Fake news! Trevor Noah is not dead!

Trevor Noah fake news

Comedian Trevor Noah reassured fans that he is alive and well following reports that claimed he was shot and killed on Monday. 

According to a report in Houston News, the popular comedian was allegedly shot while greeting fans after a concert in Orlando. The fake site allegedly used details of Christina Grimmie‘s death to make people think he died.

But Trevor wasted no time setting the record straight on Twitter. Trevor shared a screenshot of the news article with the caption, “Fake News. I shot them.”

Earlier this year, a fake news site caused a stir when they reported that the comedian allegedly died in a car accident in Potchefstroom.

“His vehicle hit a patch of water outside Potchefstroom and the car aquaplaned and hit a light standard. Noah sustained internal injuries and died on the spot,” the fake news site reported.

See the Screenshot below:


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