Nestlé’s FREE BarOne Gym Squads in communities kicks off to a great start

BarOne Gym Squads

SA’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé’s, FREE Bar One Gym Squads in communities nationwide has kicked off to a great start since launching last month in Gauteng, KZN, Free State and the Western Cape. This past weekend, BarOne Gym Squad attendants in KZN came out in their numbers for the popular, fun, Saturday morning exercise activity.

With the aim of giving back to people who give back, and promoting active lifestyles; Nestlé has partnered with and sponsored various local community exercise programs and boot camps to bring weekly BarOne Gym Squads in four provinces with the possibility of expanding to more provinces in future.

Nestlé invites the nation to get active and attend a BarOne Gym Squad in their local community or province. The BarOne Gym Squads take place every Saturday in Gauteng, KZN, Free State and the Western Cape. See below some key BarOne Gym Squad activations taking place this August:

  • 12 August: Orlando Eco Park, Soweto
  • 12 August: Ben Zwane Bootcamp, Dr Molemela Outdoor Playing Courts, Rocklands, Bloemfontein
  • 19 August: Tripple B Fitness Family, P9 Bhenjani Road, Kwamashu, Durban
  • 19 August: Aced Sports, Mamelodi Rethabile Sports Ground, Tsomo Street, Mamelodi
  • 26 August: Ben Zwane Bootcamp, Dr Molemela Outdoor Playing Courts, Rocklands, Bloemfontein

Make sure to reboot your lifestyle and attend a BarOne Gym Squad this month. You can also follow the various trainers on social media for up to date details on the upcoming activations to keep you active and energised.

Connect with BarOne Gym Squads:

Facebook: BarOne South Africa (
Twitter: @BarOne_SA
Instagram: @BarOneSouthAfrica

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TV highlights for Rhino Blog for the week August 14 to 20

Bonn_de_Bod_rhino_orphan rhino blog

Rhino Blog : The world’s rhinos are in trouble and award-winning wildlife television presenter Bonné de Bod is on a quest to find out why and more importantly, what’s being done.

RHINO BLOG – Rhino Orphans in Kruger
Tuesday, August 15, at 10.54 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
It is estimated that three rhinos die every day in South Africa’s iconic Kruger National Park due to the escalation in poaching for rhino horn. With so many rhinos being killed, it’s no wonder that the orphan count is high. Rhino babies don’t leave their mother’s side, and this means they will die from dehydration in the heat or they will be eaten by predators like hyenas and lions.  Presenter Bonné de Bod finds out what happens when a carcass is spotted and how the park responds to taking in an orphaned calf.

Wednesday, August 16, at 10.53 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
The saying “the wheels of justice turn slowly” couldn’t be truer than here in Africa. Presenter Bonne de Bod explores the criminal justice system where rhinos are voiceless but where brave state prosecutors are speaking for them. Poaching a rhino in South Africa where rhinos are classified as property has, up until now, not been a serious crime.  Recent linkages of illegal rhino horn trade to large international syndicates has now brought attention to crimes against rhinos, with the government focusing on this as a priority crime.  Bonné sits in court where the large syndicate gangs appear as well as the poor and illiterate poachers from Mozambique.

RHINO BLOG: Kruger National Park Helicopters
Saturday, August 19, at 10.45 with repeats every two hours
People’s Weather (DStv Channel 180)
In wartime, air superiority wins… and with this in mind the national parks of South Africa have boosted their helicopter air fleet by an additional two helicopters with the recent generous donation of $25-million from American philanthropist Howard Buffet. Presenter Bonné de Boid has spent considerable time inside the helicopters over the years as she has seen them assist vets with darting predators, search for missing African wild dogs, assisting with game captures for scientific research as well as their recent new role of providing air support in anti-poaching operations. De Bod gets to see the new helicopters in action.

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Nandi Madida, the new face of LUX

Nandi Madida

TV personality Nandi Madida joins Basetsana Kumalo and Jo-Ann Strauss as a Lux brand ambassador.

Nandi was recently revealed as a Lux brand ambassador, speaking about the announcement she expressed herself by saying, “I’m ecstatic about this partnership and honoured to join the ranks of legendary South Africa women who I admire.”

“To be associated with a heritage brand that is loved by, and talks to the varied women of my country, makes me very happy,” she added.

“I am more than just a face.. I am more than you can see.. Proud and honored to announce I am the new face and brand ambassador of LUX,” she wrote on Instagram.

She further added: “It’s an honour to be apart of a list of dynamic women that include Khanyi Dhlomo, Basetsana Kumalo, Joanne Strauss and Felicia Mabuza-Suttle.”

