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Nandi Madida excited to host Afropunk festival

Nandi Madida Afropunk host

There is just a few days to go before the biggest cultural festival takes over the city.  The first AFROPUNK two-day extravaganza is coming to Johannesburg this season and the gorgeous Nandi Madida will host the event.

“I actually have the best manager ever. I was so thrilled, I wish you knew how much I love Afropunk. I would always speak about it,” Nandi said.

“It’s one thing to MC for an event but it’s something else to be part of an event that actually affects people’s lives positively. I am absolutely delighted.”

Nandi Madida, who is known for embracing her Africanism, symbolises what the Afropunk festival is all about.

“Things that I have been through, being ashamed or fearing to be yourself or all things African. This is about celebrating that and who we are.”

According to Sowetan, Madida explained that this is the one festival where you can be creative and wear whatever you want.

“People like myself and others are fortunate enough to have the little bit of international recognition because we are truly who we are. We are not trying to be anything else. “If we can keep that up and pride ourselves of who we are I think the world is going to love it.”


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