Curvybody SA is dedicated to helping women of all shapes and sizes overcome bad body image and feel empowered to take on the world.

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At the upcoming #NoToBodyShamingSA Fundraising Gala, the top 20 contestants of the Miss and Ms Curvybody SA 2018-2019 Pageant will be announced in tandem with an event aiming to raise funds for its body Shaming and Bullying School campaign.

More than 90% of the contestants have reported that they’ve been body shamed, highlighting the prevalence of bullying over appearances. In particular, Curvybody SA wants to embark on a campaign to share this message with both primary and high schools.

Miss Curvybody SA

Curvybody SA cultivates events such as the Miss and Ms Curvybody Pageants across South Africa to empower not only curvacious women, but all women and youth.

The impact of body shaming can lead to mental illness and even suicide, and Curvybody SA hopes to curb this by raising awareness.

“Together we can change the world,” said the team atCurvybody SA.

The #NoToBodyShamingSA Fundraising Gala is slated for October 6, 2018, from 18:00 until 22:30 at Morningside Country Club (1 De La Rey Road, Edenburg, Sandton).

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