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DJ Sbu takes legal action against ‘HIV Cure’ scam

DJ Sbu Mo Faya

Sibusiso Leope who is known as DJ Sbu has taken legal actions against scammers. In the social media advertising post, we see DJ Sbu’s photo being linked with the ;HIV Cure’ ad scam. 

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Sbu, who is a business minded person, shared a screenshot of the advertisement doing the rounds on social media with his picture on it.

Sbu expressed disappointment over the debacle, saying that people need to focus on building their own brands.

He took to Instagram to share the photo with his fans saying: “SCAM ALERT!!! Guys this is what I mean when I always say build your own brands before you up desperate & doing such nonsense with other people’s brands.

“I am extremely disappointed at how our brothers and sisters are taking short cuts to make money while being predators of our brands we have worked so hard to build.”

“It is a disappointment to be taken advantage of in such a manner. I have taken legal action against the perpetrators and I have been advised by my legal team to not say anything further.”

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