Inspirational Artist John Moore to Exhibit at Cradle Contemporary Art Fair

John Moore Exhibit at Cradle Contemporary Art Fair

One of the most eagerly awaited exhibitors at the inaugural Cradle Contemporary Art Fair, and resident artist of the soon to be opened Cradle Art Gallery, is artist extraordinaire John Moore whose work can be viewed in private collections, various commercial banks and in galleries both in South Africa and abroad.

Schooled at St John’s College in Johannesburg, Moore’s childhood was marked by long holidays and explorations of South Africa, particularly the Kruger National Park where he frequently went on holiday with his grandparents.

It was there he was taught to love and appreciate wildlife in every form, and learned to enjoy not only the wonder of the “Big Five” but also the complexity and detail of “the little things”.

Moore remembers sitting at waterholes for hours on end armed with his binoculars and nature books. He studied birds, trees and insects and over the years his appreciation for detail and micro organisms was firmly fixed into his growing imagination.

Moore also learned to appreciate the different ecosystems that inhabit Southern Africa, visiting the contrasting coastal forests of KwaZulu Natal and the arid deserts of Namibia, and he was also able to witness and appreciate the indigenous people of the country and its neighbours, sharing and listening to tales of the fauna and flora around the fire.

At the end of his school career, Moore decided on a career in graphic design and enrolled at Wits Technikon. But shortly thereafter he changed to a Fine Arts course, merging his passion for wildlife with his love for art.

Moore has South Africa’s largest printing press in his studio which allows him to focus and work on large-scale images creating immense detailed mark-making in the works. Moore’s inspiration for his images comes, he says, from “experiencing life in all its forms”.

We asked John Moore some questions about his life, his work and his forthcoming exhibition at the Cradle Contemporary Art Fair:

What inspires you?
I look at all aspects of my life to create inspiration in my work, from daily activities, walking in nature, movies, reading, trance experiences nothing is exempt from my continual scrutiny. Once an idea has surfaced, I then journal it for future reference.

What is your daily routine?
I work hard and am known as a productive artist. I often get up at 6am, go to the gym and get into the studio by 8am to set up for the day. I don’t work normal hours but take frequent breaks through the day, allowing me to fetch children, look at research, attend meetings and catch up on admin. I usually work for two hours and have a 30-minute break. In peak times this working ethic can allow me to work till midnight. Close to exhibitions has me working even later. At night I find work the best, no distractions. When I have the children, I tend not to go into the studio.

What are your preferred mediums?
I am regarded as a multi-medium artist, namely I work in any medium that I feel is best to express my work. I am a printmaker and use these mediums often to express ideas, namely woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, perspex plates. However, I don’t just use the printmaking mediums, I also use charcoal and pastels to create large scale work. My next show predominantly has large charcoal and pastel images, supported by ceramics and smaller etchings. I use whatever is needed to best express my ideas.

Tell us about your latest work that incorporates the San
The San, I believe are deeply connected to all of us. They seem to think they were the “first” people. Being African I can identify with their myths and legends and allow their history and wealth of information to influence my work. I too, am a shaman, a person who is able to breach the world of the living into the spirit realm. That realm is a super reality where you can talk to the animals and most of my inspiration comes from experiences in this reality. A lot of my signs and symbols are from experiences from my trances there.

What works can visitors to the Cradle Contemporary and the Cradle Art Gallery expect to see?
I will be exhibiting some well-known pastel, woodcuts, linocut and lithographic images. Although these works have been exhibited before, they have a high level of complexity and detail which people admire and appreciate. All work will be framed and for sale with proceeds going to the African Digital Education Trust (ADET).

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Behind the 2017 Rhino Census with Bonné de Bod

Rhino Census Kruger National Park

Presenter Bonné de Bod, along with fellow filmmaker Susan Scott, were granted exclusive access to the 2017 Rhino Census, which took place in the Kruger Park recently. De Bod and Scott, who have been working on the highly anticipated anti-poaching rhino feature documentary STROOP , due for release in early 2018, were delighted with this opportunity as it was the first time they had been given permission to observe the census.

To mark World Rhino Day on Friday, September 22, De Bod reveals what they saw and learnt.

