Minnie Dlamini Can’t Wait To Have Children

Minnie Dlamini and husband Jone

During an interview with Tbo Touch on Touch HD Minnie Dlamini said that she could not wait to have children. On-air personality, actress and model said she can’t wait to start a family. She knows it will happen in due time and they are not in a rush but they can’t wait to start a family.

She said that her life was pretty much the same since her wedding except that it is now “more beautiful”. She further added that she went through the public displays of affection and that was fine. She doesn’t regret anything but she wanted to have a relationship without the interference of the media, of the general public and in some cases, even your friends and family.

In an interview with Jacaranda FM, Minnie revealed that the couple met seven years ago and soon became best friends. Their friendship grew until they were both single and decided to “give it a shot.

“Then a couple of years ago we were both single, and he was like, ‘why don’t we give it a shot?’ I was like, ‘no that’s weird’. ‘He was like no one knows you like me, and no one knows me like you,” she revealed.


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