Being invited to a wedding or a cocktail is an opportunity to pin a bug in her hair. There is no need to be a princess to wear it!

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Unashamedly display this accessory with retro charm, for an original hairstyle that will be greatly noticed by guests. Smaller than a hat, it can have an original shape or have alluring details.

This mini hat, originally, was worn by women from the bourgeoisie and was imagined by the creators to replace the big hats of the time becoming too embarrassing for their taste. Nowadays, women from all walks of life adopt it.

There is a wide variety of models on the market: feathered, veiled, floral for vintage and retro looks! In all cases, the bibi is to book for major events such as a Gala evening, horse race, brunch or a wedding.

With what hairstyle to grant it?

  • On a loose hair

Whether you have long hair or short, it will necessarily make your happiness! If you have straight hair, opt for a bibi of character, large or flashy! Smooth your hair perfectly by blowing or using a straightener and make a line on the side or the center depending on your hair implantation. Then, all you have to do is attach the decoration in your mane, securing the whole thing with several transparent hooks. Arrange it slightly to the side of the head for a retro look.

The bibi is also suitable for fuzzy hair, curls crinkled in the spirit “wavy” of the moment. To do this, simply work your lengths with a curling iron using a large diameter tip, not to mention spray a pschitt fixer spray for a long lasting. Then put your little bibi hat in the same way as before. You are ready for an unforgettable evening!

  • On an attached hair

To properly highlight your accessory, you can also attach your hair, mat, ponytail, semi-tail or bun. The mini-hat will be in this case the main element of your hairstyle. You can afford eccentricities, both in form and color. And you can fix it on the top of the head slightly to the side or above a bun.

For a retro-chic spirit, choose black veil or flashy version for a color block look. Only advice: make the make-up easier. Your bibi is enough to put you in the light. If you want something more discreet, there is the bar-mounted bibi in a more compact format but just as sophisticated. Do not forget that he is always leaning on the side of the head, it’s a matter of style!

Which bibi to choose?

  • See the fowls

Thanks to the wide variety of models that exist, you are spoiled for choice to match it with your little party dress. Several types of frames exist: on headband, with elastic, on a comb or on a crocodile clip. You will choose it according to your tailor: if your dress is quite simple you can wear a colorful or imposing model, while if your outfit is rather sophisticated, bet on a more simplistic ornament.

In terms of materials: we really like sisal or tulle, which are currently in vogue. You can dare the mini-hat! If you’re not used to horse racing like the Prix de Diane, you have not had much opportunity to wear such an accessory. So if you’re not a “hat-headed” and you’re reluctant to wear this great classic, the little hat is a good alternative to not risk fashion faux pas.

It may be noted that the size of your ornament will depend on the place you occupy in the event, for example: large hats are reserved for mothers or sisters of the bride / bride. After all these precious tips you are ready to put on your lovely cockpit, for a day under the sign of femininity and elegance!

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We are inspired by Kate Middleton

The Duchess of Cambridge is lucky to be dressed by the greatest creators. As such, in 2014, she won the best dressed British personality award. From now on, it’s a real fashion icon that never stops to frenzy the fashion world and the magazines people.

Her pronounced taste for bibs and other hair accessories, she displays at each of her public appearances! She likes to decorate her dresses / knee suits with an incredible class. Whether with or without veil, surmounted by flowers or feathers, nude or colored, this ornament has found its place in the heart of the Duchess. Being part of the royal court, the beautiful must be always very elegant and it goes obviously by wearing the hat for a neat look.

This small, feminine headgear gives it an impeccable look that amazes the crowds. Over the years she has brought a second youth to this retro accessory that was neglected by fashionistas and has managed to impose its chic and modern style at Buckingham Palace!

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