Q: You’ve just came back from the Kruger National Park where you observed the annual rhino census. But it’s not as simple as just going up in a helicopter and counting the rhinos one sees, is it?
A: It was incredible to witness and to better understand the process. You might think that you go up in a helicopter, count the rhinos and the job is done; but it’s a lot more complicated than that. I have tried to observe and film this census count for four years and have begged SANParks every year to allow me to interview the scientists involved and see how it’s done.

Obviously it’s a sensitive thing, not only counting the rhinos but witnessing their location and concentrations in the park.  I am familiar with census counting of animals but even so, I spent a few weeks going through research papers and scientific journals to try and get my head around the scientific aspect of it all, which was arduous because what it really entails is using a scientific formula to work out how many rhinos there are.

Fortunately I had the STROOP research team helping me get to grips with it and it did eventually all come together after a lot of reading, analysing and talking to a few scientists. Dr Sam Ferreira is the lead scientist behind the counting of rhinos in Kruger, he is the large mammal ecologist for SANParks and he heads up a team of observers – the people doing the actual counting. So three to four observers in a helicopter do the actual physical counting, and then these results get fed back to Dr Ferreira who uses this set formula to work out the total number of rhinos in the park. Rather complicated but great to finally be able to see it in action after reading all those dry research journals!

Q: But why the formula? And how come it’s so complicated to count rhinos from the air, surely it’s as easy as making a mark on your list?
A: Obviously, a small reserve or farm with a few animals can count a small number by walking or driving around, but in the Kruger, total counts were done up until the late 1990s, meaning that the whole of the park was counted, from top to bottom. But we all know that it’s a massive area so you can imagine the time and money that went into a census like that and for some years the census wasn’t done at all because of these large-scale factors where the weather had to be perfect. But a total count doesn’t mean you will count the exact number of rhinos because a total count will give you a negative bias. You will never see and therefore never count all the rhinos in the park because they might be lying down or walking in the bush line and not observed. This means there are clear errors or biases that one has to consider. So scientists have figured out that it’s a far better spend of money and time to do a minimum percentage of the park using a method and formula which they feel give better results.

Q: So what formula and method does SANParks use to count the rhinos in Kruger?
A: The specific counting method that SANParks and Dr Ferreira feel is the best for Kruger is called the ‘Block-counting method’ and the peer reviewed scientific papers I thoroughly researched, gives a model where you can count between 40 -50 percent of the park which will then give a good estimate of actual numbers. So what Dr Ferreira does is to assign various blocks throughout the park which are 3×3 kilometres and then the observers search that block very intensely from the air. Last year they covered 41 percent of the park and Dr Ferreira advised that this year they counted 50 percent.

Also interesting is the flying method. The pilot doing a block-count must fly the blocks in a very structured way, flying narrow strips less than 200 metres apart.  When the helicopter gets to the edge of the block the pilot doesn’t just simply turn around and fly back close to that strip, they need to fly further away on the edge, worked out to a set number so when they fly back down, no double counting of rhinos happens.

Q: But how far can the observers really see?
A: For this the scientists have also worked in a bias percentage, again done scientifically. But whether you use total or block counting one will never get an exact number of rhinos, and we also have to bear in mind that it’s an estimate and even covering only 41-50 percent of the park costs around R1million and that cost doesn’t even cover the time of the observers, scientists or pilots.

Q: Why do we need to know how many rhinos are alive? Some might feel that the money could be better used for anti-poaching activities.
A: Firstly for management practices, you want the meta-populations (the smaller populations within the total population) to interact, disperse, breed and ultimately grow. Sometimes they do this on their own and sometimes you need to assist by moving rhinos from one area into another within the park system. In order to do this, one needs to know how many rhinos there are at any given time.  There is also the need to know and understand the number of live rhinos in the park because of the poaching crisis and how this impacts the population. We cannot just be left knowing how many rhinos are poached – we must also know how healthy our living population is in terms of this terrible crisis.

Many NGOs and activists are questioning the number of rhinos left in the park, and we hear about it all the time from tourists visiting the park who say they aren’t seeing rhinos anymore.  There also some critics out there, scientists, pilots, vets, who are questioning the number and method used in the park, and many of them say that the number of living rhinos left in the park is an exaggerated number.  So quite a contentious issue although not the main reason why SANParks does the census. But they have told me that they hope being so transparent about the counting method used will address people’s concerns.

