Robbie Malinga Jr vs Daniel Marven

Robbie Malinga Jr has been trending on social media lately and this time he put a tweleb Daniel Marven in his place after he posted a video complaining about him.

We first learnt about Robbie Malinga Jr after he suddenly started posting on his late father’s Instagram page. The 16-year-old Jr is the son of veteran music producer and singer Robbie Malinga who died five months ago.

“Me and my mom had a conversation, discussing the whole thing. She was in on it the whole time, so it wasn’t a case of me taking my father’s account and boom (I was on it). We talked and discussed how we would do it. I have been doing other accounts, so I don’t get why people are acting like this is a big thing.” – Robbie Jr told DJ Sabby on YFM last month.

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Not everyone is happy with the way Bobbie Jr is handling his lifestyle. Daniel Marven, who is popularly known for roasting celebrities, took to Twitter his ‘concern’ at Robbie Junior’s spending habits.

Robbie Jr took to Twitter where he responded to Daniel, telling him that he spends his own money and not his late father’s money.

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