Moja LOVE introduces a new narrated docu-drama series, UFELANI. This docu-drama series is centered around the lives of people who are victims of violent crimes. 

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“Moja LOVE is a new channel about Universal Love. Viewers are progressive, diverse and their roots are grounded in the history and love of this country, therefore our content offering needs to reflect that. As part of our strategy, we are ensuring that our local content offering represents also the love of women and country. All our dramas, telenovelas and reality shows will bring the best of the raw South African street culture with a twist of universal love,” said Jacqueline Rainers Setai, Head of Channel: Moja LOVE (Channel 157 on DStv).

These stories are told by the survivors or family and friends of the victims or the investigating officers of the crime. In this series UFELANI will re-enact these true crime stories and scenes using actors allowing viewers the visceral experience of reliving the crime.

The series deals with the scourges of femicide, domestic violence and abuse. More often than not these cases result in death or worse still leave survivors that have to carry the trauma for the rest of their lives. Moja LOVE provides a platform for these stories to be told and heard.

According to Head of Channel Jacqui Setai, “It is very exciting for Moja LOVE to produce a docu-drama with so much emotion and human interest, telling real stories in the voice of the people who were directly affected by the events. The series gives true meaning to UFELANI – “What are you dying for?”. Our viewers can look forward to emotionally driven crime stories filled with intrigue, heartfelt drama and action that forces us to open discussions about the lived experience of women in South Africa,” she added.

Catch the first episode of UFELANI this Wednesday at 9:30PM on Moja LOVE (Channel 157 on DStv).

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