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Lungisa Xhamela releases new single titled Think About It

Lungisa Xhamela single Think About It

Multi-talented, soulful singer, song writer, performing artist and MC, Lungisa Xhamela, of Idols SA Top 8 2015 fame, and Vth Season’s newest signed artist, has just released a brand new sentimental offering titled Think About It.

Produced by the talented House Duo Mr Luu & MSK, Think About It is a song about hope, patience and love.

Lungisa Xhamela wrote the song to encourage young couples who are in long distance relationships that their loved one is constantly thinking about them and that they should not worry nor fear.

“It is a genuine love story I wrote when I was in the Idols house and far away from the person I was dating at the time,” shares Lungisa Xhamela.

South Africans from all walks of life fell in love with the Eastern Cape born soul singer when he placed strongly in the Idols Top 8 in 2015. His mesmerising voice and charismatic personality were distinct traits of his which he carries through with his new single release.

“Think About It is just the tip of the iceberg of what Lungisa Xhamela has to offer. We at Vth Season have journeyed with him over the past few months through his music creation and A&R and I can confidently say that the country can expect exceptional music from Lungisa Xhamela this year,” shares Raphael Benza of Vth Season.

Lungisa Xhamela’s Think About It has already been play-listed by radio stations across the country such as GoodHope FM, Heart FM, Rise FM, Jozi FM, Capricorn FM, Tshwane FM, Alex FM, UJFM and TransAfrica Radio just to mention a few.

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Myster release debut single titled Bills featuring MSA

Myster release debut single Bills

Multi talented rising hip hop and RnB sensation, Myster, has released his highly awaited debut single titled Bills featuring MSA.

Following the success of Baron B’s single which featured Myster titled OUT HERE GETTING IT which was on high rotation on various radio stations and music video platforms. Myster now returns with the release of his own single titled Bills which not only features the legendary beat maker MSA, it happens to also have been produced by him.

Bills is timeless club banger yet we also get a chance to show off our ability not only to have fun on the beat but we can have fun on the beat and stay relevant within my motto which is never let anyone tell you that you cannot achieve your dreams nor plant the seed of doubt within your mind”, expresses Myster.

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MSA drops new inspirational single titled Amalanga

Amalanga MSA

Multi talented producer, rapper and songwriter MSA, is proving once again why 2018 is going to be his year.

Following the release of his successful hit single Trappa Monday featuring Toll Ass Mo, which is still charting on various platforms across the country, he has now released his highly anticipated titled Amalanga.

Amalanga is an extension of MSA’s colourful discography, with a charismatic synching beat that contributes to the youthful yet ancient in its sound and also authentic.

Having been tipped by many as one of the artists to look out for this year, MSA, comes fresh off the bakery with hot fusion of dope beats, exciting instrumentals and stunning vocals for his new single Amalanga.

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New Kid on the block Psy The Menace is inspired by Eminem

New Kid on the block Psy The Menace

It was imperative that we speak to Psy The Menace, the boy behind the hit “Lost in Melancholy” which got the people dancing in January.

Psy The Menace is a Botswana bread, Johannesburg based rapper and producer (who goes under the production moniker Arthur Valentine), he’s been pursuing music since 2014 and was part of an Alternative-Pop duo called Lucid180 in 2015.

He fully produced Long Time Coming with Botswana based artists JayK Rollin’ & O-Star, Shadows EP by Lucid180 and a low-fi EP called Opiates with Untamed Culture. You can listen to some of his tracks by visiting He’s set to pursue a solo career as a lead artist and he has a lot under his sleeve for the year.

Psy The Menace recently released his debut song titled “Lost in Melancholy” on the 20th of January as well as his second single titled “Nighsky” on the 12th of February. His first two features, one of which he produced will be released within the next two weeks. He’s also releasing monthly to give a back story into his debut EP that’s coming out in July with the unofficial title “Blossom Through the Wildernesses”

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The Dushman releases Love Potion EP

The Dushman releases Love Potion EP

Multi-talented Hip Hop artist, producer and songwriter, The Dushman, has just released his highly anticipated EP titled Love Potion.

