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Media personality Somizi Mhlonga also gave some insight into Lara Kruger’s state of mind when he post a heartfelt message about his friendship with her on Instagram. Radio personality and socialite Lara Kruger passed away on Wednesday.

Kruger, who was 30 years old, was born Thapelo Lehuleri, a man, however she identified as a woman and become a well known transgender figure in the LGBTI community.

Somizi took to Instagram where he said “”Kanti this wud be our last drink. And our last chat. She was really not happy where she was. I tried my best to be lend an ear and to be the shoulder to cry on. Depression is real ppl. I will sleep at night knowing she knew she cud lean on me. But no one will ever understand her position and pain. We shall not judge. Tomorrow is not promised. Damn u had a potential my boere meisie. Will def miss u and our video chats. Lala gurl @misslarakruger.”

Leading up to her death, she posted the following message on her social media:

“I cannot explain to you how much I HATE Mafikeng. I don’t even see myself coming back here. I came here to collect a depression and death ticket. I have never been this sick. I came here 2016 and it has not been worth it. Not even for a second. I am not going to be a victim to people who have been territorial and who where masks everytime they see me and dish me with crocodile smiles. It surely feels like I have taken 10 steps back in my life. One thing is for sure. Fa!!!! Ga ke boele. Ke sharp shem.”

She went on to speak about her funeral and that it would be a 3 hour long ceremony.

“Today I am going home to love, care and peace of mind. Don’t stay in a situation that compromises you well being. I stayed for way too long. With my condition right now I may die and if I do… Wear white at my funeral and please be advised it will be a 3 hour ceremony. Sweet & short. We should death it’s a way to connecting with God.”

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