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Unseen Talents

O15 TOXIC – Fame Africa TV Gets To Know 015 TOXIC


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I am Tsakane Baloyi, also known as 015 TOXIC. I reign from the 015 in a town called Mokopane in Limpopo where I was born and raised. I grew up as a music fanatic but my addiction to Hip-Hop music came alive in 2005 when I went to fourth grade and moved to Pretoria.

What inspired you to start what you are doing?

I am inspired by the glitz and glam I picked up from other artists that had reached their prime already. When I got to Gauteng Province, my cousin introduced me to Lil’ Wayne’s Carter series and I became hooked on the spot. I was always intrigued by his way of putting words together and sick metaphors, so I went on to pick up a pen and see what I could do.

What projects are you currently working on? Which project is going to release in the coming days?

At the point of this interview, I am currently working on my first solo EP titled #TwoDecades. It’s a 10-track EP that I’m hoping to drop later in January or early March.

Which celebrities you believe are most influential?

Allow me to give this one to Cassper Nyovest. First, I speak for myself that during some of my shows, I would always do the “taxi driver dance” that I had seen him do repeatedly. If you look recently, after his #FillUpTheDome success, many empty spaces have been referred to as “FillUp” in the beginning of whatever venture or movement, they were working on. Lastly, WE CANNOT DENY THAT THERE HAS BEEN SOME DUDES THAT WENT OUT AND GOT A PONY AT THE BACK OF THEIR HEADS!

On what do you spend the most: Clothes, gadgets, accessories or anything else?

I spend the most on time. In the same sense that it is something I think I don’t have, on the contrary, it is all I have right now to me cause I’m still trying to get the “money” to spend on clothes, gadgets and accessory that you speak of.

Are you a bathroom singer?

Hahahaha, well! I really thought this was something between me, and the bathroom mirror, or, also maybe between whoever could catch in on that moment. Nevertheless, to expose myself, yes, I am a bathroom singer (hides). I find myself rapping, or probably rehearsing at some point in the shower. Next question please.

Whom do you love the most, your parents, friends, siblings or yourself?

I love myself the most. I think that is where love for others comes from. You need to find and understand yourself to be able to express love for another.

What do you do when you not working?

I think of ways I am going to approach my next work session. Lately I have locked myself out from many things as the hunger for more has suddenly risen, so I’m more content in the midst of work and reaching my pinnacle.

Where do you see yourself in the competition?

I don’t see myself in it. I distance myself from it. I think it leads to distractions at times. I keep it simple; I do me and you do you. If your work is above average and higher in rank than mine then I will show love, applaud, then still head back home, and work on being better than the one I was previously. Competition turns into beef sometimes and that is something I don’t desire on my plate.

Where do you think you will be after 20 years?

In the 4 decades era? Haha nah but on the real note, I really want to be at a state where I’m “chilled”, where I can “rest” , where I know I have accomplished almost all I needed to and now I am only doing extras. I don’t want to find myself hustling at the age of 40. I want to have an empire by then. A family most probably, watch my own seeds bloom into their own destiny. I want to be complete.

Do you have any motivational message you want to pass to unearthing artists or someone interested in becoming an artist?

I would advise you to do you to the fullest. You can always plan for the future, but then again you might not know what will come along the way, so that is why you need to be prepared at all times and stay committed to what you put your mind to. Stay true to yourself and watch greatness occur. Take total care.

How do people get in touch with you?

My Facebook fan page is 015 TOXIC, you can also catch me on Twitter and Instagram 015_TOXIC. For booking details you may contact me on [email protected] and for my music purposes, my soundcloud account is (015toxic).

We wish 015 TOXIC all the best in his music career. We believe that he’s got the potential of reaching his endless goals. 


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Jozi’s next big Hip-hop star


Meet Vizo, a young Hip-Hop Artist of many talents

Vizo is a young hip hop artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa previously known as BigG.T. Mid year 2015 he changed his name for branding because almost everywhere he goes, he finds a BigG.T

His music journey started in 2004 when him and a group of friends were rapping around a tape recorder and at that moment he just realised that he’s found his calling.

