Sfiso Ngema dies in a hijacking

Sfiso Ngema

Mampho is traumatised when Shakes tells her Sfiso Ngema has died. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Sfiso and Mampho were just starting to take their relationship to the next level, when Shakes delivered terrible news that Sfiso was shot in an attempted hijacking and died a few hours later.

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In real life, this was the tragic way in which Dumi Masilela, who played Sfiso, passed away in August.

With the support of Dumi’s family, the producers of Rhythm City decided to incorporate his death into his character’s exit.

“The show’s producers decided to use Sifiso’s exit story to pay tribute to Dumi’s work as an actor and highlight the tragedy of violence that plagues our cities,” said Yula Quinn Series producer of Rhythm City.

An on-screen memorial will be held for Sfiso Ngema on Wednesday, 18 October featuring Dumi’s real life mother, Sabatha Magdeline Masilela, and his brother Thabani Masilela.

Rest In Peace, Sfiso.

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