Former Skeem Saam actor Oros Mampofu surprised fans on social media this past weekend when he announced that he and his partner Bianca Carmichael are expecting their first child.

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The actor revealed the good news on his Instagram page:

“The greatest pleasure afforded to me in life to this day has been coming to the reality that I could gift life onto this earth. It’s still feels exciting & unreal to me but beyond all else, my greatest gratitude has been affording myself and Bianca the opportunity to take this first experience of having a child in and being fully here.

Being there for each other at every juncture of this journey has been my greatest priority & pride and I can’t be happier to be here with you. Bianca thank you for bearing me the miracle, embracing me as I am, for taking my hand at every step of this journey in a magical creation (sic),” – he told fans.

He went on to say it’s been an interesting journey and there’s still a lot for them to figure out, but he trusts that the connection they carry between them will guide them into a beautiful adventure that both he and Bianca even begin to imagine.

Bianca also shared her excitement on social media, calling 2019 the “year of blessings on blessings on blessings”.

“I couldn’t have been gifted with a better person to share this journey with. Our baby is the luckiest baby in the world to have you as a daddy, Oros Mampofu. Thank you for this royal beautiful gift. Here’s to figuring out parenting together.”

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