Veteran actor and director Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha visited Trending SA where he talked about the SAFTAs abd being featured in Drake’s Apple music exclusive short film, Please Forgive Me.

Talking about how he got the role in the movie, Jerry Mofokeng said his agent called him up:

“My agent calls me and says: ‘Look, these guys are asking for you, they’re inviting you to go do this, would you like to? I mean it’s really nothing big, nothing special but…then I say: ‘It’s gonna be an adventure, let’s do this thing.

I get on set and they don’t have a script, they just have a few lines and the more they see me doing things, the more they increase the dialogue and the scenes and so on…it was great fun, but it was an adventure that’s all that it was,” – Jerry Mofokeng said.

Jerry Mofokeng Wa Makhetha Trending SA

Speaking about the 2018 SAFTAs, Mofokeng, who is also one of the SAFTAs judging chairperson, said choosing the most deserving winner was not easy as they have to do some improvements first. 

“People are completely deserving, and I must confess, we’re having a difficult time, because we have so much catching up to do, and there’s so many deserving South Africans so many legends, people that have done good. So we have two deserving but not the only ones deserving…”

Watch the full interview of Jerry Mofokeng below:

Source: Zalebs

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