Ricky Tyler, releases creative emotive music video for single, Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu Ricky Tyler

SA’s rising RnB/Pop sensation, Ricky Tyler, has just released a creative emotive music video for single, Déjà Vu.

The music video was shot by Playground Productions’ director, Kyle Brown, who chose to shoot the Déjà Vu video in a one camera frame style to showcase how quickly loss can occur.

“Proud to announce my debut video is finally out! I’d like to dedicate this to anyone who has ever lost someone special to them. This video is about life loss and celebration and I hope the video makes you feel something,” expresses Ricky Tyler.

Known to go against the grain and be leaders in their field, Playground Productions’ Kyle Brown and Ricky Tyler wanted to emulate a strong emotion and story on screen in a simple yet effective manner.

The music video is designed to make you feel like your whole world is in slow motion… that you are stuck in this seemingly inescapable moment but then the realisation of it all quickly dawns on you and you find yourself moved and lost in your own emotions.

“I want everyone who watches the video to feel touched by it because in one way or another we have all gone through the emotion of loss in some aspect of our lives,” shares Kyle Brown, Playground Productions’ director.

Déjà Vu is a powerful captivating song that many are enjoying and has been picked up by numerous radio stations across the country. Musically trained, Ricky Tyler’s Déjà Vu is definitely a song you want to have on your playlist right now.

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