Minnie Dlamini Jones is not happy about wedding gown pictures going public

Minnie Dlamini Jones Wedding

Minnie Dlamini Jones is not as happy as she should be after her white wedding day. Minnie and Quinton gave explicit instructions for images of her wedding dress to not be taken of her at the wedding as all images would be distributed once Becoming Mrs Jones airs on TV on the in October.

Anele Madoda who was the official MC for the wedding was very clear on ensuring people stick to the rule, even reprimanding celebrities like Jessica Nkosi to “put down the phone.”

Apparently, Anele made all guests aware to not post any wedding gown pictures of the bride.

Unfortunately, that request was not granted and Minnie’s wedding gown pictures were all over the internet.

According to Zalebs, the wedding dress was designed by Gert Johan Coetzee and came complete with a massive veil, Gert could not get the Veil to stick due to the wind and was very disappointed that people could not see his full creation.

The picture of the couple and Somizi surfaced the next day in a newspaper and on a few websites which got Minnie quite upset.

“The wedding was for show, but it was still very special. It was not right for someone to leak images of the bride and groom,” revealed a source.

Source: Zalebs


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