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Joshua The I AM begins his REAL HUSTLE

Joshua The I Am

Young creative, Joshua The I AM, gave a stellar performance on last night’s Vuzu Hustle Season 2 finale episode. He may not have come out the winner, but if his performance last night is anything to go by, there is no doubt that this is just the beginning of a very bright future for the multi-talented music producer, song writer and recording artist.

Over the past two months South Africans have falling in love with the Vuzu Hustle Season 2 runner up. The country has witnessed the versatility of a true star in the making. Joshua The I AM not only showed his diversity as a music artist with his production and song writing talent; but through his charisma, bubbly personality and overall enthusiasm, Joshua The I AM is proving to be multi-faceted and will make a great television presenter and great collaborator for brands to work with.

Watch Joshua The I AM No Return Official Music Video

Having studied music production after high school and being selected as one of the Top 5 producers in his college last year, which saw him partake in the Nandos Music Exchange in London, Joshua The I AM’s participation is the Vuzu Hustle Season 2 was just the next step for him in pursuing his passion for music.

“My real hustle begins now. I may not have won the Vuzu Hustle Season 2 but I went out feeling like a champion.  I was very proud of the performance I gave at the finale and finishing the competition in the Top 2 has been humbling. I’m looking forward to the next phase in my career and I can’t wait to share what I have in store with the country,” expresses Joshua The I AM.

Make sure to follow Joshua The I AM on social media to be the first to know about his new single and music video to be released nationwide soon.

Connect with Joshua The I AM:

Facebook: Joshua The I AM (
Twitter: @iamjoshuatheiam
Instagram: @iamjoshuatheiam

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Cesar Ramos Drops A Teaser For His #HARD Music Video

Cesar Ramos

Cesar Ramos aka CrakNoBeat drops a lil some somethin’ for his supporters. A tease trailer of his due to drop #HARD music video. #HARD is his first single off his ‘still in the oven’ project.  “This is a warm up and to alert everybody to expect something from me real soon” – Cesar Ramos. The soon to drop project is daringly titled “Watch Me Win”.

Cesar Ramos also guest stars King Blake in this music videos. It is sure to be a movie!
Stream #Hard trailer here:

Who Is Cesar Ramos?

Cesar Gonzala Pascoal Dos Ramos born 5th February 1994 and raised in Angola – Luanda, is a record producer (composer) and musician currently based in Pretoria. In regards to his artistry he goes by the Cesar however, in regards to production He goes by the name of Craknobeat (Crak-No-Beat). The “No” means “On The” in his home language – Portuguese. It’s basically translated as “Crak On The Beat”. “I’m known as “Crakboy”. Literally EVERYBODY I know calls me “Crak”. I got that name back at home years ago. People always wonder why “Crak” because they always link it to the drugs. But at home, Crak means “Dope/skilled/gifted” and my talent earned me that name so I embraced it ever since.”

His Musical Journey

Crak grew up with a heavy interest in music, mainly the production side of it. It was only at the age of 14 when he started making his own beats, recording his own songs and as well as other artists. He engineered his own projects whilst doing the same for other artists. He realized his potential when grownups were willing to pay him for his work although he was doing it for fun.

“I listen to all types of music as long as it sounds good. I think that plays a role in my beat making inspiration. I work with different artists all the time. They all have different sounds and different musical interests/preferences and as their producer, I’m required to accommodate all of them. So I believe I’m very versatile when it comes to creativity and beat making.

I’m an artist as well, I sing and rap so I don’t stick to one genre when making music. I play around with different sounds so each of my tracks have different personalities and I enjoy using different voices with every track.”

Educational Background 

Cesar Ramos spent the first six years of his life where his dad grew up, that’s in S.tome (Sao Tome). He later moved back to Angola with his mother and at the age of 19 he moved to South Africa to prepare for Tertiary. His passion for music influenced his choice of the course he is currently studying. He started off studying I.T however, after a year he realized he had other interests. He figured he’d study something in line with what he’s passionate about. Currently, Crak is a 3rd year sound engineering student at Emendy College.


In the year 2015, Crak was confirmed as a certified Pro Tools User after passing all their examinations. He also has on numerous occasions worked with Nigerian based artist, G Slim and is said to be inseparable from rapper and singer King Blake. They’re work chemistry and friendship is profound.

