Former American Vine Star Jay Versace has accused local YouTube Star Lasizwe real name Thulasizwe Siphiwe Dambuza of stealing content. 

This came after Lasizwe tweeted a video of himself where he can be seen trying to video call a friend who does not answer the phone.

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One of Jay’s fans noticed similarities in Lasizwe’s video and Jay’s and alerted him to it, making Jay to then quote-tweeted the video saying: “boy you copy everything I do”.

Lasizwe responded to the Twitter by saying: “I don’t… but it’s flattering to know that you follow everything that I do”.

This is not the first time Dambuza is accused of stealing content. It is also believed that he once stole content from former model and actor Earl Hendricks.

“He did the same thing to me few months back. Copied a video of mine and when i called him out he blocked me but then had so much to say when I couldn’t see his tweets. Then I got invited onto a radio show he is part of to explain my side of the story. I declined (sic)” – Earl tweeted.

Take a look of Jay Versace’s video and Lasizwe’s video below.

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