Without a doubt, Vizo’s mom, Mmafatima Mary Maketsi played and still plays a huge role in Vizo’s life

His daily motivation is his dearly mother. She has managed to raise a man all by herself. She’s a strong woman and being able to provide for her like she did for Vizo is his biggest motivation. It doesn’t end there, his inspiration again without question is his mother Mmafatima Mary Maketsi. Growing up she provided all of his needs she’s strong willed and she’s never easily shaken.

“I’m going to host a listening session for my upcoming mixtape Vizo’s Way. Venue still to be confirmed with our latest business partners, all I can say for sure is that it will be in and around Johannesburg. So I will definitely perform a few of my songs there” Vizo says.

He’s currently working on his third mixtape titled Vizo’s Way, which will be available on November 20th. What makes this day even more special is that the release will be on his mother’s birthday. But before that, he’s planning to release his single titled “What you asked for” which will be available for downloads/purchase on

Connect with Vizo by

Following him on Twitter and Instagram @Real_Vizo and also Facebook “Vizo”
Bookings: [email protected]
Personal: [email protected]

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We just had a chat with Lunga

Lunga Kupiso

FATV: Who are you?

Lunga: My name is Lunga Kupiso, raised in a small village of Colosa outside the town of Idutywa in the eastern cape. I am the oldest son of four kids at home with the last born being my little sister so I guess you can call me Batman, that’s my alter ego when I’m not being a full-time student & media enthusiast

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Lunga: My journey began right after completing my matric in 2008, it was around then that I realized that I had it within me to become somebody greater than what everybody around said I could ever be and I wanted to always be an inspiration to other kids who grew and grow in similar environments as I did, I wanted to be a real life example that they too can become greater than their history tells them they can be. So back then at that moment I started pursuing the African dream in media.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Lunga: On a daily basis I am thankful for the opportunity I have to live and I always remind myself of how far I have come just so I can see how blessed and lucky I have been in everything that I do, and I use this as motivation to continue chasing the BIG dream. The pursuit of success to be a living testimony to those
with no hope is what motivates me to get up daily even on those days where I simply cannot get up.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Lunga: My mother inspires me a great deal, she had to work so hard as a single mother to provide for me and my little brother (back then) and still fund her educational ambitions (medical school isn’t cheap) but against all odds she made it all happen and everyday I work on becoming someone that she can feel proud off and most importantly so that she can see that all she did, was for a truly deserving champion 🙂

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Lunga: My next performance is a DJ’ing gig at Stones Melville on Wednseday 14th Oct and maybe LiquidChefs (Rosebank) on Friday night otherwise as always DSTV Channel 319 every Friday night from 19:00 – 19:30 with Raptor & on Sunday catch me on Trans Africa Radio between 20:00-23:00 on DSTV Audio Channel 872/ and every other day invading your commercials haha

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Lunga: Shooo, because of contractual privacy agreements unfortunately I am not at liberty to say but I am working hard behind the scenes to make sure that whatever project comes out, everyone is entertained.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Lunga: I am on almost every social media platform, tweet me @LungaKupiso or connect with me using my Facebook page,, I am also
on Instagram @SirLungsta and for a playlist of most of my projects – keep up-to-date on my Youtube channel otherwise lets chat when we bump into each other all around the country…


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We Are Proud To Reveal One Of The Best Rappers In Soweto


FATV: Who are you?

Mawkish: I am Musa Boleu from Soweto Protea Glen, 19yrs of age. A talented rapper and singer better known as “Mus Mawkish” with a decent fan base. Besides music, I am also a sound engineering student at Southwest Media College.

