The Close up with Connie Bhebhe

Connie Bhebhe unseen talent

A new South African artist, Connie Bhebhe has recently released her debut single, Remember. Connie says Remember is a song about loving someone who doesn’t deserve you. This song is about a good girl who gives her all to a “bad-boy” who always finds his way back to the bad girls of his past.

Connie also has multiple other songs recorded and ready to release. We’ve spent time with Connie just know her better.

Who are you and how did you become a artist?
My name is Connie Bhebhe, I’m best known as the owner of the cosmetic company Connie Transform.
I was first introduced to music in school by entering talent shows and although I never won, I focused my attention to writing. I always doubted that music would be lucrative so I shifted my attention to business because I never wanted to be a struggling artist. Now that I am in a good place, I am able to return to music and do it out of passion.

Who is your inspiration or what inspires you the most?
Girls like Stef Lon Don and even Nadia Nakai are inspirational because they carve out their own slice of the pie and bet on themselves.

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Government paid Real Talk With Anele R500K to interview Bathabile Dlamini

Minister of Social Development Bathabile Dlamini on Real Talk with Anele

SABC 3’s talk show Real Talk With Anele has came under fire after a Daily Maverick article emerged that the public broadcaster received a R500 000 payment for controversial Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini to appear on the show.

The publication stated that the two-hour profile interview of the minister, which aired in December was part of a strategic PR plan for the minister, who made headlines last year.

The SABC and the minister’s office have since confirmed that the payment took place.

“The Department of Social Development (DSD) through GCIS buys space [in] the media for the sole purpose of marketing and advertising of the Minister of Social Development, the Department and its agencies. To date, through GCIS the Department has transferred more than R5 million to the SABC for this purpose.” – the article stated.

Lumka Oliphant, Minister Dlamini’s spokesperson, further pointed out that “to date, through GCIS the Department has transferred more than R5 million to the SABC for this purpose.

“The SABC would give us space across all its platforms on radio, TV and online media. They give us a schedule to agree and be available for. The SABC is a strategic partner for communication because it has the reach, the platforms and the languages. They have a dedicated sales team to get business from Government Departments. A standard practice in the media industry.”

The talk show host Anele came out to set the record straight that she personally did not receive any money. She took to Twitter saying she did not receive any money.

Anele Mdoda

“They can have it out. As long as they don’t insinuate that I took the money. My word. My poor name! Literally poor if I would be willing to throw it away for R500 000. Okay as long as that’s cleared up. I am good now,” she said.

Source: Daly Maverick



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Unathi Msengana looks stunning on Destiny Connect Magazine cover

Unathi Msengana destiny connect magazine cover

Local singer Unathi Msengana graces the February cover of Destiny in a beautiful floral dress.

Destiny Magazine posted a photo of magazine cover on Instagram, saying: “We love Unathi for many public reasons – her lovable and honest TV presence on M-Net’s Idols SA, her incredible fitness inspiration and, of course, that bod she’s been honing for months. But less known are the multi-million-Rand production house she co-owns and upcoming TV show up the newly-single star’s sleeve.”


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Brenda Ngxoli opens up about being sexually harassed by fellow actors

Brenda Ngxoli sexually harassed

Actress Brenda Ngxoli has shared an in-depth story about the time she experienced sexual and verbal harassments from three different actors.

Before opening up about her experience in an interview with Anele on Real Talk with Anele, Brenda wanted to make it clear that she was sharing this story not because she wanted to defame or drag anyone’s name in the mud but because she was doing this for her herself and her own sanity.

“Today I’m making a decision that no matter what happens, I’m going to choose me for once, against the fear of defamation of character, I’m choosing to love me because at night sleeping alone, I have to deal with what happened to me,” – Brenda Ngxoli said.

Brenda explained what happened while she was working with one of the actors, she said “in a space whereby I feel most at home, a space that I love with all my heart, I got fondled by a fellow actor, they rubbed on my thighs during a take.”

“When we were doing another take, this particular actor told me that when he looked at my feet he became horny and the funny thing is that I laughed, nobody knows how to react to these things so I laughed, I giggled and I walked away.”

Watch the full interview below:

Source: Zalebs


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Kelly Khumalo graces cover of Bona Magazine

Kelly Khumalo Bona Magazine

South African superstar singer, actress and dancer, Kelly Khumalo is gracing the cover of Bona Magazine January issue and she is looking amazing.

