Former Muvhango actress Buhle Samuels has revealed that a stalker has been harassing her. The star also took to Instagram where she exposed the stalker who wished her a happy birthday on behalf of President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa.

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Sharing a series of screenshots on her Instagram account, Buhle Samuels also pleaded with her Instagram followers to help her get rid of this stalker who keeps spamming her phone with incoherent messages via her business e-mail.

“South Africa please help me. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this harassment. This individual managed to get my private email address and my God have I received a string of emails!” Buhle wrote in an Instagram story.

Samuels followed up by sharing screenshots of emails with the stalker’s full name and contact number. The stalker is identified as Motlokwe Molatudi.

“Hello, I can see why a billionaire like Cyril Ramaphosa speaks so highly of you you really are talented, anyway he says happy belated birthday,” began Molatudi, before adding: “I bet he wants to open a lot of doors for you including your own penthouses that he bought for you or helped you buy but he just doesn’t know how to initiate it without it all being awkward and so on.”

The Citizen contacted Molatudi for comment and told the publication that his account has been hacked. He also said that the hacker has been using his account for months from various devices.

He also claimed to have no knowledge of the messages that had been sent to the actress using his name.

Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko could not be reached for comment.

See the screenshots below:

Buhle Samuels screenshot

Buhle Samuels screenshot 2

Buhle Samuels screenshot 3

Buhle Samuels screenshot 4

Buhle Samuels screenshot 5

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