Skeem Saam’s Clement Maosa has been through a lot. Today he is celebrating his 30th birthday and he took some time to do a reflection on the challenges and the mountains he had to climb. 

The Skeem Saam actor took to Instagram where he wrote a heartfelt message as he celebrates his birthday. Clement, who was bullied and being an orphan at a young age, said he is God’s perfection.

“You were born under unfavorable conditions but look at you. For years you were ridiculed for being black and ugly but look at you now. Your mom and dad were both domestic workers and couldn’t afford you nice things in life but look at you now. Your parents left you as a teenager with nothing but look at you. You stood the worst of times and lost so many loved ones but look at you now (sic).” – he wrote.

The actor who attempted suicide twice went on to explain that he was rejected and he could have given up on his dreams long time ago but through God everything was possible. 

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“You were rejected so many times and told you are not talented but look at you. You attempted suicide twice but God knew it was not yet time, now look! You could have gave up on life and surrendered to substance abuse or be a hobo but just look at you. You could have dropped out of varsity due to financial challenges and the pressure of having to catch up with privileged kids from private schools but look at you now.

You could have given up on your dreams because as a villager everyone told you it’s impossible, due to your environment and lack of opportunities but look at you now. You could have allowed fame to get to your head and lose focus but take a look at yourself.  You have constantly proved yourself to be the best regardless of circumstances and what life throws at you. You are stronger than you think. Through you God has touched so many lives included all those high school teenagers you have shared your story with and they got inspired to become their best (sic).”


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