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She is a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing her own clothes


We have discovered a talented young girl on Facebook, after she posted one of her drawings. Meet Noluthando Precious Mcira, a Fifteen (15) year old girl from a small township called Ekangala outside Pretoria. She is a grade 10 learner and she attends school at Pro Arte Alphen Park High school.

“I am a God-fearing child whom can be seen as artistic in three platforms like; art, singing and designing my own clothes.‬” – Noluthando said.

Her journey began while still in Primary School, when she used to mock her brother’s drawings. “I used to tell myself that one day I want to draw like my brother” Noluthando added. As a young girl she loved drawing and when her parents gave her a book to read, she would just draw pictures in it.‬

Fine Art

Fame Africa TV asked her what her motivation was since she has such unique talents. She responded in saying her motivation is what she aspires to be in the future. She believes that if she drags her feet now, she will not be able to reach her goals since she wants to see herself as a successful Fine Artist with incredible artworks.‬

“‪There is a variety of people who inspire me like my family and friends, but my greatest inspiration is Mrs Käthe Kollwitz. She was a German painter, printmaker and sculptor. Her style and her work were naturalistic and expressionistic which are things I want to accomplish in my artwork.‬” – Noluthando added. ‪Her future plans are; getting an international scholarship for her studies at Yale School of Arts, USA, so that she is able fulfil her dreams as a Fine Art Artist.

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‪The majority of her artworks are drawn out of expression. She tries to express her feelings and emotions towards situations in her life and the issues occurring around her. “I don’t really have a place to submit my work except for the artworks I do for school.‬” She added.

Connect with Noluthando:

Facebook: Noluthando Mcira
Instagram @BeautyInMyImperfections

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