“Our January issue featuring superstar singer and actress @KellyKhumaloZA is here! She talks about unleashing her best self, releasing new music and exciting future projects. Which cover is your fave?,” – The magazine tweeted.

Take a look at all the fun behind-the-scenes from her fabulous shoot. 


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Actress Amanda Du-Pont opens an online clothing store

Amanda Du Pont clothing store

Swazi-born South African actress Amanda Du-Pont has revealed that she has opened an online clothing store called Tribe Capitol. The actress shared the news on her Instagram account.

“So for a while now I’ve been working on an online clothing store. It’s definitely something I’ve always wanted to do, because of my love affair with fashion!!,” – Amanda said.

She added “we are having a site-wide Opening Sale and there is Free Shipping on domestic orders over R1,000.00.”

See her announcement below:

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Zodwa Wabantu responds to Celeste Ntuli’s comments

Zodwa Wabantu responds to Celeste Ntuli’s comments

Comedian Celeste Ntuli spoke to Bob Mabena on Power FM earlier this week about her role as the leading lady of upcoming film Looking For Love. In the conversation, Ntuli mentioned that the film is about ordinary girls looking for love.

“It’s a movie that will attract normal girls. I am reaching out to my audience who are just normal girls. There’s nothing extraordinary there, whoo haaa uneclevage, no.

“Just being a girl. It’s those girls that are not celebrated mostly, those that are working hard, putting in the hours and we have some girls taking off underwears and I hate that”, Celeste Ntuli said.

Bob Mabena asked Ntuli if she was indeed making reference to Zodwa of the masses and she continued:

She continued: “I hate it. I don’t understand why Black women are tip-toeing around it, its disgusting and it makes us Black women look like the things we’ve been fighting not to look like. Everyone has called us the b word, the h word and every other word out there. Even black women [sometimes call us this] and I am very disappointed by this. Why are they called private parts? They must remain private.

“And we’ve come so far. If a Black man beats a Black woman, it perpetuates exactly what we’re trying to curb. So as a Black woman, you know the odds are against song. You walk into the boardroom with a minus.”

Celeste Ntuli was then asked if Zodwa was in the room, what she would say. Her response? “I’d say nothing. That’s how much it infuriates me. I don’t even want to take a picture with her. And I am happy to say it. I don’t care what people will say,” she concluded.

After hearing of the her sentiments, the Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram to publish a scathing response to Ntuli’s criticism. A post she has now deleted. Here’s what the post had said:

“You are disgusted? Vomit. Sisi, lets move along. You won’t take a picture with me? Did I ask for it? You don’t like me? I hate passionately. If you were asked about me, you could have said, ‘I don’t know her to Bob or no comment @celestentuli.’

“I don’t need to be liked by any of you. Do your thing. Don’t involve my name to your business sies. I don’t make friends with anyone. I work hard. That’s why you promoting your comedy movie, ngami mxm. Wazile ukuthi when you mention my name uzoba happening. Back off.”

Source: IOL

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Dineo Ranaka hosts new show Yimlo on Mzansi Magic

Dineo Ranaka Mzansi Magic Yimlo

Reality television show, radio personality, and entrepreneur Dineo Ranaka will host a brand new show on Mzansi Magic. The show, ‘Yimlo’ in isXhosa, means this is me, and will debut on the DStv channel 161 on January 9 2018.

On the show, Dineo tackles difficult topics that often pull close friends and family apart.

Ranaka currently stars in the often trending reality television show, The Ranakas on Mzansi Magic, alongside her entire family members.

“I have been blessed beyond measure 🙏🏽♥️ and this is just another blessing to add to the many this far! @Mzansimagic thank you for choosing me for this project 🙏🏽 I am honored to be a vessel and help lighten the loads of others. Here’s to January 9 2018!!!,” – the star tweeted.

Dineo also took to Instagram where she announced “This year I got to star in a film with Thembisa. I got to know her. I got to see all of her, flaws and all. She’s cut from a fiber of pure strength and assertiveness. This tweet meant so much to me! SO much! Thank you Mdoda ♥️🙏🏽🍀🕊 #Yimlo. “

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Pearl Thusi and Quinton Vander Burg foundation help fans pay off debts

Pearl Thusi and Quinton Vander Burg foundation

Pearl Thusi has partnered with the Quinton Vander Burg foundation to help a fan and a friend pay off their debts. All you have to do is go on the Quinton van der Burgh foundation website and tell them your story and maybe you could be the chosen one to be assisted financially.