Connect with Cesar Ramos

Twitter: @CrakNoBeat
Instagram: @CrakNoBeat

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The Close-Up With Xhosa Rapper Lolo Vandal

Lolo Vandal

Rising talented Hip Hop freshman from the dusty streets of King William’s Town, Lolo Vandal, is back with new album title “Siyacela.” Lolo Vandal, whose real name is Zuxole Ngetu, is a young, conscious and focused artist, whose music is exciting and breath taking. He delivers fruitful and provoking lyrics in his home language “IsiXhosa”. He is a musician that uses the powerful voice given to him by God as his own instrument, displaying precision and agility, mixed with heartfelt emotion.

When he was 13 years old, he entered the booth and recorded his first classic. “I spent formative years soaking up all classics from any artist back then. I am from a musical family, I also explored my sister’s collection of Gospel artist’s. One day I heard Eminem & Pitch Black Afro and fell in love with their music. Few weeks later I decided to write my own songs using my home language. Since we lacked resources myself and Poster (my former group mate) used Dr Dre’s instrumental (The Message). After releasing that song, sharing it via Bluetooth people showed love and that was the start of it till today.” – Vandal said.

Vandal just finished working on his album titled “Siyacela” which is set to release on the 27th of April 2017. Two singles taken from the album are already out with visuals. Incwadi is an introduction song of the album “Siyacela”, a song designed for all dream chasers and believers out there. This song motivates and shares relevant information about the industry. Kudala is a tribute to South African music legends that is Kwaito influenced and is a song that takes down people’s music memory lane.

The rapper believes that Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar and many more are most influential internationally. Here in South Africa he is inspired by Trevor Noah, AKA, Zola 7, Cassper Nyovest, Bonang Matheba, and Dj Sbu just to mention a few.

Watch Lolo Vandal – Kudala (Official Music Video) here:

I am in my own lane I compete with no one but myself, and improving my craft everyday.” – Vandal

When asked about where he will be after 20 years, the Xhosa rapper said he believes that he will be the most respected, successful and happy billionaire with happy friends and family. His message to unearthing artists or someone interested in becoming an artist is – “be yourself, remember where you come from and never underestimate the power in you. Show love and respect all the time, anything is possible.

You can connect with Lolo Vandal via Facebook: on Twitter you can follow: for his music: for videos on YouTube you can search: Lolo Vandal.

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King Blake arrives to address a lil’ Situation with her debut EP

King Blake

2017 is the year the King, amongst the Queens, truly begins her journey towards conquering the jungle that is the music industry. King Blake kicked off the year by announcing that she has joined the new sprung management – Future Genesis. She then released her first body of work, titled Situation EP. In this EP, she wins over hearts and ears of her listeners with her diverse and eccentric approach to the music ranging from the raps, her soothing vocals and a different sound that is owed to producer, CrakNoBeat.

The Producer, coincidentally, has also just joined Future Genesis, meaning this working combo will continue to bless the game with incredible music.

Who is King Blake? 

Lemogang Nonceba Mazwane, born 29th September 1992 in Krugersdorp (Johannesburg), is a South African independent recording singer/vocalist and rapper. She goes by the stage name “King Blake”. Because many females in the industry call themselves “queen” and since she aimed to be eccentric, considering how male dominated the field she took on is, she hailed herself “King”.

Her Musical Journey

Raised by parents who are music collectors, this may mark as the origin of her blossoming passion for music. King Blake’s talent became noticeable when she was around the early age of eight or nine and received attention from people who heard her sing.

“Most people think I’m a rapper or hip hop head but the truth is I’m a singer. I did many musicals in high school and I was in the church choir for a while. When I got into the studio for the first time, I jumped on a crunk beat and that’s how the rapping came about! It was all in the name of fun but as soon as people heard the song and liked it, I took my rapping skills seriously and started honing it from there. I believe I’ve finally found myself and my sound since that moment. I now enjoy rapping more than singing.”

Although it’s been only over 3 years since she started rapping, she does not intend to limit herself. “I’m an artist, so my sound tends to differ with every song I make. I don’t limit myself with the “rapper” title because I switch genres at times. I sing too, so I have RnB, gospel, house tracks and so on” she adds.

King Blake Educational Background

King Blake had taken up a course to study LLB Law through UNISA and only in her third year she decided to take a break from her studies and pursue music.

Up-close And Personal

King Blake

King Blake best describes herself as an introvert however, she is outspoken around a certain company; often people she’s close to. She’s a shy one but comes alive on stage “On stage, I’m very mean! I’m the jump on speakers and sing in the crowd kinda “mean””. When it comes to studio time, she’s a workaholic of note. “I’m calm and enjoy my own space more than anything. I’m not into the social scene, I’d rather be in studio or just indoors. I’m also into fitness and take my health seriously so that’s how I have fun. I’m very girly (believe it or not) hence my huge interest in fashion and make up etc.” Besides the music, she’s passionate about charity work mostly involving children, certifying her as a golden heart!


