Lusaso “Saso” Ngcobo and Trevor “Trey” Sineke have confirmed that Trevor Sineke, also known as Dash, had left Dreamteam due to “another engagement”.

In a recent interview on Touch HD, the Lusaso and Trevor explained the reason Dash left the hip hop music group.

They said “he’s got another engagement . . . OK, on the real, the boy is no longer with us. He’s decided to go and pursue his own thing, he’s our friend he’s our brother. . . I think we’ve all grown so it was a conversation we had at the beginning of the year and decided to follow through.”

“We’ve been making a lot of music. You guys just need to be prepared. Positive vibes only . . . new energy, new music. We’re just coming with a lot of content, you guys just need to be prepared for us,” – the duo added.

All Dreamteam members originate from Durban, officially formed the group in 2011, and shot to fame in 2013, after the release of independent album, “The Blow Up”, which was released in March 2013.

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