The #ActOfGenerosity initiative is designed to help those drowning in debt and also empower people about financial freedom while teaching them how to be more savvy with money.

“It is my mission to help our people and I am always on the look-out for new ventures that boast great potential, whether it be economical or for the greater good. Our current projects range from building wells in underprivileged areas to development centres, focusing on providing individuals with skills they will need to go out into the workplace” – Quinton Vander Burg.

Watch the video below:

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Cameron Bruce – Back with his BadWolf Band

Cameron Bruce, John Fresk and Hannah Foster make up BadWolf

Over eight years ago, 17-year old Cameron Bruce wowed the Idols judges with his stirring version of the John Mayer classic The Hurt during the 2009 auditions. His stand-out performance established Cameron as a firm favourite in the competition and he finished sixth overall and catapulted Cameron into the hearts and minds of the South African public.

Now 25, Cameron Bruce, with his magnetic vocal style, skillful guitar work and striking lyrics, is set to entertain visitors to the Cradle Contemporary Art Fair when he plays a gig at the Cradle Boutique Hotel ‘Posh Picnic’ on Saturday, December 2 from midday.

So what has Bruce been up to since he last graced our screens on Idols back in 2009?

I released an album in 2012 called Damage Done and the following year I had a residency in Las Vegas.  I came back and recognized a gap in the corporate and wedding entertainment industry so I started a band called BadWolf operating under my company Fuzz Music which performs at all kinds of events from things like the BMW M Fest which was just a couple weeks ago to weddings all around the country.  We now have two bands with different singers entertaining clients at their events.  In 2015 I also went back to university to complete a degree in music which I will hopefully finish up next year.

Can you tell us a bit about the type of music you play?
I started playing guitar at the age of seven and only really started singing around the age of 16, so in my formative years I was really into guitar music like Jimi Hendrix, BB King etc.  One day I heard a record by John Mayer and that was when I fell in love with writing.  It was also around then that I started singing, so I guess you could say the kind of music I like to write is centred around the guitar with a blues/jazz influence, but fused with a kind of singer songwriter undertone.

What can visitors to the Cradle Boutique Hotel expect when they come for lunch on Saturday, 2 December where you will be playing?
For the event it will be myself, American pianist and Grammy nominee John Fresk on keys and Hannah Foster on vocals. Hannah and I will do a variety of songs including some jazz standards, some pop songs with a jazz twist and some of our originals.  Given the instrumentation of the band it lends itself more to the jazz side with a laid back feel. John, Hannah and I have been working together for years and there is something really special about the ensemble.

Are you working on anything new at the moment?
Yes! I haven’t put out original music for a couple years now as my focus really has been my company and of course making sure I pass at Wits but I still have a deep fire burning for original music and my hope is that I’ll have an EP out next year.

Where can fans catch any gigs or listen to your music?
A lot of what I do now is private company functions and weddings but I do the odd public gig here and there.  My record is available on iTunes, but I don’t really push the album because it’s an old sound, one I’ve outgrown and I’d really like the EP next year to be fresh start with songs I can really get behind and believe in.  The best way for fans to keep up with what I do is on Facebook, Instagram (cam_bruce) and YouTube.

Who do you listen to and who inspires you?
I listen to so much music from jazz greats like Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Pat Martino and some of my blues hero’s like Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Muddy Waters.  I love Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and all the Motown soul guys.  I really like some of the newer music coming out from guys like Anderson Paak, D’Angelo, Daniel Caesar.  It’s all inspiring.  I love the common thread I hear in some of the music I naturally gravitate towards.  I can hear their influences and who they’ve checked out.  I’m always hunting for the next song or record that will take me away from reality.

Favourite singer/band?
Incredibly hard to say and I don’t think it would be fair to name just one so top 3 would have to be D’Angelo, John Mayer and Miles Davis.

Favourite album?
Again, too hard to say but everyone should check out Voodoo (D’Angelo) and let it be the soundtrack to their lives for a couple months.

Anything else you’d like to say to music fans out there?
Just thank you.  Having been in the corporate/wedding scene for a while it’s easy to forget that there are people out there who care about your music and what you have to say.  I recently put up a video of an original song I wrote on Facebook and Instagram and asked people for feedback/support.  The response was incredible and it really reminded why I love writing, it’s a connection thing and you come to realize people need writers to put words and sounds to their feelings, make them feel like they’re a part of something everyone goes through whether it’s tough spots in life, heartbreak, love, there’s something very comforting about that.

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