Sbusiso Leope also known as DJ Sbu is all about youth empowerment and now he has launched his own school called ‘The Hustlers Academy’.

The media personality DJ Sbu issued a statement on his social media account on Wednesday and it reads as follows: “DJ Sbu also known as Sbusiso Leope has partnered with the 3Sixty Financial Services Group to positively impact thousands of young lives and families in South Africa with his own school, a learning academy. Aptly titled ‘The Hustlers Academy’.”

The statement also said Sbu intends to develop the minds and the ability of thousands of young hustlers in the country and change lives.

‘The Hustlers Academy’ is an independent privately funded economic empowerment project spearheaded by Leope to address the overwhelming lack of jobs and incumbent graduates into the system on an annual basis. The 3Sixty Group is a well-established financial services company with a disruptive strategy that offers clients more benefits for their rand.”

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The partnership represents a meeting of the minds and the hearts for the development of opportunities for young South Africans.

“We will train and educate young hustlers to either be entrepreneurs or corporate hustlers. Our training programme and academy curriculum will produce the best sales force this country has seen and develop the minds of Hustlers to understand how the world works and how to stand out.”

DJ Sbu academy

In with 3Sixty Group, DJ Sbu and the new academy will develop entrepreneurs who start businesses and employ teams of hustlers within an 18-month period.

Group CEO and Chairman of 3Sixty Financial Services Group, Mr. Khandani Msibi is confident that ‘The Hustlers Academy’ will play a game-changing role in developing and changing the way corporates are structured in providing a ceiling for employees as far as earnings are concerned.

Watch DJ Sbu below:


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