Media personality and former Motswako host, Penny Lebyane, has pleaded to South African fans to pray for their favourite radio hosts as they face uncertain futures, because of the contract renewal negotiations that will be happening this week.

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As reported by Daily Sun, from the 1st of April, there will be new radio hosts across all SABC radio stations. Some radio personalities might lose their jobs.

Taking to Twitter to ask for prayers, the Metro FM personality Penny Lebyane said: “Beware the ides of March. it’s SABC radio madness season. Spare a prayer for your favorite radio personality shame they are going through the most…the sidekicks are peddling the news the most, lobbing is worse than ANC conference, iNyanga’s are on FaceTime. Kubi this week (sic),” -she wrote.

“Contract Renewals are the works of satan…(sic),” – she added. According to Daily Sun, SABC radio personalities are employed on a freelance basis, which means they can be removed at any time. There is no legal framework that protects radio personalities.

“I’m wondering why can’t they give 6 months notice to a freelancer so that you start preparing how to generate income. Instead of just cutting off a person on the eve of 01 April (sic),” – one Twitter user replied to her tweet.

Penny responded by saying: “Cause there is no real strategy, informed numbers, behind a lot of the decisions. It’s always trial an errors except for big names where the only perception is they bring numbers, quantity vs quality…(sic).”

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