King Blake has worked with many other artists, to name a few being G Slim, HOV, fellow Pretoria based artists; Thibe Da Kid and Tahsaw. The most established artist she recently worked with is Patoranking on his latest album “GOE” (God Over Everything). She did vocals on a few of his tracks and also got to perform with him at one of his concerts when he was in the country. She’s had the opportunity to work with various other producers as well however, on her personal projects she’s always worked with producer, Cesar Ramos (CrakNobeat). They’ve been working together for almost four years and it may be added that their work chemistry is one of a grand kind.

Where to get King Blake’s Music

King Blake

Peep this channel! She’s built quite an impressive catalogue.

Connect with King Blake here:

King Blake’s Social Media Platforms
Twitter @JustKingBlake_
Instagram @JustKingBlake_

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Meet Nokuphila Hlophe An Authentic, Driven and Ambitious Young Woman

Nokuphila Hlophe

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Nokuphila Hlophe and I am an authentic, driven and ambitious young woman. I also consider myself a sophisticated woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

What inspired me is my late mother who used to sing Ringo Madlingozi’s songs to me when I was young. Being in the school choir as well has pushed me to sing more. So I adapted to music through that, though I say I am gifted and not talented.

What projects you are currently working on and which project is going to release the first in the coming days?

Currently I am not working on any projects.

Which celebrities do you believe are most influential?

Solange Knowles, Adele, Erykah Badu and Jhene Aiko.

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

I spend most on data lately.

Are you a bathroom singer?

No, not really but I sing when I bake.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

I love God most and then me first before anybody else.

What do you do when you not working?

I usually write lyrics, jam with the church band, and play around with songs.

Where do you see yourself amongst the competition?

I see myself at the top. Nowhere else, but at the top.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

In the next 20 years I see myself singing to millions of people around the world, owning a youth choir, owning a pastry shop and café. Traveling the world with my five kids and husband and just to continue flourishing for the next 20 years.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to upcoming artists or someone interested in becoming an artist?

The impossible can always be possible, as long as you believe then you will achieve the impossible. What matters is you and what you need.

How can people get in touch with you?

People can get in touch with me via Instagram @nokuphila_h, Twitter: @Phila_L, Facebook: NokuphilaHlophe and Email: [email protected]

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The Close Up With Gqamana Simbule

Gqamana Simbule

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Gqamana Simbule. Born and bred in eMotherrwell, Port Elizabeth. I am a full time varsity student at NMMU. I have two siblings and I am the middle child.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

Young Money Records inspired me to start writing music at the age of twelve, more so Lil Wayne. My older brother is also my biggest inspiration and he is also a recording artist.

Which project is going to release the first in the coming days?

I released a single titled ‘$YNCHRONIZES [Freestyle] on January 11, and I’m currently working on my debut EP, titled ‘Free Your Mind’. When I am done with it, I will be shifting my focus to a collaborative EP with an upcoming local producer (Acouquistic). The Free Your Mind EP is set to be released between mid February and early March.

Which celebrities do you believe are the most influential?

I believe celebrities such as Bonang Matheba, T-bo Touch, Nasty C, AKA, Cassper Nyovest are the most influential.

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

Most of my savings/earnings from part time jobs is spent on creating and expanding the understanding of my stage name (Ka$h) : Karma Always $ynchrnonizes Harmony. I am also invested in making shirts and caps and I am also thinking of putting out an outfit or two.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Yeah but most of the time I sing in the studio. Thank God for auto tune.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

Myself, my family and God. In that order.

What do you do when you not working?

I’m a soccer player when I’m not in class or creating music and I also enjoy chilling at the beach a lot.

Where do you see yourself amongst the competition?

I hope my music does the speaking, I enjoy making it, and I hope the people enjoy listening to it. As for the competition, I see myself going as far as the people allow me to go.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

I see myself as being an established national and international artist, with a family and my own record label.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to upcoming artists or anyone interested in becoming an artist?

Yeah, don’t do what sells, sell what you do Enjoy it and grow everyday.

How can people get in touch with you?

