Takkies birth video

Most South African celebrities prefer to keep things private especially when it entails pregnancy and childbirth. However, choreographer Takkies (real name Nkateko Maswanganyi) is not one of them.

Takkies recently published a video where she took fans inside the delivery room with her, sharing a video of herself giving birth to her daughter Sana Dinners.

The 27-year-old described birth as ‘incredible’. “The best day of my life…meeting Sana Dinwiddy. Birth is so incredible. From the moment your body begins to perform miracles to carry a baby, right through to when you meet your beautiful bundle of joy,” – the choreographer said.

Watch the video of Takkies as she gives birth below:

The vlog follows the Nkateko from the moment her water breaks up until the very end when she welcomes her baby girl Sana.

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