The Dushman’s Love Potion EP consist of 6 tracks and is released off the back of his Candy Remix single which garnered him international traction and rave reviews from US music sites such as Daily Hip Hop, High Definition Audio and This Is 50 just to name a few.

Purchase The Dushman’s Love Potion EP on all major digital platforms and on iTunes here:

The KwaMushu, Durban born Business Management graduate turned Hip Hop artist has made an impression in the local Hip Hop scene. Inspired by the likes of Zakes Bantwini and mentored by Mr Chaklas, The Dushman is a fresh of breath air to the South African Hip Hop industry. His music is currently receiving airplay on stations such as Jozi FM, Alex FM, Inanda FM, Rhodes Music Radio, UCT Radio, Radio Mafisa and Emalahleni FM just to highlight a few, and The Dushman professes that this is just the beginning.

“My Love Potion EP has been months in the making. I’ve worked with some of the best in the industry to put this project together and I hope the country will enjoy it. It’s the month of love and South Africans need some feel good music,” shares The Dushman.

With a vision of becoming a global icon, The Dushman is surly one to watch this year. Make sure to follow him on social media for new music and visuals to be release soon.

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eThekwini – Mreyza ft. Madanon

eThekwini – Mreyza ft. Madanon
Ethekwini is a childhood anthem sung during the festive season by all who look to Durban’s beaches during December. Mreyza and Madanon immortalized it by turning it into an up tempo hit blended with Durban famous Kwaito lyricism.Mreyza is a DJ, Producer and Artist born in kwaMashu but later grew up in Mayville, A small ghetto in Durban. He worked with various artists and producers from Durban and surrounding areas where he is now a household brand.

He toured almost 90% of KZN and has also shared the stage with the likes of DJ Cndo and Andy X. He has also collaborated on several hit with Madanon who is currently signed to West Ink which also happens to be a home of the only African female BET Awards 2017 nominee Babes Wodumo.

He recently collaborated with Bhizer (Gobisiqolo) and together will release a song titled Vezithanga. He his currently working on few songs with DJ NKOH (Gobisiqolo producer), Tonic Jazz (Ininja Producer) & Sbucardo (The Gqom originator) which are to be released in the near future. He’s latest single Ethekwini premeired on Oskido’s on Metro FM show I Believe show.

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Fame Africa TV hangs out with Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza aka SIR KAYBEE

Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza aka SIR KAYBEE

Up coming DJ and music producer SIR KAYBEE is ready to take his name to the next level in Mzansi. SIR KAYBEE whose real name is Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza hails from Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Tshepo told Fame Africa TV that he’s part of the group called SIRNesh and he is currently busy working on his EP.

“Right now I’m working on my EP which will include tracks I did a while back from the previous EP. However, I am not yet sure which track will be out first but I have a single with my partner titled ‘Hamba’. The single is being received well by the people.”

When asked about what inspired him to start deejaying, the upcoming producer said “passion and for some reason I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry, I thought I was going to be a singer, but here I am today as a DJ.”

SIR KAYBEE also told us that he’s got a list of South African celebrities he believes are most influential. “It’s a long list but these gentlemen played an important role in building me as an artist. I look up to DJ Black Coffee, AKA, Oskido, DJ Sbu and Zola 7,” – he said.

The unseen talent sees himself paving his own way to the top with a different sound and mostly he’s not competing with anyone but himself.

“We all different individuals I can’t say I’m competing with someone whereas we got different goals and aren’t in the same league.”

“The aim is to be as big as I can be, an international status would be lovely and have helped a lot of young talent come up because as a newcomer myself I know the difficulties and some of the scams we go through.”

His message to all upcoming artists is “my message would be do music or whatever you want to do because you love it and have the zeal for it. Don’t do it because your friends are doing it, also don’t do it for the money, patience is key.”

You can follow SIR KAYBEE on Twitter @tsheposirkaybee for more updates on his upcoming EP. We wish him all the best on his journey.

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Van Tee Tonder returns with new house single titled Make It Rain

Van Tee Tonder

Multi-talented house music DJ, Arthur Bvuma, better known in the music circles as Van Tee Tonder, returns with the release of new single titled Make It Rain.