See her post here:

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Martin Clunes and a Lion Called Mugie

Martin Clunes

On Sunday, August 13, at 19h00, ITV Choice (DStv Channel 123) will be showing a not-to-be-missed documentary called Martin Clunes and a Lion Called Mugie, a one-hour special that sees the Doc Martin star joining a mission to return endangered lions to a remote part of Kenya.

It is 25 years since lions roamed in the Kora National Reserve where legendary conservationist George Adamson set up a camp to rescue lions and release them back into the wild. The heartbreaking but successful story of rescuing orphaned cub Elsa became internationally famous in the blockbuster film Born Free, based on the iconic book written by George’s wife Joy.

Tony Fitzjohn, who worked closely with Adamson, and continues to work in wildlife conservation, has lovingly rebuilt the original camp, Kampi Ya Simba, in the Kora National Reserve, abandoned after Adamson was murdered by Somali bandits in 1989. Fitzjohn picks up where he and Adamson left off all those years ago, with the aim of releasing captive and orphaned lions back into the wild with the support of the Kenya Wildlife Service.
Martin Clunes has had a close friendship with Fitzjohn since they met 20 years ago when they released Nina, a zoo elephant, back into the wild. In this documentary Clunes travels to Kenya to visit Fotzjohn and to meet his first lion cub to be brought to the Kora camp for 25 years.

Mugie, an orphaned lion cub was found when he was just three weeks old, washed up on a river bank after a flash flood. Clunes and Fitzjohn travel over 200 kilometres from Kora to Ol Jogi, a private game sanctuary for some of East Africa’s most endangered wildlife to collect Mugie. Thanks to an electric fence, the reserve is protected against poaching, allowing the wildlife to flourish. Jamie Gaymer, the reserve’s wildlife and security manager, has been looking after the cub he named Mugie after the place he was found, and contacted Fitzjohn to ask if he could take him.

Says Clunes: “Although elephants and rhinos get most of the publicity, lions in Africa are facing an equally serious crisis. While there are about 500,000, elephants, left on the continent, there are only 30,000 lions. If something isn’t done, they could die out in the wild in less than ten years.
“Three years ago a mission began to bring lions back to a remote Kenyan wilderness. From day one I have had the privilege of being a witness to this story. It’s one that stirred deep childhood memories, brought great highs and awful lows. This is the true story of one animal’s big adventure, and one man’s dream.”

Adds Fitzjohn: “In the 24 years I’ve been away, lions themselves are becoming an endangered species and it’s only in the centre of some very well protected areas or national parks you still get lions. But to be able to do something for lions again, in my world, if there’s a gap or an offer to do something, you just go for it. You can’t say no.”

Virginia McKenna, who starred as Joy Adamson, in Born Free, and joins Clunes in Kenya to re-visit the spot in Meru National Park where Elsa the famous lioness was released, says: “What this story tells you is that relationships between humans and wild animals can surmount all the sort of prejudices and fears and everything, and lift you out of yourself really; it is a spiritual thing. When you think they devoted all these years and that relationship was extraordinary and unique, I don’t think there’s ever been quite such a relationship as that and finally of course Elsa mated with a wild lion and then brought her children back.”

In the film Fitzjohn also talks candidly to Clunes about the horrific death of Adamson, and of his remorse that the murder happened when he was away in Tanzania.

“I felt so guilty when George was killed. I knew it was going to happen and then when he was killed I was just full of massive guilt and sadness and everything else. That was my job; to stop it happening.”

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Lorna Maseko allegedly owes over R700 000

Lorna Maseko Top Billing

Top Billing presenter and businesswoman Lorna Maseko has burnt her fingers in business – she allegedly owes more than R700 000 for her Sandton restaurant, The Bread Basket.

And now the TV personality’s company, Fabulous Productions, has been dragged to the Johannesburg South Gauteng High Court by the restaurant’s previous owner.

Fabulous Productions andTubalix (Pty) Ltd, trading as Bread Basket, will square up in court next month after the former owner filed papers against Maseko in May, suing her for breaching their agreement by failing to pay the purchase price.

Maseko, who is a close friend of Bonang Matheba, signed an agreement with the previous owners in November last year.

Her restaurant in the popular Morningside Shopping Centre was launched in December amid much fanfare.

The restaurant counts among its patrons Maseko’s popular celebrity friends and businesspeople, including model Babalwa Mneno.

The Bread Basket’s founder Christina Avraamides, who opened the first bakery in the chain in 1982 with her husband Adonis, also visited Maseko at the restaurant earlier this year to wish her the best.

The Bread Basket franchise now belongs to Famous Brands.

However, according to court papers, Maseko breached the agreement with the previous owner by failing to pay the full purchase price of just over R745 000 and, the company says, she owes them the money.

