According to IOL, 5FM DJ Fikile Moeti says she will never allow her estranged husband see his son. Fikile’s husband Orrock Robertson has laid criminal charges so that he can get access to his 1-year-old son. 

According to the publication, he said an interim protection order that Fikile Moeti filed against him was illegal and baseless as he did not have a history of intimidation and violence against his wife.

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The protection order states that “violent behaviour, putting his son and wife in immediate danger, anger management problems, drug addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder, harassment at a place of work, controlling and emotionally abusive and alienating Fix from her family members”.

“I was woken up at about 12.45pm by her and two armed policemen in my room. They were not just a little bit armed, they were R-5 armed (sic). They told me they’re here to serve me with an interim protection order.

“At first, I assumed they had been told I’m the most dangerous man known to mankind so they were quite on tippy-toe.

“While I was being guarded, outside on the balcony, Fikile and a group of family members came in and packed up her belongings and all of my son’s belongings and then left.” – He said.

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