Make It Rain is a house music bounce track with witty lyrics, melodic bridge and a catchy chorus which is easy to sing along. Make It Rain is a combo of lush instrumentation and sultry song-craft from Van Tee Tonder.

“The song is about my woman asking me to make it rain for her, a happy rain for that matter,” expresses Van Tee Tonder.

Stream/download Van Tee Tonder’s new single Make It Rain here:

Make It Rain comes with a sensational combination of vocals and dope lyrical flows that will ensure we head into the weekend with a banging groove. The single is expected to be a highly impactful single which will instantly bring life to many parties across the country.

The single is already play listed on various key radio community and urban youth radio stations throughout the country including Emalahleni FM, Alex FM and Inanda FM just to mention a few.

Van Tee Tonder’s passion was influenced by the likes of DJ Cleo and after years of chasing his dream, Van Tee Tonder’s career is finally taking shape.

Van Tee Tonder proves his versatility as a DJ and producer on Make It Rain with his fresh unique sound that appeals to all.

Follow Van Tee Tonder on social media for more updates on the music video for Make It Rain.

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Talented songstress Sesethu Hlomela’s Sthandwa Sam blazes airwaves

Sesethu Hlomela Sthandwa Sam blazes airwaves

Multi-talented songbird Sesethu Hlomela, affectionately known as Sese, is blazing radio airwaves with her new single titled Sthandwa Sam.

Sthandwa Sam by Sese is an inspirational and exciting tune that lyrically uplifts spirits with each intoned harmony, as the talented singer sheds some positive light on her outlook of life.

“This song is different from my previous ones, in terms of the new sound that I started working with. It has that classical feel, previously my sound was more jazz filled. Sthandwa Sam relates more to my voice techniques, and I’m enjoying the feel already,’’ shares Sese.

Sese’s new single Sthandwa Sam is available to stream or download on all major digital platforms including iTunes here:

The highly experienced and talented Sese, with the ability of casting a musical spell over an audience, has performed with renowned music bands on stage shows and also assisted them in composing their leading songs.

Sese uses her life experiences as inspiration to take to the entertainment stage and you will always find deeper meaning in her lyrics.

Sthandwa Sam is a song to brighten up one’s day when all seems gloomy and mundane. Make sure to request Sese’s Sthandwa Sam on your favourite radio stations and follow her on social media for more exciting news about her upcoming album release.

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Neo Makwa Takes Centre Stage

Neo Makwa Takes Centre Stage

The Talented superstar producer, Neo Makwa, who has been on the forefront of hits such as Spirit, Ngiyazifela Ngawe, Nomyini, Mayibabo by Kwesta and Aunty by Kid X, extends his extraordinary talent to being in front of the mic.

Neo Makwa who is respected and known for his ability to produce hit music is fully following his primary objective and calling of being on centre stage. Coming into the industry as a producer was just a stepping stone for Makwa to eventually progress to his real love which is making authentically indigenous music influenced by our vast South African culture and diversity with a touch of youth influenced sounds and content.

He released his debut single in March 2017 titled “Inamba” which featured an all-star Raplyf lineup, Kid X, Kwesta and TLT. The single was an introduction of Makwa as an artist and has since been a great success on radio and a favorite in the streets.

His sophomore single is a clear indication that none exist like him, it is sound that positions Makwa in his on lane as it is completely different from the current youth sound, however the content is youthful with a deep touch of COOL.

The single, is inspired and named after the section Makwa was born and bred in Katlehong. He talks about his childhood experiences and his current state of life, making references to what he wears, drinks and celebrates. The record fuses elements of his native Sotho guitar, which he sings over in isiZulu and Sotho which are languages he grew up speaking in his hometown Katlehong . The song is a true representation of Africa and is an ode to his hometown. He speaks about how he came from nothing and had to take it upon himself to carve out his own lane and make something of himself through all adversity.

The song had a radio premiered on Tuesday on YFM and has been received well all round, with people praising it for being authentic and cutting through the clutter of everyone sounding the same.

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