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Mawkish: My journey began late 2009 during primary school with friends in class as rivals in rap battles, but I was still learning until I made myself a bedroom studio for finding myself and learning more about rapping.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Mawkish: My daily motivation is the TV I watch, the music I listen too. When I see other musicians doing their thing out there, I get motivated a lot and try my best to get heard too.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Mawkish: I am inspired by a specific genre in music, new sounds and styles of music. My inspiration is OkMalumKoolKat and Chester Watson

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Mawkish: My next performance is on the 28th of November at the Project V (Pens Down Party) in Orlando East , Phetoe Street. You’re also welcomed to come and check us out!

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Mawkish: I’m currently working on two demos. The first one is inspired by Chester Watson which is called “The Crimson (EP)” and the second one is inspired by OkMalumKoolKat called “Sooper Mnandi EP”. Sooper Mnandi EP will drop this month. My debut single called “Rea Vaya” really did well, my fans loved it and they are anticipating my next EP!

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Mawkish: People can find me on Facebook, Twitter & SoundCloud. On facebook I am “Official Mus Mawkish“, Twitter is @MusMawkish and my new SoundCloud page is


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We Chat to Unseen Talents – Bluenazz Da InKredible

Bluenazz Da InKredible

‪1. Who are you?

I’m Khanyisile Mdlankomo born in Lesotho and moved to South Africa. My stage name is Bluenazz Da InKredible

2. When did your journey begin?

My journey started when I was 13 years old and I was in a group. The group split over monetary issue, so I decided to take a job at Spar when I was 18 to raise money and start my own label

3. What motivates you daily?

My mom, God and the fans, without them I would probably have given up long time ago

4. Who is your inspiration?

Internationally it has to be Kid Cudi. Ryan Leslie, Earl Sweatshirt and Lupe Fiasco. But Locally is A.K.A. PROVERB AND TUMI

In my opinion, they have taken a stand and they create the music that they want to, regardless of who says what and in a time where lyrics really don’t matter anymore. These guys stick to the pen and that is inspiring

5. When and where is your next performance?

I will be performing in Port Elizabeth at Gondwana cafe, date will be announced

6. What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

I’m working on an EP and a new mixtape. My EP will drop soon before my mixtape and my debut mixtape has already been circulating

7. How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Facebook : Bluenazz Da InKredible
Twitter : @IME_Forever
Instagram: @IME_Forever
Soundcloud: Bluenazz Da InKredible‬

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Andy Hulley aka Deez

Andy Hulley aka Deez

FATV: Who are you?
‪Deez: I am Andy Hulley, I go by the stage name of Deez.

FATV: When did your journey begin?
Deez: My journey began in 2010.

FATV: What motivates you daily?
Deez: What motivates me most is music, music keeps me going.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?
Deez: My inspiration is Gigi Lamayne because she has been working hard and has finally started blowing, she has shown me that hard work pays off.

FATV: When and where is your next performance?
Deez: My next performance is probably going to be at the annual Matatiele Jazz Fest in December,but the date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Deez: I am currently working on a mixtape which will be released next year Feb or March. I will be releasing a track from that mixtape end of October this year called “Niggaz be like”

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?
Deez: Follow me on Twitter: @NnaKeDeez, Instagram @yhulley, Facebook “Andy Deez Hulley” and my fan page is called “Deez.‬”

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Bella McRowChez

Bella McRowChez

FATV: Who are you?
Bella: My name is Boiketlo Maphela better known as Bella McRowChez

FATV: When did your journey begin?
Bella: I’ve always been a hip hop fan, but my journey officially began in 2011

FATV: What motivates you daily?
Bella: The fact that some people always look down on me, motivates me to become a successful individual in life. So everyday I push myself to my limits.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?
Bella: The beautiful timeless music I listen to when I wake up everyday is an inspiration alone. I want to share my thoughts with people through music. Tell them about my journey in life. I also want to show them that music has the ability to change one’s life. It changed mine, it can change theirs too.

Gigi Lamayne and Angel Haze are the people I look up to. They’re young and already making masterpieces. They’re a living proof that females can also make it.

FATV: When and where is your next performance?
Bella: My next performances which will be during the December holidays in Matatiele and Margate.

