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Scandal! Teasers – This May on Scandal! Weekdays at 7:30PM. We bring you Scandal May teasers so that you know what’s gonna happen on the soapie.

Tuesday 1 May 2018
Episode 3030

Partners fall out and a final warning is issued.  A young man falls in love but, is thwarted by a need for transparency.  Two young men collude to deceive an older woman.

Wednesday 2 May 2018
Episode 3031

Quinton thinks he has tied up all the loose ends, but little does he know. A young man goes all out to try and get rid of a rival.  Gloria is traumatised by a supernatural experience.

Thursday 3 May 2018
Episode 3032

A young man continues to ingratiate himself while having his own secret agenda. A pair conspires to trick someone close to them with a cheap tactic.

Friday 4 May 2018
Episode 3033

A man faces an old rival and fears that his fate could be sealed.  A son is secretly relieved when he learns something new about his father. Ndumiso receives a backhanded complimented from an unlikely source.

Monday 7 May 2018
Episode 3034

A man’s missing memories provide hope for someone else.  A fake email leads to a life changing decision.  ‘Partners’ must reassess their partnership after a wild party. 

Tuesday 8 May 2018
Episode 3035

A man in hospital is desperate for answers, but will anyone come clean to him? A son reveals his truth to his parents, but one of them refuses to accept it. A teenager’s complaints fall on deaf ears, so he takes matters into his own hands.

Wednesday 9 May 2018
Episode 3036

An attempt to cover up the truth leads to an intense confrontation. A family is divided over a young man’s truth. An ex-husband gets the wrong end of the stick about his former wife.

Thursday 10 May 2018
Episode 3037

A confession of a diabolical truth prompts a diabolical secret to be kept buried. A mother in turmoil feels entitled to her pain. An angry party arrives unexpectedly to query a disturbing rumour.

Friday 11 May 2018
Episode 3038

A guilty party pledges assistance to someone in need, but severs ties with them in the same breath.  Rejection causes a painful rift in a family and drives one of them to making a drastic decision. A cunning plan backfires spectacularly and ends up achieving the opposite result.

Monday 14 May 2018
Episode 3039

Yvonne has a new plan in mind – involving a new man – but another woman might have a problem with that.  In an escalating family crisis, desperation only widens the rift.  Two guilty people hope that the closing of a chapter means the end of the story.

Tuesday 15 May 2018
Episode 3040

A mother fears the worst for her son, and a demon from the past reappears looking for an ex-con. Romeo is hopeful about meeting a potential ally in the Langa family. A newcomer to the newsroom rubs up two Safe ‘n Clean employees.

Wednesday 16 May 2018
Episode 3041

A spy is caught red-handed and forced to change allegiance.  A traditional elder has a surprisingly modern response to a pained revelation. An optimist ignores a warning about bringing two enemies into each other’s orbit.

Thursday 17 May 2018
Episode 3042

A woman discovers a treasure trove, but hanging onto it is not easy.  A mother is shocked by the views of an older, seemingly conservative woman.  A meeting gets awkward when former rivals realise they have to pull together.

Friday 18 May 2018
Episode 3043

A woman can’t help giving into temptation. A grandmother and grand-daughter connect while a father and son look to work out the way forward. A battle of the sexes kicks off, literally and figuratively.

Monday 21 May 2018
Episode 3044

A hustler is on top of the world until she discovers that her lucky find is dangerous.  A mother undertakes to dig deep in order not to lose a loved one.  A group of women decides to punch way above its weight.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Episode 3045

Dintle is disturbed to glimpse a terrifying face from her past.  Chumani is resolved to move on with his life, despite one family member’s anger over how another has treated him.  The men’s Futbol team’s confidence is slightly shaken by the mystery surrounding a teammate’s ability.

Wednesday 23 May 2018
Episode 3046

Dintle confirms a frightening suspicion, whilst Layla takes action on her own suspicion. A family seems to be mending, but not everyone is happy about it.  A battle does not go as expected by one of the sides.

Thursday 24 May 2018
Episode 3047

An unsuspecting guy comes face-to-face with a demon from his past. A husband is disturbed by how far away a loved one is from true acceptance. It is not all fun and games on the pitch, especially for one member of the team.

Friday 25 May 2018
Episode 3048

A man is conflicted until his family members encourage him to make a decision. Not even a disguise can save an individual from being identified and insulted.

Monday 28 May 2018
Episode 3049

A woman is blackmailed into continuing with an illegal enterprise.  A patriarch bids his family farewell.  Friends chicken out of telling one of their own the truth.

Tuesday 29 May 2018
Episode 3050

A woman who suffered in the past is determined to do whatever she has to in order to prevent others suffering the same fate. A scheming young man plays his biggest card, only to find that luck is not on his side.

Wednesday 30 May 2018
Episode 3051

An unlikely alliance is formed to bring down a dangerous man.  A blast from the past rattles Ingrid. Old enemies decide to let sleeping dogs lie.

Thursday 31 May 2018
Episode 3052

A serious breach of the law is exposed and causes a major showdown between two enemies. An offer of reconciliation causes much turmoil and is met with uncertainty. Someone plays hard to get when they are unexpectedly wooed.

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