Unseen Talents

Unseen Talents

She is a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing her own clothes


We have discovered a talented young girl on Facebook, after she posted one of her drawings. Meet Noluthando Precious Mcira, a Fifteen (15) year old girl from a small township called Ekangala outside Pretoria. She is a grade 10 learner and she attends school at Pro Arte Alphen Park High school.

“I am a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing my own clothes.‬” – Noluthando said.

Her journey began while still in Primary School, when she used to mock her brother’s drawings. “I used to tell myself that one day I want to draw like my brother” Noluthando added. As a young girl she loved drawing and when her parents gave her a book to read, she would just draw pictures in it.‬

Fine Art

Fame Africa TV asked her what her motivation was since she has such unique talents. She responded in saying her motivation is what she aspires to be in the future. She believes that if she drags her feet now, she will not be able to reach her goals since she wants to see herself as a successful Fine Artist with incredible artworks.‬

“‪There is a variety of people who inspire me like my family and friends, but my greatest inspiration is Mrs Käthe Kollwitz. She was a German painter, printmaker and sculptor. Her style and her work were naturalistic and expressionistic which are things I want to accomplish in my artwork.‬” – Noluthando added. ‪Her future plans are; getting an international scholarship for her studies at Yale School of Arts, USA, so that she is able fulfil her dreams as a Fine Art Artist.

fine art mzansi

‪The majority of her artworks are drawn out of expression. She tries to express her feelings and emotions towards situations in her life and the issues occurring around her. “I don’t really have a place to submit my work except for the artworks I do for school.‬” She added.

Connect with Noluthando:

Facebook: Noluthando Mcira
Instagram @BeautyInMyImperfections

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Unseen Talents

Meet YohLee The Hustler

Yohlee the Hustler

Who are you?

YohLee: My names are Yohlee Blanko LaFemalBouc better knows as YohLee.

When did your journey begin?

YohLee: I started doing professional music 4 years ago, but I’ve always loved singing when I was young.

What motivates you daily?

YohLee: My hustle motivates me .The thought of talking to my fans indirectly, but directly through my music is what drives me. Also the fact that I make my son proud.

Who is your inspiration?

YohLee: My mom is my inspiration. because she taught me that nothing is impossible if you are a dreamer and dreams come true only if you believe.

Where did you perform recently?

YohLee: My last performance was on the 25th of July at Sports Center in Sebokeng.

What projects you are currently working on?

YohLee: I’m currently working on my EP and mix tape. My EP will drop before the end of this year and my mix tape will drop next year December.

Connect with YohLee:

Facebook: YohLee
Instagram: @Yohlee_Blanko
Twitter: @femalbouc
YouTube: YohLee Blanko

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Bboy Wanda – Wandile Mnyandu

wandile gold

FATV: Who are you?

Wandile: I’m Wandile Mnyandu also known as Bboy Wanda or Asian Gould and I was born and bred in Durban. I’m a full time dancer and a part time blogger ([email protected]).

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Wandile: My journey began in 2008 while I was still in high school and I was a huge fan of Chris brown. I developed much interest in hip-hop because of him. I performed at school, the crowd loved me and then some guy saw me and decided to introduce me to break-dance. I fell in love with break-dance and that is why I’m proud to call myself Durban Bboy. Last year I also went to some auditions and a dance company called “Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre” was also looking for trainees and I made it through. Now I am a professional artist at Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Wandile: It’s funny because as human beings we all have dreams and we all want our dreams to come true. Waking up everyday and going to the studio motivates me. I meet young individuals like me who want to make their dream to come true as artists or dancers.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Wandile: Ok every body living their dream is my inspiration. I look at different people and take good qualities from them. People like Jaja Vankova (female Robot/krumper) Cyrus, Sbusiso Gasa who is my contemporary dance teacher and everybody who’s living their dream in South Africa are my inspiration. I also inspire myself hahah!

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Wandile: From June 16 we’ve been busy performing publicly here in Durban. Our last performance was on the 11th of July in Durban North beach, for more information you can visit I’m also planning on starting bboy and hip-hop classes in my home town at Waterloo.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Wandile: Follow me on Twitter @wandileswagg and my Facebook Fan page is

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Unseen Talents

Kid Flame

Kid Flame Lesego

FATV: Who are you?

Kid Flame: I am Lesego Kyle ”Kid Flame” Mnyandu. I am a 15 year old
kid (turning 16 september) who is madly in love with music. I attend at Masithwalisane Secondary School. I am
currently based in Sunrise (Katlehong) but was born and raised in
Marimba Gardens (Vosloorus). I am also a producer, rapper and vocalist.