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?
Bella: I’ve been working on singles lately and one is going to drop at the end of September titled ‘Racing’.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?
Bella: They can interact with me on Twitter & Instagram @bellamcrowchez and Facebook Bella Mcrowchez.

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NATE releases Living That Life single


There’s a new hip hop kid on the block and he goes by the name NATE! NATE has just released his official debut single featuring MSA called, Living That Life.

Listen to Living That Life here:

Living That Life is a song of appreciation where NATE is thankful for a second chance at life and at being able to live life the way he wants to. The sound choice of this song was inspired by the universal culture which is shared amongst all Africans, and is sure to transcend the borders of South Africa.

Locally the song has already been picked up by stations such as Tru FM, Motsweding FM, Emalahleni FM, Eldos FM, Inanda FM, TransAfrica Radio and Village FM just to mention a few and is expected to be picked up by numerous more stations within the next few weeks.

“I’m following my dream and God given talent to make good music!” expresses NATE on what people can expect from him.

The Living That Life music video will be released next week followed by a few more singles before the end of the year.

NATE recently performed at Zakwe’s album launch in Newcastle, and has had numerous gigs around Katlehong and Port Shepstone, and performed at Niche Rosebank last week.

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She is a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing her own clothes


We have discovered a talented young girl on Facebook, after she posted one of her drawings. Meet Noluthando Precious Mcira, a Fifteen (15) year old girl from a small township called Ekangala outside Pretoria. She is a grade 10 learner and she attends school at Pro Arte Alphen Park High school.

“I am a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing my own clothes.‬” – Noluthando said.

Her journey began while still in Primary School, when she used to mock her brother’s drawings. “I used to tell myself that one day I want to draw like my brother” Noluthando added. As a young girl she loved drawing and when her parents gave her a book to read, she would just draw pictures in it.‬

Fine Art

Fame Africa TV asked her what her motivation was since she has such unique talents. She responded in saying her motivation is what she aspires to be in the future. She believes that if she drags her feet now, she will not be able to reach her goals since she wants to see herself as a successful Fine Artist with incredible artworks.‬

“‪There is a variety of people who inspire me like my family and friends, but my greatest inspiration is Mrs Käthe Kollwitz. She was a German painter, printmaker and sculptor. Her style and her work were naturalistic and expressionistic which are things I want to accomplish in my artwork.‬” – Noluthando added. ‪Her future plans are; getting an international scholarship for her studies at Yale School of Arts, USA, so that she is able fulfil her dreams as a Fine Art Artist.

fine art mzansi

‪The majority of her artworks are drawn out of expression. She tries to express her feelings and emotions towards situations in her life and the issues occurring around her. “I don’t really have a place to submit my work except for the artworks I do for school.‬” She added.

Connect with Noluthando:

Facebook: Noluthando Mcira
Instagram @BeautyInMyImperfections

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Unseen Talents

Meet YohLee The Hustler

Yohlee the Hustler

Meet a new kid on the block. Yohlee Blanko is a female singer who goes by the name of YohLee. She’s been in the music industry for some time now. Get to know her by reading the below interview answers.

Who are you?

My names are Yohlee Blanko LaFemalBouc better knows as YohLee.

When did your journey begin?

I started doing professional music 4 years ago, but I’ve always loved singing when I was young.

What motivates you daily?

My hustle motivates me .The thought of talking to my fans indirectly, but directly through my music is what drives me. Also the fact that I make my son proud.

Who is your inspiration?

My mom is my inspiration. because she taught me that nothing is impossible if you are a dreamer and dreams come true only if you believe.

Where did you perform recently?

My last performance was on the 25th of July at Sports Center in Sebokeng.

What projects you are currently working on?

I’m currently working on my EP and mix tape. My EP will drop before the end of this year and my mix tape will drop next year December.

Connect with Her:

Facebook: YohLee
Instagram: @Yohlee_Blanko
Twitter: @femalbouc
YouTube: YohLee Blanko

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