Former Idols SA contestant Tebogo Louw is dating two girls and they know each other

Former Idols SA contestant Tebogo Louw

Former Idols SA contestant, Tebogo Louw, recently released his R&B-soul album titled “Ageless”.

According to The Juice, the 26-year-old, who wrote most of the songs on the record is reportedly dating two girls and they know about each other.

Tebogo says his album is about love and every song speaks about his experiences. One single titled “Not Asking” talks about being in a relationship with two girls and how he has accepted his love for both women.

“The song was inspired by my relationships. I live in Pretoria and I’ve been dating my girlfriend in Cape Town for four years. I also have a girlfriend in Johannesburg who I’ve been dating since June last year,” he shares.

Louw went on to say he realised that couldn’t lie to both girls any longer, that’s the reason he decided to come clean. “I spoke to them individually and I asked if they would be comfortable with meeting each other and they were fine,” – he said.

According to the publication Tebogo arranged to meet both his girlfriends at a friend’s house for a get-together. “They both looked beautiful because one wanted to appear better than the other.”

He says when he informed them about the relationships they seemed alright until they met. “There was a lot of tension when they met and it became very uncomfortable for them,” he says.

The artist, who practice polygamy said he respects both his baes and he would marry both of them. He said “I genuinely love them and if they are okay with both being married to me then I would be a happy guy.”

“I know I’m not the only guy dating two women, but I’m honest about it,” – Tebogo Louw concluded.

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