Skolopad Sings New Song to Euphonik, Marriage


Skolopad is not giving up on her plan to make Euphonik her man, and has even released a song about her infatuation with the popular DJ, entitled Marriage.

Taking to Twitter recently, Skolopad announced a new song, dedicated to Dj Euphonik.

In the track the singer speaks about the attraction of love. The catchy chorus is dominated by Skolopad singing I love you and referring to Euphonik as her darling.

The singer revealed her love for Euphonik to TshisaLIVE last week, offering to help him get over his relationship with Bonang.

“Euphonik is a beautiful man. He looks like he’s the wild type too. I like that, I like him. I wouldn’t even mind sharing him with his main woman. Have you seen his muscles? I mean, I think I can also help him get over Bonang. The woman has moved on. Clearly he hasn’t, but I can help him,” she said.

Unfortunately Euphonik turned her down but a determined Skolopad later released a song to try and change his mind.




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