Zodwa wabantu and her younger boyfriend

Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu might be known as an entertainer who dances, drinks Savanna, and gets paid for it, but she felt the need to help her fans understand that there’s a different side to her.

Wabantu decided to play the ‘Ask me anything’ game with her fans and after many asked about her son and whether she had a boyfriend? She answered, with the intention of helping her fans know that she is more than what they see and that she also has a private life behind the scenes.

“I have everything that they have, I wake up happy in the morning, I’m a human being, but they think I sleep Savanna, I drink Savanna, I wake up Savanna. But I’m not trying to make them understand, I’m just feeling that shame they are lost, let me try to show them, that I’m real, I’m a human being, I get loved, I get kissed.”The entertainer is a mother to a 12-year-old boy Vuyo and although she might only be able to see him on school holidays, Zodwa says that even when she is travelling the world, everything she does is for her son

“He asks questions, but nothing that affects him, he has been passing ever since he started school, I’m a mother, whether I’m travelling all over the world, I make sure that he’s ok,” Zodwa Wabantu said.

Zodwa went on to say that if she was to die today, all that she leaves behind is for him, hence that’s why she works so hard.

“Whatever that I’m doing, the house that I’ve built, it’s for him, at least when he turns 18 he will drive my car, as long as he knows that he’s well taken care of,” she said. Zodwa’s career might be booming, however she says that not being around her son often does make her feel bad but she is grateful that his grandparents’ – from his father’s side – have raised him well.”


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