Tropika Island Of Treasure Maldives Episode Synopsis

Tropika Island Of Treasure Maldives Episode Synopsis

Tropika Island Of Treasure returns with another season at Maldives. On Monday 5 February 2018 at 19:30, the first episode of Tropika Island of Treasure Maldives will air on SABC3. See the below #TIOT8 Episode Synopsis:

Episode 1

Tropika Island Of Treasure Maldives is here and our host Katlego Maboe is on the island and is ready to welcome viewers to the new season. This week, he introduces us to the seven celebrities and seven contestants who will take part in the show. This time, the contestants and celebrities haven’t officially met and they will be teamed up on the island. With incredible views of the beautiful islands of the Maldives, Katlego reveals the teams will come to life after the contestants compete in a a variety of challenges to impress their favourite celebrity.

Episode 2

In a bid to win over their favourite celebrity, the contestants compete in three various challenges while the celebrities sit comfortably on the sidelines and watch. Katlego informs the contestants that a ‘Bounty Reward’will be given to the winner of each of the challenges. The ‘Bounty Reward’ will allow the winner to choose their favourite celebrity and before team selection, they will be treated to luxury hotel spa massages and the opportunity to get to know one another.Sbahle Mpisane Tropika Island Of Treasure

Celebs have now seen what the Contestants are capable of and this information is valuable for the team selection process. BUT, they will also have to compete in challenges which will help determine the order in which the selection process will take place.

Episode 3

This week, thecelebritiesare put to the test in a bid to win the most points in a bid to get the first choice when it comes to picking a contestant as their team mate. After two gruelingchallenges, the scores are tallied and the order the celebrities get to pick their team mates. After the contestants motivate why their favourite celebrity should pick them, the selection process begins – and there are some shocking pairings in store! The newly formed teams then get to know one another not over a drink, but watching sharks feed!

Episode 4

This week’s episode starts with the duos getting to know one another and enjoying the smoooth life around the hotel. Now, the battle really begins as the duos compete for a spot on the scoreboard for the first time. The first challenge also includes asmoooth Bounty Reward. The teams take part in three exciting challenges which tests their speed, strength and resourcefulness.

The episode ends with the top team enjoying their ‘Bounty Reward’ and the remainder of the contestants are given the chance to discuss their strategies going forward.

Episode 5

The teams are put to the test yet again as they compete in two tough challenges. However, for the first time this series, one of the teams will finally be sent home. In the third challenge, the bottom two teams battle it out for a place in the competition. The losing teams would need to leave immediately in a shocking first elimination.

Katlego, however,reminds the teams that no one is safe and that another elimination can happen at any moment. But, there is some good news for the contestants. They’re moving to another incredible island resort in the Maldives!

Episode 6

The teams jet off on a sea plane to their new home at Adaaran Select Meedhupparu.
They arrive to an incredible Maldivian welcome on the new island and it’s clear that their new island is the perfect place to live that smoooth life.

The teams compete in another ‘Bounty Challenge’ where they test their swimming and riddle-solving abilities before it all comes together in a battle of endurance. In this challenge, teams must nominate one team member to participate in an endurance game. Last man standing wins the maximum amount of points. The winning team gets to enjoy an exciting session of Fly Boarding while planning their next move in a bid to stay on top.

Episode 7

The contestants get put to the test in three more exciting challenges but just as they get comfortable in the game’s routine, an elimination challenge called ‘Let’s Do TheSlenda Twist’ is played. Everything is at stake as the losing team is sent home.

Episode 8

It’s back to the drawing board in tonight’s episode as the contestants need to prove that they deserve to remain in the current team they’re in. In this elimination challenge, one celebrity and one contestant will go home and this could mean that a new team is formed on the island in an exciting mid-season twist. However, those who remain are treated to a delicious sunset dinner on the white sands of the Maldives.

Episode 9

It’s bounty time again on Tropika Island of Treasure. This week the points slate is wiped clean as another elimination cycle begins. The contestants play three exciting challenges and need to bring their A-game if they want to get a step closer to getting their hands on that shared R1 million grand prize!

Episode 10

This week we say goodbye to yet another team as the final three are officially announced. After two nail-biting challenges, Katlego reveals that there’s yet another Slenda Twist. Thecontestants are given one last chance to prove themselves and keep themselves from elimination. However, after a battle to the finish, one team will unfortunately need to say their goodbyes.

Episode 11

We’re down to the final three on #TIOT8! However, the teams can’t stop and celebrate just yet. This week, they participate in three exciting challenges and the final bounty winners are announced. Their prize includes the chance to bring another team with them on their experience leaving the last team back at the hotel.Will the two teams form a sort of strategy or will the team left behind use this time to develop a winning plan?

Episode 12

It’s the final elimination on #TIOT8. One team will be going home and two teams will be going into the grand finale as they compete for the shared R1 million.After a challenge that stretches the teams’ resolving skills and strength, the bottom two teams must compete in the show’s final elimination challenge. The shocking elimination confirms which two teams have made it into the final and the battle for the cash prize reaches its climax.

Episode 13

As the day of the final arrives, one teams life will change forever. The two teams go headto head in a challenge unlike any other on the show so far. The final challenge is a puzzling treasure hunt of epic proportions. It’s physical, mind-boggling and gut-wrenching with many twists and turns and unlocks that smooothR1 million grand prize! But which team wins? Watch the episode for all the action!

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