In May, Tubalix served summons on Maseko but she did not pay the company and continued with business as usual.

This week, when City Press contacted Maseko, she did not deny owing the company R745 000 and said she was aware of the amount.

She said the matter was sub judice and declined to comment further. Maseko referred City Press to her publicist Simphiwe Majola.

Majola declined to comment on the merits of the case, but did say Maseko was forging ahead with her food career.

“Lorna is currently focusing on her cookbook to be launched early next year. She’s also working on her merchandise and Cooking with Lorna and Friends events,” Majola said.

“She is also recording her YouTube channel next week as well as improving her restaurant.”

However, a source close to the situation told City Press that Maseko’s foray into the food business had been an uphill battle.

Lorna Maseko
Lorna Maseko. Image Courtesy: Drum

The source also said that had Maseko had all the information at her disposal about the state the business was in before she bought it in the first place, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

“When Lorna occupied the restaurant the machines were broken. Lorna would not have been in this mess if she had known. Lorna spent most of the money that she would have paid them,” the source said.

“She took over the restaurant in December last year and only disclosed her problems with it recently. A lot of work had to be done in the restaurant.”

The source said she felt sorry for Maseko because she was one of a few young black women who were trying to venture into the franchise business.

“Instead of laughing at her, as black people we must help her to be a successful entrepreneur,” the source added.

Maseko has always had a passion for food. She has been a contestant on Celebrity MasterChef and had a 13-episode cooking show on SABC3 called The Hostess with Lorna Maseko.

Opening a restaurant was always the former ballet dancer’s dream. And it appears that she is determined to make a go of it.

This week, Maseko hosted a media Champagne breakfast in her restaurant, and wrote on her Instagram page:

“One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt about being in the restaurant business is that you want to be behind something you’re proud of.Months in the making but what a ride to own The Bread Basket.”  – City Press

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Amanda Black Graces Cover Of Elle Magazine

Amanda Black

If you don’t know the name Amanda Black you are missing out on one of South Africa’s biggest rising stars.

Black graces the August cover of Elle South Africa; an issue that celebrates local music with emphasize placed on women in the industry.

The magazine was recently taken over by Ndalo Media who definitely brought a more South African feel to the magazine by featuring more local faces.

The July issue which was the first under Ndalo Media had Enhle Maphumulo as the cover star.

Amanda is signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment – the same label as CiCi – and makes soulful RnB with a distinctly local twist that has gained her fans from all corners of the rainbow nation.


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Pabi Moloi shares her views about being a mom

Pabi Moloi

TV personality Pabi Moloi has shared an honest post on Instagram about being a mom.

“I LOVE #MomLife 👼🏾 Ready for total truth? Post natural birth I STILL cannot sit properly. I STILL have hip pain daily. My body may never be the same again AND 👏🏾ITS👏🏾 ALL 👏🏾WORTH👏🏾 IT! Yesterday I had a conversation with a fellow #newmom and we both agreed that we now live a new normal, “she said.

Pabi added that as women they will physically never be the same again and that is absolutely fine. “WE MADE HUMANS!!! ❤️💙❤️💙 I’m excited every day to learn the new. I am new. Here’s to loving every stage of our human development. To mom’s having a tough time- you’ve got this, you’re more powerful and capable than you think,” – she added.

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Award-winning SA handbag designer Adrian Furstenburg on his triumphant return

Adrian Furstenburg

South African designer Adrian Furstenburg triumphed at last year’s Independent Handbag Designer Awards™ in the US, walking away with one of the show’s coveted awards.

He was invited back recently to tell audiences how this prestigious international award had literally changed his life – he gave up his job and is now designing handbags fulltime – and, with interest shown from the US – the Adrian Furstenburg brand looks as if it may go global!

You won one of the top awards at the 10th annual Independent Handbag Designer Awards™ in the US. You were one of only two of last year’s winners who were invited back. Tell us about it and the video you showed the audience.
Being invited back to this prestigious event was another massive highlight for my career. Knowing that the curators kept a close eye on my development after winning the award really proved how much it changed my life. I had the opportunity to take the audience through the 365 days from winning the award, leaving my job, starting my own business and launching the first collection with my amazing team. It was an absolute honour and privilege to tell my story to key players in the American industry!

What did it feel like sitting in the audience this time around?
It was a mix of excitement and emotion. Over the last year I got carried away with the every-day tasks of running a business, so I forgot how far I’ve come. Sitting in the audience and re-living the highlights on a massive screen in a theatre with hundreds of people was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. (I felt like Meryl Streep!)

