell out or biggest stadiums, Beyonce sure as hell can.

And please don’t tell us about schools and orphanages as though she built them with her own hands and hand picked the new decor. She donated the money and carried on with her life AND that is not the topic at hand.

Wearing Africa like a costume without actually wanting to come near the place feels very insulting. It is the same as The Kardashian-Jenners wanting all the aesthetic of blackness without the realities of being black. Yes, I just compared her to them.

Her actions make it seem as though the idea of who and what we are is more appealing to her than the reality of us and for someone who claims to love and appreciate us as fans… that love feels like a lie.

Wake us up when we become more than a costume and a tool to make her and her peers more relatable, more real, more black. Wake us up when she decides to show Africa some real respect.

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Berita’s Ezizweni with Mobi Dixon dominates radio airplay


Multi-award winning, GOLD selling, Afro-Soul music sensation, Berita,currently has the second most played song in the country with a number #2 placement on the RAMS Top 100 chart for smash hit single Ezizweni with Mobi Dixon. Ezizweni is presently on high rotation on numerous radio stations and features on key charts such as Metro FM’s Top 40 chart and Ukhozi FM’s Top 20 chart.

The news of having the number 2 song in the country comes just off the back of the music video release ofEzizweni which is fast approaching 20 000 views just 3 days after its release. This news also follows very successful media performances by Berita and Mobi Dixon who performed Ezizweni on Live Amp and Club 808 over the past two weeks to millions of viewers. The music video also premiered on Live Amp this past Friday to extremely positive commentary from viewers on social media.

“I’ve had so much fun over the past couple of weeks performing the song on some of the biggest platforms in the country. I also have had the chance to show a more playful side of Berita with some dance moves, which surprised a lot of my fans. I’m excited that people are loving the song and the movement, it really feels good. Thank you to the radio stations that are pumping the song, and also to the fans on social media that are loving the song” shares Berita.

Ezizweni features on Mobi Dixon’s Metro FM Music Award (MMA16) winning Best Dance Album, and South African Music Awards (SAMA23) nominated album, Live The Music. The original version of Ezizweni is available on Berita’s newly released self-titled album.

Watch Ezizweni music video here:

Berita’s highly anticipated self-titled third studio album, Berita, is currently available as a pre-order; and a new forth instant gratification song is now live titled Chasing The Wind.

“This song is really special and meaningful to me. It marked a turning point during the songwriting of the album. It cements my voice and my certainty in the love for my music. I’m also crazy about Mjakes’ interpretation on production. I’m glad that finally I can share the song” expresses Berita.

Vth Season Manager Talks About Berita

Benza of Vth Season shares: “This is one of the most outstanding songs on the album. Berita truly gave it her all.Chasing The Wind feels like in embodies the essence of early Sade, Alicia Keys, Zonke and Asa… Berita also shows she has grits and a playful surprising side. It’s one of our best offerings to lift our mood…  The world is ready for and needs Berita’s music.”

Be one of the first people in the country to listen to Chasing The Wind by purchasing Berita on iTunes now. You will also get her chart topping singles: Nguwe Wedwa, Surprises and the original version of Ezizweni.  Stream or download here:

Keep posted to Berita and @VthSeason online for more updates on the Berita release which will be officially available on all music platforms on 9 June 2017.

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Londi Zulu aka Londie London on her Insta-modelling

Londi Zulu Londie London sexy photos

By posing sexy images on Instagram, Londie London, whose real name is Londi Zulu, has built a brand that is bringing in an income, putting her in competition with South African celebrities. She calls it “Insta-modelling”.

Born in 1992 in KwaZulu-Natal and raised in Witbank, the Instagram model says she is now revamping her look because she wants to be taken seriously as a businesswoman.

“I had this little phase of going out to parties and posting pictures. The feedback was amazing. I literally knew which pictures followers liked. Pictures of my bum would get a thousand followers per day. Clubs started approaching me to host parties. That’s when I started my research on how to make money through Instagram,” said the 24-year old jewellery design graduate from the University of Johannesburg.

Londi Zulu has more than 100 000 followers on her page after joining the social media site last year.

On her timeline are sultry pictures of her derriere and sometimes a half-boob picture which seems to send her followers on a clicking frenzy.

While her fans were having fun, news quickly travelled to her parents in Witbank that she was walking on the “wild side”.

Londi London

“I had to explain to my parents, because people called them and said that I was a prostitute. I need people to respect the Londie London brand. I understand that the South African culture is very different from the one in the US, but I want people to understand that Instagram was created for business and for celebrities to get their work out there.”

She added: “South Africa is not America. The culture will never be the same.

“People will never understand celebs like Amber Rose. Here, they just think you are a prostitute and you are selling your body for likes. Before I deactivated my page, I was in the process of starting a lingerie business. I was posting a lot of lingerie pictures just to create the hype, but people trashed it, saying I was selling my body on social media.

“So I had to think of another strategy to make money using my followers.” Londie London was a nickname given to her when she was in high school. She said her peers thought she looked as though she was from overseas.

Londi Zulu took advantage of the association with the international celebrity culture. Because of her sexy pictures, she was featured in L-Tido’s music video Dlala ka Yona. And she said that made her re-think what her image represented.

“I appeared there for literally three seconds, but at the end, when they are at the strip club, some people thought that some of the bums there were mine.”

Source: IOL

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TRESOR launches exclusive listening session to all 5FM listeners only ahead of his album drop this Friday

TRESOR’s The Beautiful Madness album

2016’s SAMA Best POP Album winner, TRESOR, returns with a bang with his sophomore album, The Beautiful Madness which is due for global release this Friday, 26 May 2017. Ahead of his album drop, TRESOR has launched an exclusive listening session for all 5FM listeners only which entails daily reveals of never heard before songs which feature on The Beautiful Madness.

The exclusive listening session kicked off today on the Roger Goode Show with the single Wonder, and everyone is invited to join in on the daily listening sessions this week on 5FM just after 8am.

See below a preview in his own words of what to expect from TRESOR on 5FM this week:


Wonder: The feedback I have already received from the listening session this morning has been great! This song was inspired by the afro beat god, Fela Kuti! I had so much fun putting this song together… recorded in Cape Town; it’s full of life and really fun to perform life with my band THE LEGENDS 80.


We Never Give Up ft. ShotGun Fakes: This song was written and recorded in my lounge with Pam and Stef from The Arrows. It’s a different and fun collaboration.


Tidal Wave: This is a funky song inspired the big 80s synth of Michael Jackson and Billy Ocean. It’s a very fun song and really a favourite of mine on the album.


Midnight Sun ft. Hugh Masekela: I had an incredible time laying down Hugh Masekela’s parts for this song. What an honor to have him in this song…. I am madly excited about this collaboration and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.


Beyond Redemption: This was the first song I made for this new album and also the core of my new sound. I really studied African pop and disco sound for a while before heading in studio to create this new record. This was an indicator that we got something special. We also made a really made dope video for it that was shot in Cape Town and I cannot wait for people to watch it!

TRESOR The Beautiful Madness album

Make sure to get your hands on TRESOR’s The Beautiful Madness album coming out on all digital stores globally this Friday. If you pre-order it now, you can enjoy the sounds of Speed of Sound, Remedy and Wonder.

Pre-order TRESOR’s The Beautiful Madness here:

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