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Kid Flame: My journey started when I was 9 years old. I used to spend time with my friends and do rap battles. Early this year I started producing hip-hop beats and I managed to record my first joint called ”Shut It Down.” Last year I also met a production set called Music Room Entertainment (M.R.E) and the guys loved my stuff and then suggested that I should come and work with them, till to-date I’m still working with them.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Kid Flame: What motivates me is the struggle I go through as an individual and also people who are doing good things out there.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Kid Flame: Drake is my inspiration because our life stories are almost the
same andn if it was not for him I wouldn’t be a musician at all.

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Kid Flame: I will be performing at Razzmatazz club in Doorfontein (Johannesburg) on the 25th of July.

FATV: What projects you are currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?

Kid Flame: I’m currently working on an E.P titled #RoadToVictory which might be dropping later this year or next year February 2016. But at the moment I am pushing my single called #SUCCESS. For downloads here’s the link I also will be dropping another single next month.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Kid Flame: People can like my official Facebook fan page ”Da Kid Flame” and also follow me on Twitter @FLAMEOnDaBeat

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Nicholas Nkuna from Skeem Saam

Nicholas Nkuna

FATV: Who are you ?

Nicholas: I am Nicholas Nkuna also known as Sakhile from Skeem Saam season3. I was born in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I am a brother to two beautiful siblings and I was raised and inspired by my grandmother who today remains my hero.

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Nicholas: My career started when I was a teenager after I had realised that I love singing and acting. I subsequently performed my music in various school and church choirs. Later I established a local Gospel Group called Rhythm which I am passionate about.

FATV: What motivates me daily?

Nicholas: I have always been motivated by life, waking up everyday and given another change to live by the Grace of God and I want to change the world by helping others reach their full potential.

FATV: When & where is my next performance?

Nicholas: I am currently busy recording my album and people must look out for my calendar for information. On the 25th July I will be in Mpumalanga participating in various community projects. I am also part of Skeem Saam on SABC1 and part of a new TV series coming out on SABC3 ” Roer Jou Voete”

Nicholas Nkuna - Fame Africa TV

People can connect with me on the following social media platforms:
Twitter : @Nicholassoul
Facebook page : Nicholas Nkuna-Nicksoul
Instagram: @Nicksoulworld

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Unseen Talents

Supreme Crew

Supreme I Crew

1.Who are You

Supreme I Crew is a hip hop dance crew from Soweto that started from small competitions in the town-ships to making Top 8 at the Red Bull Beat Battle stage 2014, to being one of the top 5 crew nominated at the SA Hip Hop Awards 2014, to choreographing a winning number for Gigig Lamayne @ the Jack Daniel music scout 2014, to performing on the prestige platform at the Unite 4 Mandela Run or Ride Concert, to winning the Dance Motjeko and representing Joburg city at Gramstown National art festival powered by Lottery with our 45 Minute Dance Production Show to Performing for over 21.000 people at back to the city 2014 and 2015 to having 2 of our members Mpho Ramogase and Thabo Matsebe featured on the SA first Dance Movie Hear Me Move and finally to be able to produce a Dance Production with Dance Umbrella this year @ Wits University as Dance Umbrella Street Beat was Introduced. With other exciting events we currently about to do like Durban July with Jack Daniel BoomTown on the 1- 4 and we are currently making our short film as a independent production with Raw x Creative

Supreme I Crew -

2. When did your journey begin?

It began 2013 March the 4th with Mpho Ramagase & Thabo Matsebe deciding to open up a dance crew, during that year we had it hard as we were trying to establish name for our self in the dance industry and corporate division and Arts World, with the years being together we learn’t professionalism and branding our team the actually come up began 2014 after we were announce Top 8 Dance Crew in SA to be part of 2014 RedBull Beat Battle.

3. What motivates you daily?

We are motivated by Music by how we are able to better our self each yeah and of course competition around us keeps us at our toes.

4. Who is your inspiration?

We inspired by crews such as Shakers&Movers (RIP Prince Mofokeng)Reptilez Crew, Sowetos Finest and Afro-Tribal because they manage to break boundaries and put Soweto Dance in a mile stone platform from theatrical work to movies and short stories and films

5.When and where is your next performance?

We preparing for Durban July weekend with Gigi Lamayne-Jack Daniel BoomTown 2015,we also working on a theatre pierce for Tsogo Sun Arts Academy and Mini Max Performing Arts,our only female member is head
choreographing weekend shows for Basket Ball National League on Super Sports.
6.What projects you are currently working on?

Currently we still working on putting our a short film video choreography ft Most Wanted BBoys @MostWantedbboys and Raw_x_Creative on production and Verangy on dressing the concept is titled ALPHA The project will be out before beginning August.

7. How can people engage/interact with you
(social media platforms)?

Supreme I Crew - Fame Africa TV

Facebook: Supreme I Dance Crew

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