Huawei P50 Pro

Huawei P50 Pro is launching soon internationally

If you are wondering about the launching of Huawei P50 pro then here you will have your answer.

This year in July, Huawei set up the P50 series, but it rested exclusively on the Chinese marketplace. Today, the company has confirmed that Huawei P50 Pro will be unveiled soon in the international market, which is fantastic news for Huawei fans.

Huawei P50 Pro is the later smartphone that boasts a dual ring camera arrangement and a stylish brand-new superior design. The Huawei Company is currently advertising this device in the East Asian marketplaces letting in the Philippines and Malaysia. All the same, more markets are expected to add to the listing soon.

All the same, Huawei has not affirmed an accurate date of the P50 Pro global introduction, but it is expected to happen soon. In addition, Huawei has not brought out the price either. Still, it was brought out at a p50 pro price tag of 5988 yuan, approximately 940 USD.

 Huawei P50 Pro Gobal Launching:

There is a lot that is required to be learned about the launching; until then, you can explore all of the Huawei P50 Pro specs below.

Huawei P50 Pro Specifications:

Huawei P50 Profits out a 6.6-inch screen OLED display with up to 120Hz freshens up rate, 1440 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, and 300 Hz touch sample rate for a highly interactional touch screen as well as touch sensibility with a high-quality resolution of about 2700 x 1228 pixels and 450 PPI.

The cell phone is high-powered by Snapdragon 888 4G C.P.U. with an octa-core computer architecture 1 x [email protected] GHz + 3 x [email protected] GHz + 4 x [email protected] GHz also as Adreno 660 GPU. The cell phone is conjugated with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory.

The back camera of the cell phone has a 50MP proper intensity camera, a 40MP MONO actual intensity camera, 13MP ultra fisheye camera, and a 64-megapixel telephotograph camera. The face camera system of the cell phone comprises a 13 MP selfie camera.

The phone battery is quite big at 4360 mAh and reloads with a 66W cabled SuperCharge and a 50W wireless supercharge that users will require purchasing on an individual basis. The phone has IP68 water, sprinkle, and dust resistance.

Huawei has not named which OS the P50 Pro will function, but we believe it will be EMUI 12. In addition, the P50 Pro and P50 Pocket will come out with an exclusive 8GB/256GB configuration, at the least in South Africa. At the same time, the P50 Pocket Premium version will be acquirable in a 12GB/512GB configuration.

On the report, even smartphones proffer powerful camera setups, although the P50 Pro’s appears to be more cogent. Stereo speaker units are as well included, along with quick charging. This phone is made out of metallic elements and glass, and so forth.

If you are a Huawei fan, you will surely enjoy the new and most fantastic Huawei phone, the Huawei P50 Pro. You can purchase it online or personally from the store now.

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