Puleng’s pregnancy predicament

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After a devastating miscarriage and multiple failed attempts at falling pregnant with Suffocate’s baby, Puleng visits an inyanga, to determine the cause. The inyanga gives Puleng dire news, but she is determined to find a solution.

She resorts to western medicine and steals some of Suffocate’s nail clippings to get a DNA test done. The DNA results come back with bad news: Suffo and Puleng’s DNA are incompatible and they will not be able to produce a baby. They suffer from a rare condition called ‘Alloimmune Implantation Dysfunction’, where the male partner’s genetic material it too similar to the recipient’s genotype.

Just when Puleng feels that all hope is lost and that she’ll never bear a child, Suffocate’s aunt Ntombizodwa offers her a cultural solution to her problem – but it involves Suffocate’s brother ,Themba…

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Zita Nzimande

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