Q: The million-dollar question then.  Just how many rhinos are left in the park?
A: The numbers have been dropping year on year. Last year’s figure was an estimate of between 6 649 and 7 830 rhinos in Kruger for 2016 which was a 16-20 percent drop from the previous year’s numbers. These are last year’s results, so we still need to wait for the 2017 numbers which are still being collected.  We expect the results to be released by government early next year when they do their annual review report.

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Trevor Noah talks about fake news about his death

Trevor Noah fake news

South African comedian Trevor Noah appeared on the ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’ show on Wednesday, and chatted to his fellow talk show host about his recent trip to SA and a fake news story about his death.

When asked about recent reports of being shot dead, Trevor said: “It’s weird because you don’t know about it, you’re the last person to know about it… so people phone, and people start phoning your family. And the weirdest thing is when people send you a text: ‘Dude, are you dead?'”

He added: “Welcome to the internet… that’s fake news.”

The ‘Daily Show’ host also chatted about working with Charlize Theron on her outreach project and commended the star on her “amazing” program.

Trevor also revealed why it was super weird to hang out with Chelsea Handler — in Africa.

Trevor explained how Chelsea Handler tried to start a revolution in the Eastern Cape after hearing the stories of oppressed women. Chelsea suggested that the women “kick some a**”.

Source: IOL

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Relebogile Mabotja to host Solid Gold on 702 this Saturday from 1 – 4pm

Relebogile Mabotja

SAFTA and SAMA award winning actress and singer, musical director, newly appointed youngest SAMRO board member ever, and radio host, Relebogile Mabotja, is set to fill in for Alex Jay tomorrow and host the highly popular weekend music show, Solid Gold, from 1pm until 4pm.

Known to be a talk show radio host, this will be the first time Relebogile Mabotja will be hosting a music format radio show.

“I’m looking forward to hosting 702’s Solid Gold show tomorrow. I love music and have surprisingly never hosted a music radio show before. Can’t wait for the challenge and having fun whilst interacting with listeners and enjoying our favourite golden oldies” expresses Relebogile Mabotja.

Relebogile Mabotja is currently 702’s new Early Breakfast show host. After honing her craft on the station for a period of 18 months, she took over the Early Breakfast show in October this year and 702 listeners are now waking up to her vivacious personality and on air charisma.

Make sure to tune into 702’s Solid Gold tomorrow from 1pm – 4pm to catch Relebogile Mabotja host her first music radio show.

To listen to podcasts of Relebogile Mabotja’s 702 shows, visit her Facebook page here:

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Athi releases debut single Pretty BumBum featuring Patoranking


There’s a new songstress in town and if her debut single is anything to go by, she isn’t here to play. Athenkosi Zintle Mgoqo, simply known as Athi, has just released her debut single titled Pretty BumBum featuring multi-award winning Nigerian heavy weight musician, Patoranking.

Listen to Athi’s Pretty BumBum ft Patoranking here:

Purchase Athi’s Pretty BumBum ft Patoranking on iTunes here:

Download Athi’s Pretty BumBum ft Patoranking for FREE here:

Athi’s Pretty BumBum featuring Patoranking debuted on YFM this past Friday on the popular AfricanBoomBoxx feature by DJ Sabby on the station’s #TheBestDrive show to a great reception where Athi was also interviewed.

Having studied a double major in Music Live Performance as well as Screen Acting at AFDA (School of Film, Television and Live performance), this Eastern Cape born beauty is proving that there is more to her than her good looks topping her class amongst the other striving musicians both local and international.

Athi developed a love for singing and performing at a very young age, entering singing competitions and being cast in lead roles in high school musicals. Athi has over the years being cultivating her craft and with her signing to Dutch Dream Records, Athi intends on releasing music that will make the country stand up and take notice.

Athi’s Pretty BumBum featuring Patoranking is an Afro Beat Dancehall infused track that will have massive appeal on the continent and shows Athi’s versatility as an artist who specialises in the music genres of RnB Pop, Pop and Electro Dance Pop.

Currently, Athi is in studio recording follow on singles and fans can expect more heavy weight collaborations featuring the likes of Davido this summer.

Keep posted to Athi’s social media platforms for info on the music video release of Pretty BumBum featuring Patoranking as well as more info on her new music to be released.

