Maps Maponyane Ignores Nomzamo’s WhatsApp Message

Maps Maponyane

Maps Maponyane was ignoring Nomzamo’s WhatsApp messages, so she exposed him on Twitter.

They still have not confirmed their rumoured relationship to the world, but whatever the situation is between Nomzamo and Maps Maponyane, we’ll find out later.

Her “buddy,” Maps Maponyane is currently having the time of his life overseas as he attended the premier of the new Kingsman film in London.

However, while there, he forgot about his “buddy” responsibilities. Particularly those relating to text responses. It seems like he didn’t reply to Nomzamo on Whatsapp, but he was clearly using his phone and responding to other people on Twitter.

So she did what any good “buddy” would do; she exposed him.

โ€œ4 hours later. Ignoring my Whatsapp messages, but busy on Twitter,โ€ she wrote.

Some Tweeps replied


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