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Connie Chiume, Atandwa Kani and John Kani at Black Panther World Premier

Atandwa Kani and John Kani Black Panther

The South African flag was flying high at the world premiere of Black Panther movie on Monday night. Connie Chiume, Atandwa Kani and John Kani joined the rest of the Black Panther cast members on the red carpet in Los Angeles.

John reprises his role as King T’Chaka, Atandwa will play the younger version of him and Connie will play a mining elder.

About the movie: 

The film follows T’Challa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is the heir to the throne of Wakanda (a fictional African country), after his father is killed whilst representing the nation at the UN. Black Panther picks up from where Captain America: Civil War left off. And it carries on the movie’s sterling momentum.

Black Panther is certainly political, and stands up to the ills of society that have betrayed most of Africa. It deals with these issues head on, whilst taking us on an adventure that almost belies the human imagination.

See the images below:

Atandwa Kani Black Panther
Atandwa Kani


Connie Chiume Blank Panther
Connie Chiume


John Kani Black Panther
John Kani

In a red carpet interview with Variety the theatre legend told the publication how Black Panther represents Africans in a different light.

“I knew we would introduce a different African. The African that is a global figure, the African that cares and contributes to world peace.”

Black Panther premiers in South Africa on 16 February 2018

Watch the video below:

Image Courtesy: Channel24

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