Connect with Athi:

Facebook: Athi (
Twitter: @Official_Athi
Instagram: @OfficialAthi

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Relebogile Mabotja takes on 702’s Early Breakfast from 03h00 to 06h00

Relebogile “Lebo” Mabotja

From October, early morning risers in Gauteng can start their weekdays with SAFTA and SAMA award winning actress and singer, presenter, producer, musical director, composer, publisher, business woman and newly appointed youngest SAMRO board member ever, Relebogile Mabotja, who takes on 702’s Early Breakfast from 03h00 to 06h00 starting this coming Monday, 3 October 2016.

Relebogile Mabotja has been hosting various overnight slots at 702 for the past 18 months, honing her craft as a talk radio presenter. She will bring her vivacious personality and a keen interest in social dynamics to the fore as she engages with the growing number of listeners who are tuning in earlier and earlier.

“Relebogile brings her big personality and her own following to early mornings,” said 702 station manager Thabisile Mbete. “We think she will connect well with audiences and has the energy to help wake up Gauteng.”

Relebogile Mabotja says she is ecstatic to be taking over the Early Breakfast show and getting people started on their mornings on a positive note. “I am looking forward to having conversations – from light to meaningful – and sharing ideas about moving our communities and country forward.”

With 13 years in the media industry, Relebogile Mabotja continues to make strides of note. Having taken a step behind the scenes with her media company, Lebotja Media, playing a crucial role on many of SA’s loved TV shows such as Afro Café, Making Moves, Sunday Chillas, etv’s I Love South Africa, Koze Kuse and SABC 1’s Mzansi Insider just to mention a few, Relebogile Mabotja comes to the forefront again with her new radio show and her fans are sure to enjoy connecting with her again.

Make sure to tune into Relebogile Mabotja’s first official show as the host of 702’s Early Breakfast this Monday, 3 October 2016.

Connect with Relebogile:

Facebook: Relebogile Mabotja (
Twitter: @RelebogileM
Instagram: @Relebogile

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King Flo releases first single off upcoming EP titled, Live From Elokhin ft Sthoxo & Emdee

King Flo

Soweto born Rapper, Producer and Songwriter, King Flo, is making waves with his latest single, Live From Elokshin ft Sthoxo & Emdee, which is also the first single to be released off his upcoming EP titled: Game Changers; Road To The Album, to be released later this year.

Listen to King Flo’s Live From Elokshin ft Sthoxo & Emdee here:

Purchase King Flo’s Live From Elokshin ft Sthoxo & Emdee on iTunes here:

King Flo’s Live From Elokshin ft Sthoxo & Emdee has already play listed on over 20 radio stations nationwide by the likes of Gagasi FM, Mosupatsela FM, Emalahleni FM, Alex FM, Nqkubela Community Radio, TUT FM, Soshanguve FM and VOW FM just to mention a few.

The track depicts a ghetto story in 3 dimensions; A drug dealer with a conscious perspective into life, the heartless criminal who does heists and the everyday walking the streets guy who loves parties and girls.

“I like to rap about things that people can relate to. When people listen to Live From Elokshin, I want them to get a sense of township street culture and the diverse people one can meet. I’m very proud of how this single has done thus far and I can’t wait to release my full EP” expresses King Flo.

Follow King Flo on social media to keep up with his musical journey and info on his upcoming EP release.

Connect with King Flo:

Facebook: King Flo (
Twitter: @KingFlo_SA
Instagram: @KingFlo_SA

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MsSupa releases new single Mshove


MsSupa releases a new single titled Mshove and proves why she is The First Lady of SA Hip Hop. Her effortless lyrical flow and catchy chorus will get South Africa dancing and singing along to Mshove.

Listen to Mshove here:

Mshove is a single taken off MsSupa’s EP which she dubs as her “Collection of Songs” titled HerStory in the Making. It’s a great blend of Hip Hop, RnB and Soul that true music connoisseurs would appreciate.

MsSupa’s unapologetic love for Hip Hop has brought her back on the music scene with a solid impressive resume behind her. MsSupa was the first female artist to grace the cover of Hype Magazine in 2005 and has subsequently been the only South African female to be on the Hype Magazine cover. In 2007 she had a long standing number #1 single, 10111, on Tbo Touch’s Rhyme and Reason on Metro FM and has a SAMA nomination behind her for her feature on HHP’s Dumela album.

MsShove is now officially being released to radio and has already been featured in Oskido’s Rap Activity Jam on Metro FM. Make sure to listen out for Mshove and request it on your favourite radio station.