How has your life changed since you won the award?
I left my job and started my own business. I launched my first collection in March. It was incredibly well received and I was one of the best sellers at the SA Fashion Week Luxury pop-up. I am delighted to have created employment in this county. My team and I are creating beautiful bags for our clients but we are also creating an amazing environment for ourselves.

You have have been approached by retailers and agents in the US. Tell us about it?
I have met with agents, marketers and key players in the industry and there is a big interest in taking my proudly South African goods over to the US. It’s an unbelievable experience to see how people loved my collection!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
I travel quite extensively and that is most certainly the biggest source of inspiration for me. Because it should strike a balance between beauty, quality and practicality, I test my products myself and know exactly what and how to create fabulous designs.

What can people who purchase an Adrian Furstenburg bag expect?
From packaging, touching the leather and using the bag – everything is about a great experience. The premium leathers, quality hardware and fabulous signature lining comes standard; personal details such as bespoke design or initial monogramming creates a feeling of luxury without spending a small fortune. Clean lines on the outer design, colours inspired by the city of Johannesburg and the lining are quite the eureka moments, if I say so myself.

How do you combine your designs with your SA heritage?
I am of Austrian descent so there is a strong European influence in the design – quality and craftsmanship is of absolute key. The African materials are what makes it an astonishing product. Riveting colours, amazing textures and premium leathers makes these pieces a beautiful blend of quality and aesthetic.

You took your two full-time employees Hezman Muzopa and Fanwell Masekoto Cape Town, why?
I remember my first time on an aeroplane and the excitement and feeling of adventure is still with me today. Because my first collection was inspired by travel, different journeys and different destinations – I decided to give them something that they would never forget! Both guys have never flown before and I surprised them both with a fabulous trip to Cape Town. We have shared such special moments together and that made an amazing impact on how we manage our business today!

What are handbag trends?
Currently there is a trend that moved from the seventies retro vibe into a classic styling with structured/square shapes, top handle with flap designs and amazing autumn colours. There are also a lot of embellishment or hand painted details on the leather which is just too beautiful for words.

Who are your style icons?
I love Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Ford and Gucci.
What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs or those wanting to start their own business?
Follow your heart, but please take your brain with you! Passion alone isn’t sustainable for success.

Where can you get your bags?
Everything is available to pre-order online but we are looking to supplying travel destinations and deluxe hotels around South Africa. Certain boutique stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town will soon be carrying the collections.

How do you see your business growing?
I am growing at a steady pace but I don’t want to grow at a rapid speed because if you are an overnight success, you can be no news in no time (Anna Wintour quote). I am laying the foundations to build a sustainable business in South Africa. We will do all the production locally and supply both the South African markets and international markets from 2018.

What else do you want to design and produce?
My dream is to introduce a proper luggage collection into the portfolio. Beautiful hard cases with wheels and other amenities such as detachable pieces and mobile phone chargers.

Can you compete with brand names such as Louis Vuitton, can a SA bag be as good?
I have no need to compare myself to a brand such as Louis Vuitton because they have more than a 100 years of craft experience, thousands of employees and they are a luxury brand. Even though I provide a luxury experience and have excellent quality goods, I am a premium brand and not luxury. Too many brands claim that they are luxury but this is a very over-used term as it can’t be created overnight. It can’t even be created over a decade. It would be the same as to compare a Rolls Royce with a Mercedes Benz. They will both get you from point A to B and have most of the same bells and whistles, but the one is pure luxury and the other is premium. But I will be next Michael Kors or Kate Spade, I can guarantee you that.

You can connect with Adrian at

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Susan Scott

Authors Susan Scott and Susan E. Schwartz will be discussing their recently published book – Aging & Becoming – at a special event to be held in Greenside on Saturday, August 5, at 14h00.

South African author and student of Jung, Susan Scott,  teamed up with her US counterpart Jungian analyst and international speaker Susan Schwartz, to write Aging & Becoming: A Reflective Enquiry, an inspirational book which has garnered much media attention in South Africa.

The book is comprised of correspondence between the two women, which began with each writing back and forth on the letters of the alphabet oriented on the subject of aging.

The two authors challenge the view that the older woman has little to offer. Rather, aging is an opportunity to express a more rounded out personality as the tug towards becoming authentic becomes more persistent and real. Just as many reflections occur allowing for growth and new ventures to happen.

Scott explains what will be under discussion at the event: “We will be talking about the challenges and growth possibilities this stage of life brings. What is often unsaid will also be discussed. We will also be encouraging active participation from the audience.”

Susan Scott In Conversation with Susan E. Schwartz will take place at Bookdealers, 39 Gleneagles Road, Greenside. Entrance is free. Refreshments will be served. Signed copies of the book will be available for purchase at R200. Enquiries to Susan Scott on [email protected].

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