Former Teargas member and CashTime co-owner MA-E says he has learned a lot of important lessons from his time at CashTime, one of them being to focus more on himself.

Speaking to Metro FM’s Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu on The Drive, the rapper admitted that a lot of mistakes were made at CashTime which led to the label’s dying.

“Unity is what brings people together and if you are not united things will not go well. Individual artists ended up doing their own things individually, not confirming with another guy. We ended up disconnecting” he said.

According to reports, MA-E said the divisions in the label started to show at the most inconvenient time for him personally as he had just released his debut solo album Township Councillor.

“Unfortunately when I dropped my album, Township Councillor, all these things happened. I couldn’t really promote my album with everything I had invested in it because I was pushing it independently. It was a really tough time for me. I had to stop promoting the album because people were asking about Cashtime and not my album” he said.

The rapper said the dying of CashTime has not caused friction between himself and former co-owner and Teargas member KO.

“KO is my brother, i was speaking to him a week ago, he helps me out with my businesses, its just that right now we are doing our own things. We have to move forward and support each other and right now me and KO we are the coolest” he said

Since leaving the label, the rapper has started his own production company called Ghanda Ghanda productions and has dropped his sophomore album 212 independently.

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