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Dr Malinga launches his own range of condoms called ‘Kick it safe’

Dr Malinga Kick it safe condoms

Dr Malinga whose real name is Doctor Goodwill Malinga is serious about business. Dr Malinga, who already has other businesses, will be launching his own range of condoms called ‘Kick it safe’ condoms.

Malinga took to Instagram where he made the announcement.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Dr Malinga said his condom project has been in the works since 2015. He also said manufacturing condoms was a logical next step.

When asked why he decided to launch condoms, Malinga said “well, it’s quite simple really. I am businessman and there’s a need for condoms. I am helping people because I realised that people need a constant reminder to protect themselves against things like HIV. I happen to be in an industry where bashes and parties are some of the popular places where people tend to ‘forget themselves’ so I am here to help them.”

Dr Malinga condoms

He further added that condoms are a big part of family planning. The one thing he can guarantee is that Dr Malinga condoms will be safe. He’s also hoping that people see that these condoms are created to help them and they are for everyone.

“Like now, after my woman gives birth and we eventually make love again, I have to use them because another child immediately after this one is not part of the plan,” – Malinga, who is expecting his third child said.

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