Gqamana Simbule

Bookings/Enquiries:[email protected]. Instagram: @simbulele_gqamana
Twitter: @KA$H_Rapper
Facebook page:

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Get To Know Michael Matebe – One Of Unseen Singers in Mzansi

Michael Matebe

Michael, we know that you are one of the people who posted a video on the #UnseenSingers hashtag on Twitter created by #TweetGuru…tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Michael Matebe and I was born and bred in Port Elizabeth. I was raised in a Christian family by both parents and I only have one sibling.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

A song I heard on radio back in 2005 inspired me. The name of the song is “Let Me Love You” by Mario. There was an upcoming wedding in my congregation at the time, which I volunteered to sing at, and I haven’t stopped singing ever since.

What projects you are currently working on? Which project are you going to release in the coming days?

It’s been very hard at work in the studio with an Electro – Pop DJ who discovered me on social media and proposed that we work together. No release dates have been confirmed yet but by the second half of the year, we’ll definitely put out a body of work. Aside from that, I have a live performance coming up on March 21 in East London.

Which celebrities do you believe are most influential?

I think Bonang & AKA are the most influential, whatever they do, people want to know. I happen to be one of those people who want to be kept in the loop with what’s happening with those two.

What do you spend the most money on: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

As much as I love sunglasses, I’d say I spend the most money on clothes. I believe that your look is your passport to the world so I take pride in what I wear.

Michael Matebe

Are you a bathroom singer?

Oh yes… Hahaha!

Whom do you love the most between your parents, friends, siblings and yourself?

I love Jehovah, my family and myself.

What do you do when you are not working?

I didn’t even know that #UnseenSingers was a competition, if that’s the case then I hope I win, because I put a lot of effort into my videos.  I made sure I slay my vocals as well.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

I see myself having a family of my own, and a number of music awards. I hope that I win a Grammy Award too!

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to unearthing artists or someone interested in becoming an artist?

My message to other #UnseenSingers like myself is that your talent is your one ticket to greater things in life. Go out there and knock on doors until someone opens. Utilize social media platforms as an outlet to showcase what you got and don’t you dare give up.

How do people get in touch with you?

For bookings my email address: [email protected]
Twitter : MichaelMusicSA
Instagram : michaelmatebe
Facebook : Michael Matebe

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O15 TOXIC – Fame Africa TV Gets To Know 015 TOXIC


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Tsakane Baloyi, also known as 015 TOXIC. I reign from the 015 in a town called Mokopane in Limpopo where I was born and raised. I grew up as a music fanatic but my addiction to Hip-Hop music came alive in 2005 when I went to fourth grade and moved to Pretoria.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

I am inspired by the glitz and glam I picked up from other artists that had reached their prime already. When I got to Gauteng Province, my cousin introduced me to Lil’ Wayne’s Carter series and I became hooked on the spot. I was always intrigued by his way of putting words together and sick metaphors, so I went on to pick up a pen and see what I could do.

What projects are you currently working on? Which project is going to release in the coming days?

At the point of this interview, I am currently working on my first solo EP titled #TwoDecades. It’s a 10-track EP that I’m hoping to drop later in January or early March.

Which celebrities you believe are most influential?

Allow me to give this one to Cassper Nyovest. First, I speak for myself that during some of my shows, I would always do the “taxi driver dance” that I had seen him do repeatedly. If you look recently, after his #FillUpTheDome success, many empty spaces have been referred to as “FillUp” in the beginning of whatever venture or movement, they were working on. Lastly, WE CANNOT DENY THAT THERE HAS BEEN SOME DUDES THAT WENT OUT AND GOT A PONY AT THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS!

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

I spend the most on time. In the same sense that it is something I think I don’t have, on the contrary, it is all I have right now to me cause I’m still trying to get the “money” to spend on clothes, gadgets and accessory that you speak of.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Hahahaha, well! I really thought this was something between me, and the bathroom mirror, or, also maybe between whoever could catch in on that moment. Nevertheless, to expose myself, yes, I am a bathroom singer (hides). I find myself rapping, or probably rehearsing at some point in the shower. Next question please.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

I love myself the most. I think that is where love for others comes from. You need to find and understand yourself to be able to express love for another.

What do you do when you not working?

I think of ways I am going to approach my next work session. Lately I have locked myself out from many things as the hunger for more has suddenly risen, so I’m more content in the midst of work and reaching my pinnacle.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

I don’t see myself in it. I distance myself from it. I think it leads to distractions at times. I keep it simple; I do me and you do you. If your work is above average and higher in rank than mine then I will show love, applaud, then still head back home, and work on being better than the one I was previously. Competition turns into beef sometimes and that is something I don’t desire on my plate.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

In the 4 decades era? Haha nah but on the real note, I really want to be at a state where I’m “chilled”, where I can “rest” , where I know I have accomplished almost all I needed to and now I am only doing extras. I don’t want to find myself hustling at the age of 40. I want to have an empire by then. A family most probably, watch my own seeds bloom into their own destiny. I want to be complete.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to unearthing artists or someone interested in becoming an artist?

