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Vatiswa Ndara on sexual harassment at SABC

Vatiswa Ndara on sexual harassment at SABC

Actress Vatiswa Ndara has opened up about being a victim of sexual harassment during her time at SABC and battling to find work after her role as Mamfundisi on Generations came to an end.

Speaking to Fresh Breakfast team on Metro FM, Vatiswa said while experiencing sexual harassment, she had no one to turn to as there were women who would accuse her of making up stories.

“I had no one to turn to, because I thought the women in here [The SABC] at the time, the powerful women, would stand up for me, instead, one of them said ‘she’s just jealous of other people, she’s making up stories’…don’t take her seriously kind of thing…”

And although she has moved on from the SABC, Ndara said that she is still yet to get justice after disclosing who this man is, when asked about who the perpetrator might be, Vatiswa simply responded:

“…he’s still here. It is gonna come out because we’re at that stage now where we are saying they’ve named Harvey, why should other people be protected, these things need to stop…”


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