Connect with MsSupa:

Facebook: MsSupa (
Twitter: @MsSupa
Instagram: @MsSupa

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Rhythm City has found Nomalanga


TX: Weekdays at 7PM on and eHD on OpenView HD (Channel 104) and DStv (Channel 194)

After viewing almost 5000 online entries for the role of Nomalanga, Rhythm City invited 12 hopefuls for call-backs at their studios in Johannesburg. At a special breakfast on Tuesday, 26 April they announced that Nomalanga Shozi will be the newest cast member to join the award winning soapie.

Nomalanga is a 22-year-old Radio DJ, PR graduate and aspiring actress from Durban. She grew up in Port Shepstone, admiring the actors on Rhythm City, and always hoped that she will get the opportunity to be on TV one day. Nomalanga will play the role of Nomalanga, Zolani’s fiancé and the daughter of a mining magnate and struggle veteran. She starts filming early May, and her first broadcast will be on Wednesday, 13 July.

“I have always had a dream to be an actress, and now I’ve been given the opportunity of a lifetime, to appear on Rhythm City with some of my personal heroes. I watch Rhythm City every day, and can’t wait to start this phase of my life.” enthused Nomalanga Shozi

“Rhythm City would like to congratulate Nomalnga on winning the Auditions. We look forward to having her on our set and being part of our talented cast. Thank you to everyone who entered and to South Africa at large for your continuous support. Please keep tuned into Rhythm City for more riveting television.” Says Nolwazi Shange – Casting director at Rhythm City.

TX: Weekdays at 7PM on and eHD on OpenView HD (Channel 104) and DStv (Channel 194)

Follow OpenView HD on the following platforms:

Twitter: https:/
Facebook Page:

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AKA releases new single, Dreamwork, featuring Yanga

Dreamwork, featuring Yanga

The #3RDWRLDBOSS, AKA, has just released a new single called Dreamwork featuring Yanga. Dreamwork is the first official single release by AKA since the release of his single Baddest (and BaddestRemix) in 2015 which was the most played song on radio in South Africa and won numerous awards, such as 2 Metro FM Music Awards, and is still receiving award nominations today. AKA has proven himself yet again as the most consistent music artist in South Africa. He was just nominated for Best Remix (Baddest Remix) and Best Collaboration (All Eyes On Me) at the SAMA 22 nominee event yesterday, April 21st.

Purchase Dreamwork on iTunes here:

Dreamwork is also available on the platforms below:

#Dreamwork has been trending on Twitter since 3am after AKA posted a link in the early hours of this morning.

A dedicated website – – was activated as part of the synchronized launch of the single this morning which features exclusive unique animated video visuals for Dreamwork. Traffic to the website has already reached high volumes, only a few hours later.

In the song, AKA talks about how “teamwork” makes the “DREAM” work. Dreamwork is produced by noteworthy producer, KJ Conteh of California, who has produced music for the likes of 50cent, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, T.I. and Drake just to name a few.

The artwork for Dreamwork is very unique as it plays on the popular 90s video game, Contra. Is AKA alluding to the element of getting to the next level quicker when you are in a team?

All eyes have been on AKA this year, especially over the past 2 weeks. He recently announced the AKA Scholarship, powered by SAE and Bridges for Music. The four AKA scholarships are for the July 2016 intake and covers the full year tuition for SAE’s full-time Higher Certificate in Sound Production at the state-of-the-art campus, in the heart of Cape Town at the renowned Woodstock Exchange. The scholarship is targeted at young South Africans who, like AKA, are committed and determined to achieve success in creative industries.

This week saw AKA become the first person in Africa to receive the Exclusive Twitter Camera App and the first musician in South Africa to reach 1 Million followers on Twitter.

2016 has already been a groundbreaking year for AKA, and it is this success which AKA will celebrate with his fans at his upcoming SUPAMEGA SHOW on Sunday, 1 May 2016, at Authentic Sunday, ZONE 6 Venue, Soweto. AKA’s performance will feature a live band, a state-of-the-art technical production and electrifying fanfare. The SUPAMEGA SHOW line-up includes SA’s hip-hop heavyweights such as Da LES, Yanga, MaE, Kwesta, Maggz and rising hip-hop sensation, Big Star.

Purchase your tickets now to be a part of AKA’s first SUPAMEGA SHOW. Tickets are available from Computicket. Prices start from R150.


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