Rapper Lolo Vandal releases two brand new singles

Rapper Lolo Vandal

The Eastern Cape born rapper, Lolo Vandal, whose real name is Zuxole Ngetu, has exposed us to another side of his artistry.

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With the release of his two singles tittled ‘Killing It‘ and ‘Yiyeke‘, both engineered by Lolo Vandal and produced by EST, he has proven that versatility and flexibility while being true to himself is the nature of his artistry.

‘Killing It’, a trap inspired song which appeals mostly to the youth, “the cool kids” he said, and ‘YIYEKE’, inspired by the sounds of Kwaito, the ‘pantsula’ lifestyle and the life of the people in the hood. Lolo Vandal is more than just a rapper now, his growth is more visible in his work and his two latest projects are proof to that.

It his first time releasing two songs on the same, the first two songs that he recorded and mastered, that marks a milestone in his career. It seems Lolo Vandal has found his feet, the stars are aligning and his puzzle pieces are finally coming together forming a beautiful image of a true artist, an image worth the audience it is about to receive.

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