I would advise you to do you to the fullest. You can always plan for the future, but then again you might not know what will come along the way, so that is why you need to be prepared at all times and stay committed to what you put your mind to. Stay true to yourself and watch greatness occur. Take total care.

How do people get in touch with you?

My Facebook fan page is 015 TOXIC, you can also catch me on Twitter and Instagram 015_TOXIC. For booking details you may contact me on [email protected] and for my music purposes, my soundcloud account is (015toxic).

We wish 015 TOXIC all the best in his music career. We believe that he’s got the potential of reaching his endless goals. 


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Jozi’s next big Hip-hop star


Meet Vizo, a young Hip-Hop Artist of many talents

Vizo is a young hip hop artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa previously known as BigG.T. Mid year 2015 he changed his name for branding because almost everywhere he goes, he finds a BigG.T

His music journey started in 2004 when him and a group of friends were rapping around a tape recorder and at that moment he just realised that he’s found his calling.

Without a doubt, Vizo’s mom, Mmafatima Mary Maketsi played and still plays a huge role in Vizo’s life

His daily motivation is his dearly mother. She has managed to raise a man all by herself. She’s a strong woman and being able to provide for her like she did for Vizo is his biggest motivation. It doesn’t end there, his inspiration again without question is his mother Mmafatima Mary Maketsi. Growing up she provided all of his needs she’s strong willed and she’s never easily shaken.

“I’m going to host a listening session for my upcoming mixtape Vizo’s Way. Venue still to be confirmed with our latest business partners, all I can say for sure is that it will be in and around Johannesburg. So I will definitely perform a few of my songs there” Vizo says.

He’s currently working on his third mixtape titled Vizo’s Way, which will be available on November 20th. What makes this day even more special is that the release will be on his mother’s birthday. But before that, he’s planning to release his single titled “What you asked for” which will be available for downloads/purchase on

Connect with Vizo by

Following him on Twitter and Instagram @Real_Vizo and also Facebook “Vizo”
Bookings: [email protected]
Personal: [email protected]

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We just had a chat with Lunga

Lunga Kupiso

FATV: Who are you?

Lunga: My name is Lunga Kupiso, raised in a small village of Colosa outside the town of Idutywa in the eastern cape. I am the oldest son of four kids at home with the last born being my little sister so I guess you can call me Batman, that’s my alter ego when I’m not being a full-time student & media enthusiast

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Lunga: My journey began right after completing my matric in 2008, it was around then that I realized that I had it within me to become somebody greater than what everybody around said I could ever be and I wanted to always be an inspiration to other kids who grew and grow in similar environments as I did, I wanted to be a real life example that they too can become greater than their history tells them they can be. So back then at that moment I started pursuing the African dream in media.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Lunga: On a daily basis I am thankful for the opportunity I have to live and I always remind myself of how far I have come just so I can see how blessed and lucky I have been in everything that I do, and I use this as motivation to continue chasing the BIG dream. The pursuit of success to be a living testimony to those
with no hope is what motivates me to get up daily even on those days where I simply cannot get up.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Lunga: My mother inspires me a great deal, she had to work so hard as a single mother to provide for me and my little brother (back then) and still fund her educational ambitions (medical school isn’t cheap) but against all odds she made it all happen and everyday I work on becoming someone that she can feel proud off and most importantly so that she can see that all she did, was for a truly deserving champion 🙂

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Lunga: My next performance is a DJ’ing gig at Stones Melville on Wednseday 14th Oct and maybe LiquidChefs (Rosebank) on Friday night otherwise as always DSTV Channel 319 every Friday night from 19:00 – 19:30 with Raptor & on Sunday catch me on Trans Africa Radio between 20:00-23:00 on DSTV Audio Channel 872/ and every other day invading your commercials haha

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Lunga: Shooo, because of contractual privacy agreements unfortunately I am not at liberty to say but I am working hard behind the scenes to make sure that whatever project comes out, everyone is entertained.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Lunga: I am on almost every social media platform, tweet me @LungaKupiso or connect with me using my Facebook page,, I am also
on Instagram @SirLungsta and for a playlist of most of my projects – keep up-to-date on my Youtube channel otherwise lets chat when we bump into each other all around the country…


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