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“The Voice SA” season 2 winner, Craig Lucas reveals he is gay

The Voice winner Craig Lucas

The Voice SA season 2 winner, Craig Lucas, has revealed that he is a gay man. The singer revealed in an emotional letter written for his family, friends and fans. 

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The lengthy and honest letter that Lucas shared on social media, detailed how he battled with his sexuality and depression for the last few years. Craig also opened up about the history of mental illness in his family, even sharing that he lost his father to suicide at the age of three.

“Suicide and mental illness runs in my family, especially amongst the men. My dad committed suicide when I was three. A number of other family members did too… The death of my father planted a seed in my mind. Those seeds had sprouted…,” he shared.

Craig remembers how realised that he was in love with a man and the battle he fought within himself for years when he realised that he was a gay man.

In the letter, he reveals that he had struggled to accept a massive part of himself. He met a man during his first year at the University of Cape Town.

They often got drunk together and developed a strong bond, one Lucas perceived as a strong friendship. One day, however, the he realised that the feelings he felt for the man were more than that of a simple friendship.

“…Our conversations started becoming deeper with every drink. Stares lingered just a bit longer than normal, our seats moved closer and time seemed to slow down with every shot of whiskey. I found myself fixated on his eyes and his nose, and on his lips – the way his top lip curved like the ebb and flow of the ocean, how the creases danced over the skin like folds on a rose; his lips parting and then meeting with every word he said like the wings of an eagle in flight – virile but tender, crude but graceful. I was so enamoured that often I didn’t even hear what he was saying, but it didn’t matter,” the letter reads.

See the full letter below:

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