“We won’t be cancelling Generations” Says SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyag

Generations The Legacy SABC1

Late last week the SABC announced that after complaints to the BCCSA by some of it’s viewers they will not be showing certain recent episodes in the weekend Omnibus. The news made some of the shows fans think the show will be actually be cancelled, SABC has assured that that is not the case. The broadcaster will look into the complaints and meet with the show’s producers but they are not cancelling Generations  The Legacy.

“We won’t be cancelling GenerationsIt will resume as normal until we have made a decision,” said SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyag told TshisaLive.

Kganyago added that they have heard the viewers complaints and they will do what they can about it.

“We have noted the complaints that were laid with both us and the BCCSA. We decided to not air the episodes from last week because some of them were the episodes which we received the complaints about and we wanted to show that we take those complaints seriously.”

“Naturally we are concerned by the complaints but we will engage with the BCCSA to understand the complaints and also with the producers to understand the reasons for the storyline. We want to get the whole picture before we make any decisions about the show,” Kaizer added.

The recent storyline that made viewers uneasy involves some sexual scenes between two characters most people found offending.


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