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Radio personality and former YoTV presenter Hulisani Ravele has spoken out on her breakup with her long-time boyfriend Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya. 

Speaking to Destiny Connect Magazine in an interview, Hulisani Ravele broke her silence on the break-up and said that it was difficult on some of her family members to accept the break-up.

“There was some twisted article written that garbled my words about regret and the ending of that relationship. It made me appear a lot more traumatised that I actually was, so I had a few of the matriarchs in my family calling and visiting to check that all was OK and that I was handling the situation well.

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“I’m very close to both sides of my family. I’m one of 39 first-generation grandchildren – and that’s just on my mom’s side! Even so, I didn’t speak to some family members for several months because they couldn’t accept our decision to end our relationship. I heard: ‘Just give him a chance’ more times than I could bear.”

Hulisani further told the magazine that there was no drama as the decade-long relationship ended for the couple. “Things happen and I guess we just grew apart,” Hulisani Ravele says.

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