New and vibrant voice of King Chabz sets hope to the downtrodden emergence of the South African Jazz and hip-hop music Scene.

All over the world, music has been considered as a cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time which is performed with a vast range of instruments and vocal techniques ranging from singing to dancing and exploring all means in the entertainment of the mind of individuals.

The South African Jazz hip-hop genre has seen a lot of revolutions since the turn of the millennium. This is hardly surprising given a germane role this genre of music has played in the upbringing of many South African citizens. The youths have finally come to the realization that Jazz hip-hop music is meant to spread to the streets, the hood and the hearts of every individual in the society.

Such realization has led to the rise of artists like King Chabz, a Hip-hop Rap musician that perfectly embodies the truth about entertainments has no restrictions.

King Chabz

With a childhood as rough as it could get growing up in Evaton (Vaal, Gauteng RSA), King Chabz had the perfect excuse to turn out like most others but got addicted to the entertainment of young and old was his saving grace. His love and passion for music has a certain street vibe about it. We done did it, the spiritually uplifting track from the artist was released today and the widely anticipated track is produced by Zwelibanzi will be Released by WeDoneDidIT records, a South African based record label.

King Chabz, a South African artist would love to share his inspiring story with people who may be going through rough and challenging times struggling to realize their full potentials in the South African Entertainment Industry, seeking to give them hopes to push on. The new single is available for download on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and Deezer.

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